Monday, August 20, 2012

Lakhon Mein Ek - Unsung Heroes...

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Issues and topics which  help eradicating social evils are always something we like to talk about because we believe it generates awareness among the mass, but the sad part is that most of us are busy 24x7 only in discussing these social evils and never ever try to put our thoughts into action.

But there are people around us who think n act differently and who don't believe in mere lip's exercise but actually dare to step aside and follow a path which is not so easy for most of us to follow. And it is unfortunate that these people have not been recognised by society as well as by the authorities for what they have done and most of them remain unsung heroes through out their life.

Even our media(print as well as visual) never bothers to let us know about these people who have made a difference to themselves and to society, perhaps our media people have no time for such causes because they are busy in following and showcasing the issues which are trending and mostly related with our celebrities. And they do this because we as viewers also have a tendency to follow n listen these celebrities, no matter how much shit they do or talk.

But about a fortnight back on 5th August, I saw the debut episode of a TV show "Lakhon Mein Ek" on Star Plus. The show is based on the true inspiring stories of real people, who are as common as we are but they don't merely talk or discuss as our celebrities do sitting in air-conditioned studios, rather these unsung heroes believe in their acts but somehow they have not been acknowledged for what they have done.

One of these unsung heroes is Akhtari Bai, whose story was shown in the first episode of the show "Lakhon Mein Ek". She is a widow from Ranchi, who makes  envelopes for her living. By selling her hand made envelopes in the local market she could hardly manage three square meal for her family and yet she never thought twice while adopting those abandoned girl children who had been thrown by their own parents. Not only did she adopted them but she raised them like her own two children and never ever differentiated them from their own children. For sure she is amongst us, she is a common human as we are, who faces same day-to-day problems like we do but her love for abandoned girl children and the sacrifices that she has been doing through out her life to raise those adopted children makes her special. Her life story is really heart touching and inspiring one.

In a society which is full of selfish people, Akhtari bai lives with a difference. I salute her and her noble deeds. But i am feeling very sorry to say that even after two weeks of the show, Akhtari Bai could not get any space in the media and no one bothered to know about her. 
Is it because the show "Lakhon Mein Ek" is yet not popular as "Satyamave Jayate" was or because the anchor of the show is not someone like Amir Khan, who can make any damn show hit n popular with his stardom....?? 
Whatever may be, for me people like Akhtari Bai are real celebrities who are working day n night for humanity even with their minimum resources.

And BTW don't you think that all those celebrities sitting in the air-conditioned TV studios and talking big-big things about "human n humanity" should take a lesson from people like Akhtari Bai and start doing something in reality without being surrounded by TV cameras....???


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's stop blame game and do our part...

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As we all know India turns an year older so its Independence day today and as usual people are singing Patriotic songs, tweeting Patriotic tweets and no to mention hoisting national flag......And it feels good to see how much we love our Independence that we got after so much of hardship and sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters.

No need to say that we all love our country but over the period of time I have a feeling that ours is not an easy country to love, where even death has become a sort of business, since the doctor signing the death certificate, the police Wallas and not to mention the morgue, they all want some amount of donation from the family of deceased to expedite the whole thing.

Actually the system in which we all live is so horrible that it always ensures to remind us that we live in India where politicians are a joke and people responsible for law n order are simply barbaric n inhuman. So there is lot that is not right and can be better with India....

We don't have regular things like electricity or good roads and even good leadership to lead us.... In fact these things are almost non-existent and we always complain about it, actually we leave no chance to curse n abuse our authorities for those shortcomings.....

But, what have WE done...???
Yes, WE.....
What have we done for India as an Indian...???
Frankly speaking I did nothing apart from cursing our leaders n authorities.... :(
And YOU...???

For example, when it comes for cleanliness of our cities we simply blame the municipal authorities and even I agree that they are not doing enough, but what we are doing from our part to keep our city clean....NOTHING.... Rather, the garbage coming out from our houses is simply thrown on road sides and we don't even bother to put it into the dustbins kept by the municipal authorities...... Likewise there are many more such acts that we do and we should not and must not.

