Friday, April 22, 2011

"National Corruption Development Forum"

As you know time never remains same for anybody....There are good times in our life and bad times too comes in between...

And the same is happening these days with the gentlemen who are corrupt, after those many golden years they are going through the worst phase of their life because there is a bunch of so called honest people doing conspiracy against these Corrupt Gentlemen.

There is a demand of situation that all these corrupt Gentlemen scattered into different Political Parties and Organisations should come on one platform.... and therefore my idle mind is thinking to form a platform which will be known as "National Corruption Development Forum" (Rashtriya Bhrashtaachar Vikaas Munch), and this forum will look after the welfare of all these Corrupt Gentlemen, being harassed by those hand full of honest people.

So all of you Corrupt gentlemen, scattered into different National and Regional political parties.... and those of you in Government and Public Sector Organisations, working day and night to protect your hard earned black money, come to this forum....All you have to do is donate some part of your hard earned black money and the same will be used in our fight with these so called Honest People....

Looking at our "Links and Resources", we will certainly win this battle as they have got nothing with them to fight with us, except their "Honesty and Integrity"........

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lost in the dark corridor...

I am sitting at my PC, a new page of the document, milky white as ever, looking at me, like asking me to write something over it.... And my idle mind is simply thinking, what to write???

It does happen some times when my idle mind just gets lost in the dark corridor of life and keep on thinking about anything and every thing...

Sometimes lots of happening around perhaps makes my idle mind more confused....The much awaited ICC world cup win....Cup being original or not....Anna Hazare's hit show at Jantar Mantar....Fun filled IPL matches etc etc....What to write and how to write???

I am just praying God, Plz help me to make my idle mind little stable and little creative....and here comes my beloved wife with her recent updates like, Kid's school fees will be higher as the new session begins...Our AC needs to be serviced as the temperature rising day by day....and last but not the least our housemaid needs a hike....

While listening all these updates, i am simply staring at her while my idle mind getting lost further in the dark corridor of life....

Pardon me friends after all these happenings, my idle mind is just not in a position  to produce something worth writing.... So let it stabilize a little....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets feel these also

For the past few Weeks the country has been trying to come to terms with a phenomenal outburst of the people against the insincerity of the war against corruption. No doubt corruption has really spread like a virus and people from all over the country are certainly fed up with this corrupt system and are looking for accountability.

Not just in the Metros, even in the small towns....No matter of what age, which caste and gender they belong, even the house wives were seen hand in hand to beat corruption. The most important thing noticed from the newspapers and TV clippings was that they all were the urban class  people  and  fully committed to fight corruption.

Undoubtedly one way or other we all are effected by corruption, but what we are forgetting here that apart from corruption, there are some other issues equally important and do need our attention...but somehow these issues are getting escaped or untouched from our drawing room discussions. They do not touch us in a real sense bcoz we urban class people never experience these issues.....

Issues like Hunger, Malnutrition, being treated as untouchable bcoz you belong to particular caste or community, Girl child abuse etc etc...... In fact these problems are far  away from the reality of our urban, progressive and fairly self reliant people, who were seen lighting candle at India Gate.

So apart from making a group on social networks or lighting a candle at the central location of our respective cities for eradicating corruption, we must also think about issues like Hunger, Malnutrition, girl child abuse etc. I am not saying that we should restrain our self from fighting and talking about corruption, we must  continue doing that but at the same time we should also think and talk about these issues with the similar feelings as we feel about corruption.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

hoorray for me.... "Meme"

I have been Tagged by Sunil of "I blog therefore I am", and Ritu of "Ritu’s Weblog", Thanks Sunil n Ritu for the Tag....and as per norms laid by both of you here i am with your whacky questions  to do the formalities related with this tag namely "Meme"...

As I came to know that the person tagged in this "Meme" has to answer these questions honestly, so here I go with full honesty.......

1.. If you could go back in time to relieve one moment, what would it be?
not any particular moment really..bcoz each n every moment spent by me so far has given me chance to learn something.. if they are happy moments, i cherish them often and if the moments are otherwise then i console myself and try not to be in the similar phase again.

2.. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
Again not any thing in particular, I am happy and satisfied with whatever n where ever I am bcoz of all those things....

3.. What movie or TV character you think you resemble most in personality?
Resemblance with Movie or TV character....well, Actually i can't remember any of them for long, bcoz  i am not a movie buff,  and even the TV shows are not my cup of tea, so honestly speaking don't have any idea abt it.

4.. What movie or TV character would you really like to be like?
can't answer this one and the reason is same as above.

5.. If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
don't think i am supposed to do that.

6.. Name one habit you want to change in your self.
wish i could be more expressive n extrovert at times.

7.. Describe yourself in one word.

8.. Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.
@ Sunil ........"CREATIVE"
@ Ritu.........."CHARISMATIC"

9..Why do you Blog? Answer in one sentence.

To share my idle mind's thoughts in my own way.

10.. Name at least 3 people to send this Meme to then inform them.
Here they are with request  to please do needful and carry on the Tag........

11.. Link back to the person who tagged you in this meme.
My sincere thanks to both of my Blogger frnds Ritu and Sunil... I am glad being a part of this tag.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Black n White"

I just don't understand why there is so much of hue n cry about the Money being Black???

Even the coal is black, but for  Coal Mafia's  its far more valluable than Gold...

No need to mention that even Bhagwan krishna was black too, but he always remained Salona for Radha...

I just pray to almighty God that somehow plz make my Kaalaa-Dhan(Black Money) all glittering white, otherwise these billions of people simply saying YES in chorus, in response to the call given by this Khadi clad man sitting at Jantar Mantar, can go to any extent to snach my hard earned Black Money...

In the present age of globalisation  when the whole world looks like a small village, why these people are behaving like step brothers to my very own Swiss Bank...

Why they just don't understand that Black n White era is gone long back, now is the time to look every thing with vibrant color effects...


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shukriyaa Janaab

Friends, this post is about receiving the "Versatile Blogger award" from my blogger friend A Great Liar.....Thank you so much brother.

This is my first award and I have learnt from his post that there are certain rules and norms, I have to follow after getting the award..

1- Express gratitude and link back the person giving you the award....
So once again my sincere thanks to A Great Liar.... I really appreciate this.....Shukriyaa Dost.

2- Share seven things about you, that too honestly......

i) I am a guy who is introvert by nature and don't like much to share about myself instead like to listen others.

ii)Engineer by profession, something never wanted to be.

iii) Love being alone and do enjoy my loneliness.

iv) its more then 10 years now when my Dad passed away, miss him a lot and just want to say sorry to him once for certain things.

v) feel very bad when I see people of my generation not behaving properly with their parents and not giving them enough emotional support.

vi)Though i like reading but don't find myself very comfortable reading fiction and romantic stuff.

vii) I just can't believe on anyone without enough reason.

3- Pass this Honour to other newly discovered or followed Blogger friends....

So here they are with no particular order of merit,

i) Vanity Moments
ii) Rachna says
iii) wholesome options
iv) WHY?
v) Views from the Mathews
vi) My Musings
vii) I blog therefore I am
viii) rolling stone

Each one of them mentioned above are maintaining a nice Blog in their own way and style....and I can assure that you won't be disappointed reading them.

4- Inform the concerned Bloggers about their award....

So here I go to inform them about this award but before concluding this, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all my Blogger friends for encouraging me time n again with their valuable comments n reactions....and my special thanks to all those friends who don't write their own Blog but do like to read Blogs and give their views.

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