Friday, July 29, 2011

Describe in one word....

"Hello Friends, Can you describe me in one word...???"

No....No....Wait.... I am not asking you people to say a word about me, in fact this is a facebook status from one of my friend asking to describe his personality in just one word...Moreover how can I dare to expose myself by asking this here..:P

Anyways, after reading the above mentioned status question, my first reaction was, "wow. someone needs some attention now",  then I honestly tried to  pen a word about him but could not do so because the moment I was typing one particular adjective for him, there was another word coming into my mind and somehow every next word was looking more appropriate for his personality....and finally after few honest attempts, I realised that, this game of describing someone in one word may seem very easy at first look but it is not that easy in fact.

Then I started asking  some of my friends that "What is the one word that describes themselves best???"...and most of them immediately came with a single word like Honest, Modest, Talented, Faithful, Energetic etc....etc....but before I could say anything they came up with another word and so on.......and finally they were just not able to stick to one single word for themselves.

Going through the whole process I found that for anyone it is not that easy to describe himself or someone else in just one single word, because when we start analysing some one's personality as a whole then one single word is  too limiting perhaps.

BTW,  "what is that one word which describes you and define your personality......???"

Saturday, July 23, 2011

wish, i had a remote....

Forgive me friends... I know, I have been such a bad blogger during last couple of weeks and it seems like I have totally abandoned my blog space as I am not even able to respond on your valuable comments here....No excuses, but its all only because of some personal n social responsibilities coming in between me n blogging... 

And while trying  to perform all those responsibilities properly and to the best of my ability n capacity, just wish if I had a remote control like thing for my own life, so that i would rewind my life to the time when I was about 8 or 10 years old....when Mom used to provide all those lovely things which i liked most to have and Dad was paying my School fees...... In short life was just perfect for me.

But now, I am grown up n have to perform so many roles, all my dear ones expect me to behave like a responsible guy. Whenever there is an issue in the family, I often called on to give my opinion... I know, its all their love n affection for me, but going through all these sometimes i just want to curl up between my Mom n Dad and fall asleep without any worries as both of them would be there to take care of every thing around.

hhmmm... I know it is all just too much of feeling......and all will be well.... I will be fine too in next couple of days.......

In the mean time, I am just trying to go through all your new Blog posts, though sometimes I could only manage to read them and somehow not able to leave my comment there.... But its really an awesome experience to know so many people through their written work. In fact, I am in love to your writing styles and your approach towards different shades n colours of life. Believe me in about seven months of blogging I feel so glad to have so many nice friends here, as you all know yourselves so mentioning name is not required and you all are blessings in different ways.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend with your dear ones at your respective places.

Love n Regards.....

Nahin fursat yaqeen maano hamien kuch aur karney ki...
Uljhanein Zindagi ki hamien kuch yun masroof rakhti hain...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 it worth doing???

In a world where pace of life is so important that often frantic people who can multitask are typically seen as efficient and effective. In fact many of us think that multitasking can boost our productivity and it is something that only very talented are capable of doing. After all don't we get more done when we do more then one thing at a time.

But what about reading SMS while driving or talking to someone over mobile phone while we have one hand on the steering of our car???

In fact, I witnessed a man driving his car while he was talking over his mobile phone and just could not manage to stop properly at a red traffic signal and finally ended up colliding with a bike going ahead. Fortunately there was no serious injury to the young man riding bike....but such things may lead to a serious accident.

Actually when we are driving, it calls for synchronizing so many things to safely navigate the roads, like....monitoring our speed, scanning ahead for upcoming hazards, Glancing to side view n rear view mirrors and processing all these information while keeping our car in its lane. In addition to all these we tend to layer on the mental workload by chatting over phone and in the process we simply loose our focus on driving which may lead to fatal accident.

It is of course possible for us to successfully pour a cup of tea while chatting over phone but if we are writing an important email and at the same time start talking over phone with an important business client, then we may have a bottle neck of information queuing up to be processed by our tiny brain and we may end up with nothing doing proper and purposeful.

Personally I admire women doing multitasking, when they manage their kids at home and perform efficiently many important roles at their workplace.....But imagine if they start managing their kids from workplace while doing some important assignments or keep on doing official things at home while having an eye on their kids n make them study or making breakfast for them, then there are more chances that they may find their cell phone in the cutlery drawer....the sugar bowl in the fridge and the office keys???..Oh! Still not able to find them.....

