Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Being with our inner self....

Truly, I don’t remember when did I last heard to myself…. ???

In fact we are so busy looking at our goals, celebrating success and achievements that we seldom listen to ourselves. 
On the contrary we look towards others for authenticating our self..... 
Why it is so ? Why we need to look at someone else…???

In all the chaos of everyday life as we run here and there from morning to evening… Right from the moment we leave our bed till the time when we fall again on our bed.... 
Do we ever take single quite moment for ourselves…???

A single moment where we can remain with ourselves only....
Just a single moment…..
A moment when there is no reflection but just to be.....
A moment in which ME and only ME exist, doing nothing at all.......
YOU just YOU.....and I just ME......
No one nearby... 
Neither physically nor even in thoughts.....

In fact there is not a single moment which we can call as MY-TIME...
During which we can remain with no one else but only silence.... 

Silence they say is great healer......

Being silent does not mean keeping mum.....
Being in silence means, "being with yourself....talking to yourself."
Silence, which allows you to look into your inner self….

BTW when did you last heard to yourself…. ???


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Friday, April 21, 2017

Let's work together to stop this Gundaagardi....

Couple of days back Sonu Nigam complained about being woken up by the morning Azaan, calling it forced religiousness” and a sort of “gundaagardi”. Though he later explained that he was intended to Temples and Gurdwaras too...Well, I personally believe his words that he was talking of every religion and not about Azaan only, now it’s up to you to decide what he intended actually...But let’s not forget that Mr Sonu Nigam had no problem participating in all-nighters "Mata ki Chowki" during his initial days...

Anyway, let’s not talk about what he was intended to, let’s talk about the issue he raised. Undoubtedly most of us can relate to his irritation, hence instead of raising questions over his intentions, I want to thank Mr. Sonu Nigam for starting this discourse.

The sole purpose of Azaan is to alert people in the locality that time of prayer has come, so that people can stop their worldly affairs and come to the mosque to pray. There was a time when people had no wrist watches, no smart phones, no printed time tables etc. Hence Azaan was certainly required to let the people know that it’s time to pray. The scenario is no more same now, we have so many gadgets and apps to remind ourselves for prayer timings, and hence I personally feel that loudspeakers are not something that is going to have any effect on our prayers, whether we have them or not.

I have a strong believe that each and every Muslim, who understands Islam, will agree that loudspeakers are not something necessary in Islam. We all know that the religion of Islam has not spread worldwide due to loudspeakers. It’s rather the message that Islam carries has fascinated its followers and made it worldwide religion. Not to mention that, there were no loudspeakers during life time of our beloved Prophet(S.A.W), yet within few years Islam spread in entire Arab. The remarkable spread of Islam even outside the Arab took place without loudspeakers.

Just to let you all know, there is a Muslim gentleman "Babu Khan" in Maharashtra, who is working successfully against the use of loudspeakers in mosques and till now he has removed it from many mosques simply by making people understand that loudspeaker is not a necessity for following Islam rather using them at religious places have become the cause of communal tension. Unfortunately our “Indian Media Circus” does not have time to make it a prime time story.

Apart from all this our Muslim brothers and sisters must not forget that Islam never permit us to hurt or displease our neighbors, we are raised with stories and values on kindness to those around us. Hence as Muslim we need to bring some correction in our behavior. If use of loudspeakers or any other action from ourselves has become a reason for discomfort to the followers of other religion, then we must think of stopping those acts without any further controversy and not make it an issue...

At the same time, people from all community also must understand that loudspeakers being used at mosques or any other places of religious worship and celebrations are creating same nuisance, in fact every such noise is forced and hence should be declared "GUNDAAGARDI". We must understand that use of loudspeakers in public during night or early morning is certainly a nuisance for any civil society. Therefore people from all community should come forward to ban loudspeakers from all kinds of religious and social activities in the name of culture and tradition. Let's all work together to stop this so called "GUNDAAGARDI".


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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hello friends and fellow writers....

Here I am once again at my blog space after many years.....

I am sorry for my long absence from blog sphere my friends, actually there are times in our life when situation forces us to do what we don't want and don't allow us to do what we actually want.

Anyhow once again I am here and very happy to log in to my own blog space "APNiBOLi"...

At the moment I have started my new inning at a new e-magazine platform and will love to see you there reading my stuff.....
Here is the link of my new post plz go and read and if you find worth leave your response there.

Waiting for you at my new space.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Corruption Menace....

India is one of the developing nations of the modern world, our democracy has many feathers in her cap. More than a half century ago it has became an independent country and a republic. During this period the country has been engaged in efforts to attain development and growth in various areas such as "building infrastructure", "production of food grains", "science n technology" and "spread of education". However, as a developing nation, India has observed endless social problems, one leading to the other. Some of these problems have their roots in our colonial past while others are related to demographic changes, socio-political conditions and cultural processes. However, every social problem is inter-related but for me one major social problem is corruption and it is the sole cause of many other social problems. If this is not dealt at an earliest, it will lead to many other social issues as well and will continue to be a hindrance in development of the country.

