Sunday, June 24, 2012

Save humanity....

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Man was born on the earth with many advantages. He has the most versatile and resilient body among all the living organisms. Undoubtedly his sensory organs are one of the best among all the living creatures, and top of all man has the most advanced brain among all the living things on this earth. Definitely this particular creation of almighty is a wonder of sorts. Even God himself must be very proud of creating man.....WHAT A CREATION....!!!

But problem starts when we as a human start thinking that we are immortal and feel proud of our money and other materialistic assets. we just don't indulge in the human process of self-respect, rather we take pride by involving our self in the wily procedures that make us feel proud, arrogant and haughty. We start under estimating our brothers, sisters, colleagues, neighbors and in fact every second person around us.

We always hear and read that all men are born equal but hardly see in our daily lives.....On the other hand we can easily see that poor are exploited by rich and the weak are given a very shabby treatment by the powerful lot.

In fact the clash of egos has been going on since man was born on earth and started living in groups and history shows that the battle for supremacy were always fought between the groups. It must be noted that group battles are very common among all the animal species, does that mean we too are animals.

At times we may see that even animals have hearts and souls for their own species........ Where as our history of fights in the name of cast,  color, region, religion etc is enough to prove that somehow we human lack into it..... SHAME ON US.

The world is changing at a very fast pace. Commercialisation and free market mechanism have created enormous wealth. And where wealth accumulates human certainly decay. The morality of the individuals in a materialistic society has been corrupted beyond compare.We are ourselves to be blamed for this catastrophe and only a serious introspection by us could save us.

We must not forget the ultimate truth that each and every one has to die one day or other, and when "six feet of land or a funeral pyre make all of us equal" then .........

Why cannot we cut down our egos and become empathetic towards all those who interact with us...???
Why cannot we help our poor brothers and sisters so that they also  live their life with dignity and comfort....???
If each one of us either be buried or cremated then why so much of hue n cry over the mortal issues and objects of the world....???

"Let us work honestly to save humanity from humans"


Saturday, June 23, 2012

I have been Tagged.....

Tags and awards are something which I always find an interesting way of interaction with fellow bloggers....At times I have been tagged and honored with awards by blogger friends.....
and few days back rather couple of months back my blogger friend Punam of Dreamz Forever tagged me with this interesting tag, so here I am with this tag with my sincere apologies for delay in taking this tag........

The Rules....
1- Link back the blogger who tagged you.
2- You must post the rules.
3- Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
4- Tag eleven new bloggers.
5- Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
6- Inform them about the tag.

Here are the questions given by Punam....

1- What is your worst fear ?
Being physically dependent on others when I am old.
2- Do you really think, men are from Mars and women from Venus?Yes?No?Why?
Yes I agree because men and women think differently in most of the cases. Moreover I am married for 13 years, so I do have some personal experiences. :)
3- What is the most precious (not necessarily expensive) gift you have received till date and from whom?
A HERO cycle from my Dad during my high school.
4- Your lowest moment?
When my father took his last breath and I was not there with him.
5- Your favourite dish?
Chicken Biryani, specially prepared at home.
6- Your most precious dream? Have you achieved it or are you working towards it or is it unachievable?
Getting through the Civil Services exams, but could not do and now its unachievable. :(
7. One person in your life who made  a very big difference? How?
My daughter, I feel that after her birth I am more disciplined in life.
8- What qualities did you wish for (or what qualities did you see) in your life partner?
ADJUSTABLE, because by little adjustments with our spouse we can make life easier.
9- Your naughtiest moment and who was the target?
Nothing so far....may be i am not that naughty ;)
10- Your feelings at the moment you realized that you found true love(if you haven't found then your feelings when you actually do find it) ?
Well, I haven't found yet and at this stage of life can't even hope to find one.
11- What do you think about Dreamz Flower?
A place where one can have different shades of life.

And now the bloggers tagged by me....

1-   Melissa
2-   Renu
3-   Ash
4-   Suzy
5-   Ashwini
6-   Jeevan
7-   Mithlaish
8-   Tomz
9-   aarkay
10- Mishi
11- Kunal

And friends your eleven questions are......

