Tuesday, January 18, 2011

" totally confused...."

Recently while visiting a newly opened City Mall at my town, I found myself in totally confused like situation... in fact I was behaving like  Tarzan, who has been just dropped into the city from the deep dense forest......

There were about 50 varieties of tooth paste, more than dozens variety of talcum powder..... well, unable to recall how many variety of shaving creams and after shave were there....... and I lost totally while choosing simply a  tooth paste for me....... I was just thinking, should I take one with added fluoride or the one with salt added or any one else out of those available......

I wonder, how could any one choose if given the herculean task of selecting from 100 types of perfume or 50 brands of shampoo for example....

Well, some of you may make a fun of me here, sometimes it gets so difficult for me to decide even which piece of Jeans i should buy ?....... Easy fit?......Narrow fit ?......or the Baggy style ?.... after choosing one of them, now comes Fabric.... should it be Stone washed or Acid washed ?.....   And finally, should it be  a Button fly or a Zipper fly ?

I am sure friends, some of you must also have got confused while selecting a  Pension plan or insurance plan for you, if not while selecting a jeans or choosing a tooth paste....

I think its all bcoz, we are now nothing but variety addicted people.... and variety is nothing but different versions of the same thing !!!


  1. sometimes it really becomes confusing a lot, even then i enjoy consuming my time in a Mall

  2. i really get frightened when have to go into a big restaurants, looking at their menu it does require a lot of caliber and time to decide what to eat and what not to

  3. WEll my friend you dont want to go shopping with me, you will probably come back without buying anything :)

    thats waht happens to me i go and come back ... dotn know what to buy...


  4. Ya its very true that one gets confused when he has to choose a simple thing from 100's of varieties..and also its very sad that people think about toothpaste so much but not much when it comes to there future planning and investments..

  5. we are now nothing but variety addicted people.... and variety is nothing but different versions of the same thing !!!

    I am totally agree with these lines !!
    Ya variety of things makes us confused but on the other hand it gives us many options too :)

    Liked your post ..

  6. stick to your choice and brand ..don't get confused:))

  7. @sunidhi: agree wid this idea, if u hav time to consume any how, then Mall is a good place

    @rahul: true, going through Menu does take time

    @Bikram: hehehehe..... same way i do most of the time

    @Harshad: wht about these insurance agents, they just help us to become more confused with so many lucrative ideas

    @simran: no doubt variety does give us options, but in return it takes a lot from our pocket

  8. @Geeta : thats what i prefer doing, most of the time.

  9. When I get confused all I do is call up mom n problem solved... :)

  10. Purchase which afford the pocket

  11. irfan, as a matter of fact getting confused is quite natural because of the varieties available but as suggested here if u stick to particular brand problem can be sorted out, even then some times one can get confused, btw i liked your jeans story here

  12. .

    I go to malls only when i have 10 -15 minutes to spend on shopping. This helps me in picking the item kept in first row, without thinking much about its brand.

    Mostly all the brands are alike. So there is no point wasting our precious time on it.

    Like if i have to get a shampoo, then i will look for " Pantene" or " Dove " . I won't even think of other brands available in the mall.

    But yes it becomes confusing for the confused lot.

    lol...just kidding ...do not take my words seriously.


  13. Yes Irfan even in insurance market there is total confusion..

  14. happens..happens.. happens to me too. To avoid confusion I stick to the same brand of shampoos, tooth pastes , detergent powder etc that I have always been using but then I wonder may be next time i should try the other newer brands...so there you go..confusion begins...

  15. variety is nothing but different versions of the same thing

    Agree wid you....

  16. thnx all of u for making me more confused.....:P

  17. very true picture you have given!!thats what happens when we go to malls!!
    come back spending hours ,then I still don't like it...its kinda tedious job!!

  18. very true,tumhara har blog zindagi ki sachchayi ko samne lata hai kunki main bhi confuse ho jaati hun or mai or tum kya sabka wahi hal hota hoga .

  19. @Harman: glad to see you at my space... yaa it is tedious ( for me at least)

    @afshan: sabka.... i m much relaxed.... i thought its only me, who is confused.....hehehhehe :)

  20. True, since the last century or so, we have admittedly become a raving, variety addicted consumers. Guess that's what they like to refer to as consumer revolution.

  21. @A gr8 Liar: thanx for stopping by here.

  22. thnx all


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