In fact the word “corruption” has become so popular in the present Indian society that even a totally illiterate person, having no knowledge of English alphabets or exact meaning of the word “corruption”, is seen talking about this dangerous disease and utter out this word with utmost ease and accurate pronunciation. Actually, India, the world’s largest and most stable democracy is worst affected by the menace of corruption. In such a large country with a population of over 120 crore belonging to various religions, the corruption has spread so widely in almost every sphere of life that in fact corruption has become a part of our national culture. 

Our nation has vested the power in the individual and he has left no stone unturned in order to get rich quickly. The politician, the bureaucrat, the government employee, the businessman, who are the vital units of the national family, have contributed in the spread of the corruption menace. Corruption is now prevalent at all the levels of industry, business n administration and an essential part of the national economic fabric.

According to am estimate, if the funds earned due to corruption were to be circulated in the national economy, India would not have to look for foreign aid for many years to come. Our growth would be tremendous in all the spheres and we would be an "independent economy entity" within a short time period. In fact the black market economy, corrupt bureaucrat, industrial malpractices and dishonesty in administration have led to the generation of a parallel economy whose magnitude is much larger than our national budget.

We walk into any office of the Municipal Corporation, provident Fund, Electricity Board or any department run by the central or State governments, we know that the clerk must be handled with utmost care otherwise our work would be delayed. So, we grease the palms of the staff from top to bottom and get our work done. Police, Courts, land development authorities and other government institutions are operating on the basis of give n take.

The politician-bureaucrat-criminal nexus has sucked the hard-earned money of the masses and has made a mockery of the national economics system. The fruits of labour of over fifty years have not reached our rural areas. We remain one of the poorest nations of the world due to corruption that prevails at all the level of our society.

No need to say that corruption is omnipresent and its detection and sentence for the wrong-doers is seldom decided due to loopholes in our legal framework. Though the change in attitude of every individual who have rags-to-riches tendency and earning money without hard work is the first thing which needs to be changed. There can be many other solutions to check the corruption and some of them are....

1 : An individual initiates corruption by giving bribes to the bureaucrats and public servants. He must stop giving bribes and should warn the corrupt officials that if his objectives were not met(without paying bribes) he would go for legal actions against them.

2 : There must be strict laws so that only honest n nationalist politicians should be allowed to contest elections and any politician with dubious record of scams and floor-crossing should be barred from taking part in the elections.

3 : The salaries of police and government employees must be raised to respectable levels so that they are not forced to make money by unfair means just to satisfy their basic needs.

4 :  The bureaucracy must shed five vowels......
      Urge for power n money

5 : Every Indian should try to adopt three Cs........

6 : Disclosure of wealth, administrative ethics and a positive attitude towards public at large must be the guiding gospels of every public servant.

7 : The agencies like CBI should monitor the corrupt politicians and businessmen. At the same time these agencies should not move according to the whims of the power-hungry and manipulative politicians.

8 : The scars of red tape, black money and corruption on our tricolour can be wiped out only by our youth. Hence they must form a forum to check the corrupt practices that have inflicted great economic and social losses upon our nation.

9 : The institution of Lokayukta in the States and Lok Pal in the centre is a step which can curb corruption but these institutions are needed to be made more powerful n more effective by amending the present act.

Above all our social ethos must be modified in order to promote good moral values. India must do away with much of her past and corruption at all levels must be eliminated as the very first initiative in this direction.


This post is written for iDiya ISB's National Social Venture Competition that aims to stimulate enable and develop high-impact, self sustaining social businesses in India.

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Monday, December 31, 2012

Choti Si Aasha...

"Our Daughters and Sisters want to feel safe"

Are they asking for too much....????

Lets start from this

At this moment I would like to share these lines with you which I like a lot....

Agar Bazm-e-Insaan mein Aurat naa hoti
khayaalon ki rangeen jannat naa hoti

Sitaaron ke Dilkash Fasaane naa hote

Bahaaron ki naazuk haqeeqat naa hoti

Jabeeno pe Noor-e-Masarrat naa hota
Nigaahon mein Shaan-e-marrawwat naa hoti

Faqeeron ko Irfaan-e-Hasti naa milti
Ataa Zahido ko ibaadat naa hoti

Musaafir sadaa manzilo par bhatakte
Safeeno ko saahil ki qurbat naa hoti

Har ik phool ka rang pheeka sa hota
Naseem-e-bahaaraan mein nikhat naa hoti

Khudaayi ka Insaaf Khaamosh rehta
Sunaa hai kisi ki shifa'at naa hoti


नये साल हमको ये उम्मीद दे-दे

तू सपने दे ना दे , पर नींद दे-दे


PS: I will be away from blogs for ten days, till then take good care of yourself and your loved ones, see you all in 2013, Insha-Allah !!



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop this Shame....

(image source-google)

We all know that in ancient Indian scriptures, woman was given a glarified status. She was an embodiment of shakti, no religion ceremony was complete without her.  Savitri, Parvati, Sita, Ahilya were the role models of Indian society.....In later days, during the freedom struggle Aruna Asaf Ali, Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi, Sucheta kirplani and other women played excellent role for the libration of their motherland from the Britishers. They fought against all odds, so that at no point of time their commitment or energy could be derated with those of their male counterparts during those times.

