Monday, March 28, 2011

"Nuclear Nightmare"

With the threat of a Nuclear meltdown hovering around Japan's Fukushina Nuclear Power plant....the Nuclear Plants in India are at the epicentre of nuclear debate.

Before Japan's recent earthquake followed by Tsunami, all the debate around Nuclear needs have been, whether we should go ahead for the Nuclear deal with the United States or not???  but now the issue is totally different and it is, " Do we have accident free Nuclear energy???

Undoubtedly we can say that Japan is one of the best country as far as disaster management is concerned, their people have been trained for so many years to face the worst situation that can come after earthquake or Tsunami.....But in spite of all that preparations and competency they are  just not able to control the situation with the Nuclear the same time when we look at India we have neither got such disaster management policies nor the expertise to fight this sort of natural disaster especially when there is Nuclear Plant involved into it.

Our experts have an opinion that today's need can be met by Fossil fuels, wind and Solar energy, but for the future Nuclear energy is the only option we have to look for. At the moment Nuclear energy contributes just 3% of India's Power generation and our Government is planning this share to go nearly 25% by the year 2050. Over the next few decades India is planning to spend an estimated $175 billion in importing new Nuclear Generation Power Plants from the US, France and Russia.

But don't forget that, when our Stock market grew we had Scams there.......When India's mobile fone's network expanded like anything, we had the famous historical 2G Scam there.....

And now when our Government is planning to pour so much into the Nuclear Power Industry........... 
How can we be sure that there will not be any Hershad Mehta or A.Raja again ???

The Japanese crisis might well be a wake-up call  for India...Are we going to heed the alarm or simply press the Snooze button ???

Friday, March 18, 2011

its good to have these......

We often find people complaining about the usage of Mobile Phones and Computers, that these things are making our generation poor in spelling and grammar, and even people say that Mobile Phones and PCs are ruining their social life  and making them to live in a virtual world.

But on the other hand i personally feel that the Social networking sites....Blogs...e-mail and instant messaging are making it easy for us to reach for our friends and dear ones... in this age when no one has got enough time for others, thanks to these modern technologies that all sort of relationships are kept alive. whether its Romantic, Family or Friendship.

Sometimes it does seems that standard of spelling and grammar is falling apart, even then it feels good to see that people are communicating with each other and putting their views without any hesitancy with whatever language proficiency they got.

If you go back and think about those days when the most effective means of communication was letter writing.... and the letter arriving weeks after they were written, resulting in a long stretch of communication gap. But in any relation communication gap is something never desired.

It does irritates when you are pouring your heart out to someone and they get disturbed by their beeping phone...... Undoubtedly there has to be a balance of their usage , there are moments when we should just leave our phones and PCs for an uninterrupted human interaction.

I personally like and encourage the discipline and etiquette of the use of phone  and computers but again the benefits of these are much more than the annoyances. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Life Mein Ho Aaram, To....."

I think one should not get married if he wants to become a great writer....Bcoz  the problems starts within a few months of his marriage...

The same KANCHAN BAALA, who used to be crazy about his creativity and ideas, starts criticizing him once she becomes better half of his life....The man who was the most intelligent and creative for her, becomes alien within a few months of marriage.

The moment i start thinking something new for my blog, my beloved wife sends an SOS from the kitchen, "Darling, come here, i am not able to find the lighter"....... how funny, "when i want to enlighten the torch of social revolution, she is interested in burning stove with lighter...."

When i try to write something on the rising cases of crime in the society, she starts talking about rising market price...

Now a days even my friends have started telling me.... "Yaar, Irfan, you were best during the initial  days of your writing, there used to be nice thoughts and great ideas in your write ups...but now  days you are lacking in ideas at your Blog..."

And my idle mind is just thinking about the famous advertisement which says....
(when there is peace in life, you get the ideas)

hhmmmm....."Aaram   ho  to"

Friday, March 11, 2011

Our New Tourist Place....

Those of us, who live in big cities must agree that Shopping is no more a Festival time activity... rather Shopping now a days, that too in Large Malls is a 365 days business.

In fact the young ones have a concept that apart from their college or work place and Homes, these Shopping complexes are the most important places to be.

No doubt these shopping centres are good... they represent the shining economic growth of the nation....These multilevel air-conditioned Malls represent Comfort...Choice...Luxury and of course better times... Its the place where we our friends... and even have a romantic date.

Recently when I was visiting my friend in a big city... My dear friend said..." hey, must see our new Shopping Centre... its massive and has got a lot to watch for..."

And my idle mind started thinking that..." Are these Shopping Malls  becoming like modern age tourist places for us...???"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, God.... when she will realise....

Frnds, Have you ever enjoyed the winter from inside your blanket while the ceiling fan rotating at full speed....???

I am simply loving it these days.... Gulaabi Sardi...Mink Blanket... and the fan at full speed... what a great combination of these three.

But the sad part of the story is, my wife doesn't like to have the fan rotating during this season... so i have to keep off my fan when she is there... Anyways...

Frnds those of you, who are living in this part of the time when you sign your day off, make sure that the windows are open..... switch on the ceiling fan, let it get a good speed and then simply slide into the blanket.... and enjoy the weather.

As I am typing this post, here is my beloved wife coming into the room and switches off the ceiling fan... and I am  looking at the fan dropping its speed, but helpless, can't do anything bcoz I have to keep her in for known reasons...;)

Oh, God.... when she is going to realise the pleasure of this fresh air...


Thursday, March 3, 2011


In a room strictly off bound for all except those attending on her, She lies alone, her eyes are open and staring vacantly into space. She has been lying this way between life and death since 27th Nov. 1973.

Aruna Ramchandra joined as nurse in Mumbai's "King Edward Medical College" in 1966... On the fateful day of 27th Nov 1973 she was attacked by a ward boy in the basement of the same hospital.... and the shock of the accident lead her into Coma stage...

Its almost four decades now after being subjected to horrific attack, which resulted her to be in Coma Stage, and she is lying on the bed in the same hospital unable to speak, walk or even move her hands  in fact she is being kept alive on the force feeding of meshed food.

But now a petition has been filed in the Supreme Court by an activist, seeking the court's intervention to direct the hospital authorities to stop feeding Aruna and release her from the prison of her life.... you can say she has asked the court to to allow for "Euthanasia"   or "Mercy killing"......

The case was there before the bench of two Justices on 2nd March 2011.... and after the hearing the honourable court has kept its verdict reserved..... 

Only the time will answer which way the verdict goes????

But the question is that even if Aruna is in a persistent Vegetative state, does it mean, She should be forced to die????

"Things have changed a bit......"

Updated  course for Nursery Classes.........









I:      iPHONE









R:   RAM



U:   USB


W:   WiFi

X:    Xp



Thank God .... A is still Apple  :)


(received in email, sharing with all of you)

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