Friday, September 28, 2012

Journey unplugged....

We all travel from one place to other and this act of moving from one place to other is called journey. And  if you observe, you will find that different people like different act while they travel. Some prefer  reading books or magazines.... Some of them like indulging in conversation with their co-passengers.... Some simply snooze....etc, etc..... But off late I have found that there are plenty who like to listen music during their journey. One of the reason may be that  "variety of electronic gadgets are available today at affordable price and they are easy to carry too".....

Though in older days also when these gadgets weren't there, people used to carry their battery operated radio-transistors. But now because of easy availability of these tiny gadgets, you can find more n more people with an earphone plugged into ear and listening their favorite songs even if they are riding bi-cycles or walking besides the road.

Music, as we all know is the soul of Indian culture and Hindi songs are the important part of Indian music...... And undoubtedly Hindi movies provide us immense variety of songs for every situation n mood in our life, same way there are plenty of Hindi songs based on the philosophy of journey itself.

Well, no one can deny with the fact that  "Zindagi ek Safar hai Suhaana, Yahaan Kal Kyaa Ho Kisne Jaana"..... and rightly so, as they say "Life is a beautiful journey filled with uncertainties......" 

There are people who simply believe in the philosophy of "Nadiyaa Chale - Chale re Dhaara, Tujhko Chalnaa Hoga".... and these people always try to sail through all the difficulties they have in their way and even if they are left alone during their journey they keep on moving and say..... "Chal Akela - Chal Akela, Tera Melaa Peeche Choota Saathi Chal Akela"....

Similarly there are times when we are not very sure about our destination or even if we know destination then sometimes we are not so sure about reaching there and then we like singing "Hazaar Rahein Mud K Dekhi, Kahin Se Koi Sadaa Na Aayi"....

As we know, in this journey of life, people come n go....and each of them leave behind their memories for their loved ones, as this song says.... "Aadmi Musaafir Hai - Aata Hai Jaata Hai"....

Remember this song from the movie Imtihaan "Ruk Jaana Nahin Tu kahin Haar Ke"...... you will find this an inspiring one, specially if at any point of your journey, you just start feeling like tired or depressed..... 

On the other hand when your journey is a pleasant one(i wish it remain always) and you are enjoying it like anything then you can very well tune into "Suhaana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam Haseen"....

And the list is too long.... endless infact...... So, its not possible for me to include those many wonderful songs here on this journey theme. Therefore I have included only some of them according to my subjective choice...... But as you know, the mode of journey can be any....even by foot.... and its the spirit of travelling which is important.

So friends, this weekend when you go on a long drive, just don't forget to carry your i-pad or whichever gadget you like, just load it with all those fabulous songs subjective to your choice and enjoy every moment of your journey. 
Have a melodious weekend.

PS: by clicking on the songs you can watch its video.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday challenge...."FANCY"

"FANCY" (Decorated, Embellished, Deluxe, Frilly, .....)

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

written letter....endangered species

As we know, way of communication has changed remarkably during the last decade and its getting faster day by day, thanks to ever developing technology..... In fact now we are at the stage where we can communicate instantaneously with  our dear ones, no matter in which part of the world they are living. 

And in this digital era when each of us are living every moment of our life being in touch with our 'family n friends' and when our life revolves around technology, I sometimes miss those old fashioned hand written letters. I know, I am probably weird but seeing the handwriting of my 'relatives n friends' is something which I miss a lot these days and somehow feel that letter writing is a dying art now :(

Though we all enjoy sharing information and emotions through emails and SMSs  but I am sure that our gen-next must be missing those colorful handwritten love letters which has been replaced by the latest innovated ways of expressing love.

I remember, I used to write lot of letters during my college days. The habit actually started when I left my home for studies. After leaving home, letter was the only affordable way to be in touch with 'family n friends' because it was not so easy to afford phone those days... I remember while going from home after every holiday, my Dad used to give me a bundle of new postcards with the instruction to post at least one a weak, so that he could know how I was doing with my studies and other activities. 

Even after arrival of email's I continued writing letters to my Dad and while going through his stuffs after his death, to my surprise, I found a bundle of letters written to him by 'relatives n friends' and not to mention there were few written by me to him. It is really an unexpected record of tales and observations by different people who were communicating with him regularly, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that treasure in the form of hand written letters.

While these letters would not mean much to anyone else, to me they are priceless...I simply love looking on them, touching them, crying over them...Though people may feel that its nothing more than being emotional but going through those written stuff is something that I love doing often.

As I said, may be I am weird, but I feel that no matter how much personal we try to be while typing emails or composing those emotional SMSs, there is always a lack of feeling and emotions into it, when we compare them to hand written letters. In fact whenever we write a letter, we let our feelings flow to our finger tips and pour it on paper...And when the person on the other end reads those wonderfully written words, can easily feel our emotions and  connect with the thoughts we had while writing those words.

But over the period of time, I have also become a tech-friendly guy who can not stay anywhere without his 'keyboard n monitor' and feel suffocating if the environment is not filled with those invisible rays of magical wi-fi...And I must admit that of-late even my language skill has become a hybrid between eloquently flowing description to short electronically generated correspondences filled with (emotionless)Smileys and (meaningless)lolls......

But thrill of receiving  a letter from 'relatives n friends' is still the same for me and all those people are really special to me who can pick up the paper, write their feeling and pour their heart  on that piece of paper.

BTW, when did you last received a written letter....??? and,
When you had written your last letter to someone....???


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