With the advent of the technology dominated era and commercialism our women have also changed. The shy n not so bold female in the saree have been replaced by a youthful, fashion conscious and smart girl in jeans and T-shirts. Whenever needed they are more hard working and sincere in all the walk of life and more productive than their male counterpart and no one can deny that at present women have been playing major roles in politics, economy, household, society and nation building.

Today we have woman as a speaker of Lok Sabha, a woman chair person of the ruling coalition govt and not to mention that just couple of months back we had a woman President too. Not only this, recently when Saina Nehwal and Mary Kom came back with those glittering Olympic medals in their hands then there was a status update on social networking sites saying "Performance of Sania Nehwal and Mary Kom is enough proof to have more n more girl children in India...."

But unfortunately every time we start making an opinion that the condition of woman have improved, there is Guwahati or Delhi type of unfortunate incident, where a girl is molested n stripped by a mob or gang reaped and the status of women in the society suffers a jolt. The most important thing is, the incidents like Guwahati n Delhi makes one to believe that our women are not safe even in the educated urban environment.

There was a report  by The south Indian Council for Human Rights Education and Monitoring in Feb 2011 which says "One woman is molested every 26 minutes, One woman is raped every 34 minutes and one-fourth of the 15 million girls born every year don't even get to celebrate their 15th birthday....." Now after looking at this report one can easily understand that its not only Guwahti or Delhi which has witnessed such fateful incidents but such things have been happening in this country at regular intervals, irrespective of the states n cities....But as a human what do we do....???? 

Well, the moment such things happen, each of us start condemning it through all means, including dharnas, candle march etc.... Even our own blog world starts over flowing and showing its concern for the victim n their family but after couple of days or weeks, each of us get busy doing our own business and its the victim who only continue to suffer n goes through the mental trauma through out her life.....

I remember it was the same scenario when the girl was molested on the roads of Guwahati, everybody(sitting in dining room) was ready to kill the culprits, all the news channels were busy discussing the whole story day n night....it was like now or never....but what happened after few days, as usual every thing became normal for the entire nation.... Did anyone ever tried to peep into the life of the victim, how is she coping up with her life...???
Whether she got justice or not...???
Did any of us ever tried to know whether culprits got fixed or not....??? or,
Did we the Civilised Indians  ever came again on any social platform asking to the authorities that why culprits have not been fixed yet....???

No, we didn't... In fact, we never do that, perhaps we tend to forget such things very easily and its only get reminded to us when something similar happens somewhere again.....
Unless we change this attitude nothing will change.....

Its not that we lack the laws to protect women, in fact there are laws which literally protect them right from womb and through out their life. But the fact is, even after having these laws women continue to suffer at the hands of the system n society. Perhaps our great nation is still struggling to have proper mind set to use the laws and deal with those people who commit such sinful n brutal act....

Enough is enough.... 
The time for talk is over.... 
Its high time to take some action, to stop this shame.



Sunday, December 16, 2012

our karmas n future life....

(image source - google)

Each of us know this fact that decay and death are inevitable.....We all very well know that our Karmas(deeds) would bring us befitting rewards or punishments depending upon their nature and intentions, as there is this common saying "as you sow, so shall you reap"...

But the unfortunate part is that even after knowing all this, most of us use our powers and influences for the destruction of our opponents n competitors. Actually we forget that there could be reprisals.... And that too these reprisals may not be from the victim only but from the Almighty himself. After all God is  the great paymaster.

Even history has so many evidences and we can very well see that whoever looted the masses and deprived them of their lives, properties and dignity, they never lived in peace in the latter stages of their lives.....

For example, "Alexander the Great" invaded India and conquered it with the help of his men(that include the traitors of our nation). He looted the masses and butchered thousands of innocent people....After all his ill-doing in the most prosperous nation of those times, he left India and fell sick while he was going home in Macedonia  and even the best medicines could not cure him.... His mother called the doctors treating him and asked about the reason of his son not getting any relief from the disease. The learned doctor took her to the sea beach and threw a dose of medicine in the ocean water. The water frozen within few seconds, then the doctor told the queen that "see even this strong medicine is not giving any relief to your son and he did not have any medicine better than this."...... In fact so intense was his dysentery that he could not survive for long due the severity of the disease..... What I mean to say is that even "Alexander the Great" was not spared by the Almighty for his wrong done.

In fact each and every religion support this theory that we all have to pay for our sins one way or other. But unfortunately we the human(so called) does not understand this fact and resorts to all kinds of immoral activities for making money and getting whatever we aspire to get. Since time immemorial, man has been ruling with the help of  the 'swords n guns' and has exploited his weak counterpart by overlooking the fact that diseases, loss in business, accidents, natural calamities are the natural sequels of his karmas. May be perhaps we forget that our every misdeed or good deed would be judged by the Almighty.

In short, our action shapes our life to come. So all of us must beware that we build our future life in the right way. So let our field of life be sown with the seeds of good deeds, so that we may reap a rich harvest of happiness.....!!!


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