It is easy to blame the Govt n authorities and compare ourselves with other countries, how they are doing better....But while doing so, do we ever think what are we doing from our part to make India a country like others are..???

We must not forget that India have a long way to go, but is it going to get there by constant bitching and moaning...??? NO..... Change is needed, and this change will have to come from our part by changing our attitude towards our duties for nation building, as we have our attitude regarding our democratic rights.

So, let's do our part and when we say "Mera Bhaarat Mahaan", we must think of what we can do to make "Bhaarat Mahaan" in true senses.... We all admire our love for India and its tri-colour on Independence Day but the important thing is that we must try to retain this love for all 365 days.

Come, lets celebrate India's Independence day with great enthusiasm by hoisting flag and saluting it, but make sure that there would be no flag lying unattended tomorrow on road.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's Arrange LOVE, in Marriages...

The institution of marriage began so that a man and a woman, through their Joy, through their Strength and through their act of sharing might become creator of life itself....Marriage therefore is a high and holy state to be held in honor among all men and women....!!!

As we all know marriages are basically of two types....the one which is planned, executed and blessed by parents and relatives is "arranged marriage".... and the other one is "love marriage" which is entirely based on mutual attraction among the two partners marrying each other.

As far as Indian weddings are concerned, because of our social structure arranged marriages are more preferred or we can say this type of marriage dominates the Indian culture and society. On the other hand love marriages are always considered forbidden by a majority of people in our society. May be because they don't want to look at life from the angle known as modernism. Though over the period of time the percentage of love marriage has also increased drastically, may be because our gen-next is getting more and more exposure of western culture. But still love marriages are considered inferior by majority of parents in our country and somehow they have a feeling that arrange marriages are there to last long as compared with love marriages.

Some of you may not agree but I personally believe that destiny also plays a role in bringing those two people together who ultimately go into a relationship which fulfill their need for intimacy and emotional nourishment. And its only because of the destiny that many people who thought they would marry only for love, ended up in arrange marriages or vice-versa and lived their entire life happily with their respective life partner, in short type of marriage didn't had any effect on their married life. So friends, what I mean to say that "as long as your better half doesn't become bitter half, it doesn't matter how you marry, what matters is how you live with your spouse after marriage so that you remain a better half and not bitter half", because whatever it is "Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage", once you are married, a marriage is just a marriage and to make it successful, one should always....

Listen with the ears of tolerance ! 
See through the eyes of compassion !
Speak with the language of love ! (Rumi)

In fact being any marriage successful or failure has nothing to do with "Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage". Actually both are equally good and has got its own advantages and drawbacks known to all. Remember, marriages never fail just because they are love marriage or arranged marriage but most marriages fail because of 'selfishness n arrogance', because of 'ego n attitude' and because of those irritants behavior, spouse do with each other just for the sake of satisfying their ego. And for making any marriage success it is very important for the individuals to understand each other and behave like matured people. Anyone who is planning to marry must be mentally prepared for the commitments and responsibilities coming in after marriage....And if at all there is a second thought about it then he/she must not go for marriage unless they make up their mind.

The fact of the matter is, every marriage is a social event, so it has to be arranged....And arranged by whom is not important but to make any marriage successful what is important that one has to have love in it....That love happens before or after is entirely a matter of chance. Moreover if you see around will find many people saying "aroma of love which they are feeling after marriage had never felt before".

So, the best way is, "arrange the love in your marriage, no matter what type of marriage you undergo...."
After all "a successful marriage  requires  falling in love many times with the same person...."  (Mignon McLaughlin)

Moreover if marriages are decided in heaven(as it is believed), then why this debate, don't the couple that is meant to be together will stay happily together, irrespective of what type of marriage they undergo.

Come, let's pray for all those who are trying to find their life partners. May almighty God help them in finding true love and real friendship in their prospective partners.  After all God is the best planner.  Let's have faith in him...!

May the Almighty save our marriages in this age where marriages fail for silly reasons and may the Almighty grant us tremendous happiness in our marriages.  Aameen...!


This post is for "Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage" contest by SONY Entertainment Television on Indiblogger.

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