1- Why are you, you?
2-  Do you enjoy your job? 
3- What is your favorite time of the day?
4- Have you ever come close to death?
5- What is your idea of living a good life?
6- What are you wearing right now?
7- What's the strangest habit you have?
8- Have you ever eaten a crayon?
9- When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?
10- Did you dream last night? Can you share that dream here with your readers ?
11-Who is the second to last person called you today? (now don’t check  your mobile history)

So, now all of you mentioned above plz take this tag and post accordingly at your space as per the laid rules......
Go for it  plzzzzzzzz.... :)


PS: Couple of more tags and award posts are pending with me, i will take those soon friends...sorry for the delay........


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Miss you dad......

Bete.....whom do you love more mummy or Papa...???
Bete....Your mummy loves you more or Papa....???

heyyyyy...hold on, I am not asking it to you all....
In fact these are the typical questions that has been always asked by our over-affectionate aunties when we were kid. These over-affectionate aunties never think that how can a child love one of his/her parent more than the other.....or how the love of one of his/her parent can be more or less than the other.

But when it comes to parental love, then mother's love is something which is always on the leading side, may be because fathers are very cool in showing their love and affection that they have for their kids.....but we all know that fathers are no way less when it comes to love their children.

You may agree that somehow or other mothers seem to be hogging the spotlight whenever its Mother's day. In fact its an open secret that we all spend days n weeks  for planning a prefect Mother's day gift, whereas for Father's day we don't seem to put much effort into it....and being a father I can tell that even Dads don't mind this, perhaps they are too cool for this.

Anyways, today is Father's day.....and I am missing my Dad a lot...

I would like to thank my dad for all he did for me and want to say that "so what if you are not here with us physically, we always feel your presence around us....I will never forget the values n morals you taught me to live this life, which would not have begun without you......"

Happy Father's day to all of you..... 
I know its very painful for people like me whose fathers are no more here with us.....Big hug to all of you......

Take care,


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another year of togetherness....

"A successful marriage means falling in love many times, always with same person"

It seems like only couple of months back I had written this post here, but looking at the calender, I find that its one complete year now... This is how life goes, days after days, years after years, in short "life goes on"....and no need to mention that like every one else, we also had our good times along with some really  bad time during this year.....At this very moment once again I would sincerely like to thank all of you for your moral n emotional support, it really helped me a lot to come out from that moment.

As we all know that marriage is the process by which people who love each other make their relation public, official and permanent...though in our case, we started loving each other only when our parents made this relation public and official, as it was purely an arrange marriage.... I wish it would have been other way... :)

Anyways, coming to the point, marriage is joining of two people in a bond that last till death(leaving those who cut short this bond by divorce due to their own reasons), and over the course of this relationship that can last as many as seven or eight decades, a lot happens....personalities change, bodies age and romantic love waxes n wanes and at times conflicts between the partners does arises....In fact no marriage is free of conflict because its just not possible to find another human being whose every habits and preferences aligns perfectly with us, so it depends on the couple how they handle that conflict.

Actually the fundamental challenge in any relationship is figuring out how to negotiate with their partner's irritants in a way that does not effect their relation and keep the two of them connected. Moreover my personal experience of these many years has taught me that if people want to stay in a relationship then as an individual something needs to change and it starts from our self.

Few days back I was reading somewhere that "marriage offers people a substantial happiness boost"...and according to some research reports "strong, warm, fulfilling interpersonal relationship makes people happy".....

Now one may say that a lifelong bond with a friend or sibling can also make people happy, then why to marry with an strange just for the sake of happiness when that happiness can be felt without getting married.....well, in my view apart from living all those relations, leading a married life is also necessary because having spouse apart from momentary happiness also confers many other goods on us, like -- children, intimacy, domestic n financial support and above all companionship in our old age......

Well, enough on that I think..... :)
Allow me to leave here.....
Its time for us to spend this moment together ;)

Have a nice weekend,


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Challenge ( 1 ) -- BIG (Vehicles, Building, Sky etc....)


My first ever Thursday Photo Challenge post.......... 

More Participants here



Any guess about this vehicle....????



The top most circular floor of the building enclosed with glass is a revolving restaurant (Pind Balluchi)  and one can see entire city of Patna from here.

Sky / Mountain

A view from the Scotland of India

"The Sky is the Limit"


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