Friday, September 16, 2011

i wish.......

i want to go back to the time........

when "innocence" was "Natural"....
when "getting high" meant "one swing"....
when "drinking" meant  "Rasna"....
when "dad" was the only "hero"....
when "love" was "Mom's hug"....
when "Dad's shoulder" was "the highest place on earth"....
when my  "worst enemies" were "siblings"....
when the only thing that could "Hurt" were "bleeding knees"...
when the only thing "broken" were "toys"....
when "good bye" only meant "till tomorrow"....

"Life has changed a lot"......... isn't it.....????


PS: hello friends, i am  sharing these lines  just to show my presence here.... i know it has been too long to post something new here and to read all those new posts written by you all..... A big thank to all of you for your massages and e-mails asking about if there is something wrong with really means a lot to me....Thank you so much to all of you for your mails and massages... i am just fine and little busy with some personal things, will be back soon here(INSHA ALLAH)........THANK YOU....!!!

Take Care....


  1. hello Irfan!

    this is a cute post indeed :)

    rasnaaa!! sweet memories are associated with it!

  2. Really nostalgic! Can't agree more.. :)

  3. i wish mornings were talking to sparrows
    i wish noons were coloring crayons
    i wish afternoons were spicy pickles
    i wish evenings back to play ground in rain.

    a wonderful poetry where we all wish to go back to almost the same. enjoyed the post Irfanji:))

  4. this was just beautiful .. literally bought tears.. well written :) :)

  5. that was b'ful irfan
    v different frm ur mormal write ups:)
    looong time BTW
    tis reminds me of a poem i read long ago childhood

  6. Hey Have you come back or still in chennai .. I hope everything is fine .. you take care ..

    Loved the poem we all wish dont we , I wish them all the time ..

    and Insha Allah Sab theek hoga ..


  7. Yes, a lot has changed! Almost these where experinced by me and the bleeding knee is often witnessed by me then. You put simply beautifully the post. Glad you're doing fine and to see u back in active :)

  8. :) finally :) a i see an update from you....hope things are keeping you busy for good :)

  9. hmmm..Irfan Sahib...nice to see update from you....will wait for your new post !

  10. Yes, childhood is the best time for us, and we all wish to go back there. Good to have you back.

  11. Loved the poem. Glad to know you would be back soon. Have a lovely weekend wherever you are.

  12. beautiful poem! thankz God something came up from you Irfan..I was about to send a mail too:-) take your time..we do miss your presence and we are right here for you whenever you come back:-)

  13. Welcome back to your audience.
    And, of course thanks for sharing an important piece of poetry with us.
    BTW: You are still in possession of natural innocence after all those good years of childhood.
    God bless---
    Take care!

  14. that was beautifully written....take your time :)

  15. Nice to see you back Irfan. Thank you for that noslaigic poem!

  16. Nice to see you back Irfan. Thank you for that nostalgic poem!

  17. hey..that was quite a post!
    good to see you back..
    hope to read more from you!

  18. Really beautiful Irfan, and such true words...

  19. I am going through the same phase..
    busy in worldly affairs.

    Be back soon
    we all wait here !!!

    Nice read

  20. Hope all is well. Thanks for this poem. Take care.

  21. This is one of your award winning posts.I never knew you could be so emotional.
    Every word here has a serious meaning.
    Damn good

  22. Irfan Bhai, der se aaye par bahut durust aaye ! Everyone pines for the good old days when things meant exactly as you have expressed in this beautiful post.
    Hats off !

  23. Life is a lot simpler back then...hmmm... I don't always visit your page but whenever I do, I'm sure to get something wise from you :)...Thanks :)

  24. Hi Irfan....
    Good to know that everything is alright at your end...
    Post something soon, your readers are waiting.... :)

  25. Hi Irfan, the poem brought tears to my eyes. Bachpan was so nice n carefree... even adulthood is carefree, but actually it's more like 'one doesn't really care anymore, it doesn't matter anymore' kind of carefree.

  26. Love the poem and its deep meanings. :) Welcome back. :)

  27. Rasna! oh yaaaaaa :)
    but now Tang has taken its place in our home

    getting high meant a swing: wow true

    glad u r back. long absence that was

  28. yes nothing is static its nature of nature to keep changing

  29. Thank you friends for your love and support...

    Please keep visiting here same way, your presence means a lot to me :)

    Thank you so much...!!!

  30. Hello.
    I feel like this sometimes too when the burdens & responsibilities of life just become too much to bear.

    Awesome post!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for commenting & following my blog.
    I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too.
    Looking forward to your return visit.

    Have a great weekend, my new-found friend!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

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