Tuesday, August 23, 2011

unfortunately, I am not Anna....

Thank you Blogjunta

Undoubtedly he has brought nation on a crossroad where you can see almost everyone claiming to be ANNA by wearing a T-shirt  or a cap written "MAIN ANNA HOON".....they are doing every thing to show their hatred for corruption....Of course its a good sign for any nation and all credit goes to Anna Hazaare.

No doubt each and every individual should come forward to support Anna's cause for eradicating corruption. Even I want to be there, shouting those patriotic slogans while facing a TV camera, wearing a T-shirt stating "Main Anna Hoon" and holding a tri-clour ...But unfortunately my day to day run for earning bread n butter is just not allowing me to be there and do all those patriotic acts......But does that mean I am supporting corruption or I am no more an honest citizen???.... well, perhaps this is what most of the people want to prove that whoever is not supporting Anna visibly by being present at their respective cities chowks, or whoever having his own view for fighting corruption which is little different from what the "civil society people" actually think, is not supporting the very cause of opposing corruption and in turn he is a corrupt.

But I personally believe that everyone in India is not corrupt whether he shows his sentiments against it or not.... or even the so called Jan-Lokpal bill is not a magic stick, that will eradicate  corruption overnight. In fact its going to be just another law with some added provisions which ultimately requires people's will to be implemented and used honestly.

Moreover honesty is not something that can be forced on people by merely making some law, in fact it is something which comes from within..and after all its a matter of being honest to ourselves first.....but I doubt on being honest to myself because I know that tomorrow when time will come to admit my son in the best school of the city, I will try all means(fair and unfair) to get him admitted there...I know there are plenty of school teachers in that crowd shouting all those slogans of patriotism, they will guide me(for known reasons) to use all those unfair means to get my son admitted and I will be glad doing that because after all its a matter of my son's career and life.....and that LPG dealer standing in the crowd with tri-colour in his hand, is he going to oblige me with a new gas connection with his folded hands, just because i genuinely deserve one........well, I doubt......

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bharat Varsh

'Main  BHARATVARSH  hoon'

'The united India of pre-independence period'

'The nation which had no boarders in between'

  'Ek Dil..........Ek Jism.......Ek Jaan'
(One heart....One Body....One Soul)

But thanks to our great national leaders, who divided me into two by drawing a line over my body, without even bothering that how painful it was for me.... I still feel that pain....but who cares....and the irony is, they are still trying to divide me in the name of region, language and culture.

They divided me in the name of peace, but poor me, still looking for the peace....

They divided me physically by creating a line over my body but could not divide my soul, as you can see, still our culture is same...our language is common...and even the colour of the blood being shaded after each and every blast is same.

I still remember those days when patriotism for my citizens was "Love for their nation"... but those great leaders made them to believe that one can be patriot even if he hate others in the name of language, region and religion.

I am sure, all those great souls who were responsible for my partition, must be realising now that disputes between humans can't be resolved by simply dividing them through a thin line, rather division made situation more grim and the disputes took a new face which is much more ugly....and in the long run its humanity that suffered.

OK..whatever happened is happened....I know, nothing can be done now and I can't change my past but you all can make my future, so now on the eve of Independence day, I request all my citizens to stop fighting in the name of language, region and religion....start working hand in hand for some good causes and give me some reason to feel proud of you.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sense of Smell....

Ever wondered what the world would be like if we couldn't smell anything?

You may think why I am asking it here now....Well, believe me , there is nothing like suffering from a bad cold to make one realize how much we would miss having a clear sense of smell....Yaa, you got it right, I am suffering from cold and missing my sense of smell these days.

I am just not able to feel the aroma of the variety of dishes being made in kitchen at ”iftar time” during Ramadan....and the smell of wet earth after a good shower is something I am not able to enjoy these days....Aah, how can i forget the whiff of those Jasmines when I pass a woman who wears it in her hair.

I remember when I was a kid and used to travel with my father in the general compartment. The train journey would not complete without my father having consumed several cups of tea from the Chai-wallahs(Tea vendors)...And even today while traveling, the aroma of tea takes me back to those crowded compartments and I can almost see my dad holding that little plastic cup in his hands and enjoying every sip of it.

The scent of talcum powder reminds me of my dad getting ready for office....and the fragrance of Kastoori attar, my uncle's favourite, reminds me, when me and my cousin used to sprinkle that attar on our dusty T-shirts and take deep breath to feel its fragrance.

hhhhmmm....Each of those smell evokes a sense of comfort and nostalgia.

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