Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Like That....

Well friends, I am not sure where this post will be heading to or how to begin it in the first place because right now I do feel that I have to write something but don't have any idea about what to write....As you all may be aware that the holy month of Ramadan is almost on its mid way and because of  the Fast and Taraweeh in addition to routine works, I am hardly getting any time to write something or read all those wonderful articles on your respective blogs....

As you know during this blessed month of Ramadan we abstain from food, drink and other physical needs during the day light hours. Essentially this is the month of cleaning up our lives, our thoughts and our feelings. In fact fasting is not merely physical but is rather the total commitment of the person's body and soul to the spirit of fast. 

Apart from all those uncountable benefits what I personally like about this blessed month is that "while controlling on hunger, thirst and other physical needs one gets a chance of practicing to have a control on his/her nerves and in turn on their emotions"..... And I personally feel that once we learn to have a control over our nerves then we can very well restrain ourselves from committing those sins which we sometimes do under the influence of our nerves.

And if you see around then you will find that most of the ill-happenings are because people at that very moment just could not control their nerves and it is the sudden rush of blood which causes them to do those sinful acts.

What I mean to say here is "people who do not know to have a control on their nerves or emotions are frequently get engaged in fights, substance abuse or even unprotected sex which can literally put their life into danger.

Some of you may say that emotions are needed in order to live life fully and even I admit that.... undoubtedly emotions are very powerful as they largely affect the way we think and act, but for some people emotions can be strong enough to take over what their brain actually wants to dictate. In fact loosing nerves overrides logical reasoning and results in performing all those unreasonable and sinful acts.

Actually at times our emotions can encourage us to do bad or even worst things, so learning the way to control them is essential and to control our emotions we must practice to have a control on our nerves.... And with the grace of almighty God, during this blessed month I am happily practicing the technique to have a control over my nerves.....!!

Stay blessed,


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

asl plz......

Yesterday I saw a short movie  on YouTube. The name of the movie is "asl plz" , and the story of that short movie is somewhat like this.....

There are two characters into it, a boy and a teen age girl....Somehow they meet over internet and start chatting with each other, using their funky chat names...over the period of time their formal chat changes into romantic one.

After knowing that both of them are from the same city the boy started insisting to meet her and finally that girl also gives her consent for the meet. Hence they mutually decided for a meeting and the venue is a cabin of some cyber cafe.

Now a scene appears there on the screen where the girl is sitting inside the cabin waiting impatiently for the boy to come....After few moments the boy also appears into the cyber cafe, with a red rose in his hand and knocks the cabin door.....Slowly the door opens and the moment they see each other "they are simply shocked"......
"Yeah, shocked....because they happened to be own brother n sister"

Further movie goes into the flash back showing them living in the same house and sitting into their respective rooms they used to flirt with each other through internet....

Watching this climax scene even I was shocked too. It was like facing the truth rather bitter truth of our society and my idle mind was thinking that "where are we heading towards....?"

In fact, over the period of time, a big chunk of our youth have learnt to present themselves like what they are not actually and somehow they like to be identified with their funky chat names glittering on their computer screen.....

Don't you think that they as an individual are changing so fast in this ever changing technology supported environment that they are even on the verge of losing their own identity, which is really unfortunate.....!!!


PS : Try to watch this 15 mnts movie "here"   before giving your views.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TIME - most precious commodity....

While cleaning and re-arranging bookshelf today, I got one of the diary written by my father. Apart from writing short stories and poem in urdu he was very fond of writing his daily-diary in the form of beautiful rhyming notes and while reading those short but precise notes I feel like talking to him..... 
Anyways coming on to the subject......

While reading those pages my idle mind was thinking that why do someone writes daily-diary or why do we write our personal blogs...??? And personally I feel that apart from many other factors one of them is, "when we write something, we just want to keep those moments on pause into these pages, so that if someone go through these after decades, he/she may feel like living in that time and feel those moments."

Though we all know that no one can stop the time even then by writing diary, by drawing sketches on canvases or by clicking photos we often try to catch-hold that particular moment n time.....As a matter of fact its not the 'time' that we are holding into these pages or canvas, rather it is the impression of that particular time which we keep there.

In fact, time has got so much important role to play in our life that we often start measuring distances in 'time' and not in meters or kilometers.... 
Look at it.....
"दिल्ली से लखनऊ की दूरी आठ घंटे की है"
( Delhi se Lucknow ki doori Aath ghante ki hai ) 
Here we are not talking about the distance in terms of Kilometers but in terms of time....WHY...??? 
It is just because whatever may be the distance, its time that counts more for us. And through out the journey we keep on looking at time, so here time is more important  than anything else.
Similarly you can easily find people saying..... 
"हवाई सफ़र ने दो शहरों की दूरी कम कर दी है"
(Hawaai safar ne do shahron ki doori kam kar di hai)
Now, we all know that distance between two places can't be reduced and in fact  when we travel by air, it is the time taken in the journey that gets reduced....... and to reduce that journey time we spend more money, again time is more important here than money.
In our day-to-day life also, we often find people saying....
"क्या करें वक़्त ही नहीं मिलता"
(kya karen waqt hi nahi milta)  
On the other hand, there are others too who manage their time so well that they have enough of it. As a matter of fact we all have 24 hours in a day but the thing is "how we manage these 24 hours...." And if you observe then may find that our mind also keeps us reminding to maintain the 'time' and complete our assignments before  its deadline.... In fact it seems like there is a virtual clock in our mind which keeps on moving and hence we wake up in the morning and get ready for our work or college in time....... 

Now the question is "What is time...???"....... Is it a materialistic thing, an energy, any physical status or nothing at all and only a myth.... Or simply it is the ticking of that clock hanging on the wall.

Well, whatever it may be "a myth" or "a reality".... we cannot deny that it has become the most  precious commodity into our life and if we closely look at the clock on that wall, we can perfectly feel it ticking away, marching on in the same direction with horrifying regularity...... and its this horrifying regularity of time which always keeps us on our toes to synchronize with its speed as much as possible.....

Now I must wind up here because I know you have got so many other wonderful blogs to read n comment, hence i won't take much of your valuable time......
Finally, here I leave you with these words written by Sahir Ludhianvi .....

वक़्त से दिन और रात, वक़्त से कल और आज
(Waqt se din aur raat,     Waqt se kal aur aaj )
वक़्त की हर शै गुलाम, वक़्त का हर शै पे राज 
( Waqt ki har shai ghulaam, Waqt ka har Shai per raaj )
आदमी को चाहिए वक़्त से डर कर रहे
 ( Aadmi ko chaahiye,      Waqt se Dar kar rahe )
कौन जाने किस घड़ी वक़्त का बदले मिजाज
( Kaun jaane Kis Ghadi, Waqt Ka badle Mijaaz )