Thursday, November 17, 2011


जाने कैसी साज़िश  हुई 
(Jaane kaisi saazish hui)

मेरा घर मिट्टी का था 
(Meraa ghar mitti ka tha)

मेरे  ही  घर  बारिश  हुई  
(Mere hi ghar baarish hui)

 :(    :(     :(

Hello friends, going through very tough moments.....About two weeks back there was a theft case in my home and i lost every thing.....lodged an FIR, tried hard with all the social and administrative contacts i had but nothing seems to be working and the efficient police force blaming me that why did i left my house unmanned for one day and asking me to name the culprit, the investigating officer advised me yesterday to forget about the incident and warned me not to leave the home unmanned next time....... i know, i am one bloody fool who left my home unmanned for one day and if at all i knew the culprit i would not have waited for the police to act, rather i would have kicked him on his ass and taken care of every thing that was needed.......but unfortunately its not so and forgetting about all those things that i earned in my twenty years of service period is not so easy for me......

Anyways, just trying to start life again...need your wishes n blessings......

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