Therefore, I personally feel that multitasking often does not make us as productive as we think  because we cannot fully focus when  multitasking and it take longer for us to complete tasks and we are predisposed to error !!!

Monday, July 11, 2011



"With only 2.4%  of the entire world's landmass, India has 17% of the world population....Special thanks to all those who worked tirelessly 'day n night' and made it possible"

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Discovery of New India....

Friends do you ever wonder what life in prison is like??? I know for most of people the answer is unknown and quite preferable too.

While going through an article about the behaviour and activities of people inside the prison, came to know that some of prisoners that includes everyone from those fighting for equality to convicted murderers, wrote masterful works, powerful letters and imagery filled

”Mein Kempf” or ”My Struggle”, the famous autobiography of Adolf Hitler while he was imprisoned in Munich's Landsberg Castle for taking part in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923....

”Le Morte d’Arthur”...This is the famous collection of tales about the King Arthur written by Warwick shire's knight Sir Thomas Malory, when he was imprisoned during 1450.

”Don Quixote”, its a novel about a man's mad obsession with chivalry and courtly love, written by Miguel de Cervantes when he was in jail for financial discrepancies.

”The Discovery of India”, written by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, and the major portion of this historical book was written during his stay in prison.

There are many more too.....

Perhaps, writing may have been one of the only ways for these authors to pass their time in jail, but most of them have come out with several famous books, and the topics of those books written in jail ranges from criticism of social issues of their time to some revealing autobiographies...

And while going through all this, my idle mind is just thinking that today when people like "Suresh Kalmadi" and "A.Raja" are living in jail. There must be some wise thought developing into their super like brain and if those creative thoughts motivate them to pen down a book then, what will be the final outcome????

hhhmmmm....may be something like....
My experiment with Telecom
How to play with the Games
Wealth from 'Common Wealth'

What do you think.......????

Saturday, July 2, 2011

youngistan meri jaan.........

Whenever any senior member  of my organisation retires from his job, a question that bothers me is, "if someone who has to perform limited duties and responsibilities has to retire once he attends sixty years of age, irrespective of his fitness and good health, then why the gentlemen who have got huge responsibility to run the entire nation are allowed to continue in their office even when they are old enough and can't even walk or speak properly....???

Look at Mr. Manmohan Singh, no doubt he is well educated and a nice human, he was the leading person behind economic reforms in India, fair enough, but does that make him most eligible to lead the nation??? Don't you think there are some other qualities like Dynamic, Charismatic, Youthfulness etc also needed to occupy that chair. In fact the person who is the face of entire nation can not even deliver his speech by looking into the eyes of audiences....even during press conference his answers are slow to the extent that by the time he completes, one may forget some part of the question actually...Don't you think all this is because of his age, he is a youth of about 79 years.....

And now the first citizen of India, 76 years old Madam Pratibha Patil....on occasions one may forget who is she??? Because till now what does she has to her credit except for being present at the swearing ceremonies of ministers or saluting the National flag.....well, at her age what else you expect from her???...Do you want her to go for jogging like Obama goes...Oh come on, "Bachchi ki jaan loge kyaa???? kuch to age ka khyaal karo....."

Lets have a look at the opposition bench, the BJP... Can you name someone who is their leader at the moment  for the Prime Minister post(if at all they get a chance....INSHA ALLAH)...i find their top brass busy in "NOORA KUSHTI" among themselves, to occupy the top chair.....and in present scenario there is always a possibility that someone like MR Advani will emerge as consensus candidate who is 84 years old now.

Even when BJP was in power the man at the top was Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee....very noble, an intellectual of his class, a great orator of his era....but when he became PM he was 73 years old...if you remember then US President Gorge Bush used to go for Jog with his dog, while Atal ji was barely able to walk into the Parliament....

I never raise question on their abilities or qualities as administrator, undoubtedly most of them are well experienced and highly fact what i mean to say here is, when an ordinary Govt. employee is declared unfit to work further once he completes 60 years of age, how these Politicians can perform their best when they start the job at the age when an ordinary Govt employee is not treated as fit enough to continue with his job.....and if you look at the duties n responsibilities, you can very well imagine how much more energy and enthusiasm is needed to run a nation like India....As per the census record of 2011 India has the largest youth population in world.....what happened to them???....Where are they all??? Is this our Youngistan???

well, may be...."The older, the wiser perhaps"......!!!

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