Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bharat Varsh

'Main  BHARATVARSH  hoon'

'The united India of pre-independence period'

'The nation which had no boarders in between'

  'Ek Dil..........Ek Jism.......Ek Jaan'
(One heart....One Body....One Soul)

But thanks to our great national leaders, who divided me into two by drawing a line over my body, without even bothering that how painful it was for me.... I still feel that pain....but who cares....and the irony is, they are still trying to divide me in the name of region, language and culture.

They divided me in the name of peace, but poor me, still looking for the peace....

They divided me physically by creating a line over my body but could not divide my soul, as you can see, still our culture is same...our language is common...and even the colour of the blood being shaded after each and every blast is same.

I still remember those days when patriotism for my citizens was "Love for their nation"... but those great leaders made them to believe that one can be patriot even if he hate others in the name of language, region and religion.

I am sure, all those great souls who were responsible for my partition, must be realising now that disputes between humans can't be resolved by simply dividing them through a thin line, rather division made situation more grim and the disputes took a new face which is much more ugly....and in the long run its humanity that suffered.

OK..whatever happened is happened....I know, nothing can be done now and I can't change my past but you all can make my future, so now on the eve of Independence day, I request all my citizens to stop fighting in the name of language, region and religion....start working hand in hand for some good causes and give me some reason to feel proud of you.


  1. yes past is past.lets be humans :) and yes there are thousand other things about our country to be proud of:)
    proud to be an indian! mera bhaarat mahaan!

    1. abe kahe ka mahaan, saala jaha ek dusre ke gale kaat rahe hai bhai bhai jaha kagaz ki tarah faad diya jata hai aurat ki izzat ko jaha sirf gunde chor or gulaam baste hai vo kahe ka mahan desh.........

  2. @HARITHA : that was so quick Haritha....

    and yes, Proud to be an Indian and let India also feel proud of US.

  3. of course Irfan ji,this is high time to think about our nation and choosing a way to protect it....thanks for writing and shaering these inspirable thoughts.
    Jai Hind.

  4. It's still really painful and people are planning new mughalistan. This is all crap by politicians to divide people for vote and fight. Politicians - most of them don't have any religion, culture and patriotism they only have their chair as religion. And they are using everybody..........

    You have awakened our slept pain from the years......

  5. JAI HO!!!lets all keep our fingers crossed for 2020:):)

  6. The world awaits and aims for optimism... This social unrest also occurs in other countries. The deeper question we have to ask is if we have this unity within ourselves. Because we have to thrive to seek and work for that before we start looking at others.

    Be at peace... be peace...

  7. It's so painful that our own leaders taught greed of religion,caste and tried to separate us.. Don't know why they did and doing so ..
    And now, Only we are who can make the things look opposite to their action by showing the bond of unity and love!

  8. There is no point in regretting over the past but we can always learn from our past and have a better tomorrow....

  9. Every Indian should be aware that narrow communal feelings are big threat to the unity of country.
    We must put stress on communal accord and communal harmony.We need to be more actively involved in choosing dynamic leaders who are ready to bring positive changes .
    Loved what you said in your concluding line -start working hand in hand for some good causes and give me some reason to feel proud of you.

  10. It is the politicians, who are the real culprits, but common people have no such agenda, yet we have to suffer, and they try to brainwash us to hate each other.
    Let us not be bitter about it. At least we are independent, let us celebrate it and think of all those people who fought for our freedom. We will surely get through the present chaos, and every Indian knows it in his/her heart.
    Happy Independence Day!!

  11. hmmm....Independence nver mean Isolation...

    Was our Independece really from the British....or was it from our own brothers?

    1. exactly
      jab bahar se koi aakar humare ghar mein deewar bana de do bhaiyo ke bich to use nikal bahar kar deewar ko gira dena chahiye; par yaha to sab ulta hai.
      jo log humari barbadi ka kaaran unhe to hum sar pe bithaye hue hai or is nafrat ki deewar ko or uncha or bada kiye ja rahe hai or alag hote ja rahe hai ek dusre se........

  12. @HEMANT KUMAR : yes, we must understand what is good for us and for our nation...Thank you so much.

    @MOHINEE : But the sad part of story is that even after knowing about these politicians we keep on blaming each other and in turn help these politicians...

    @SNEHA : Thank you Sneha. :)

  13. @MELISSA : of course, we must work for the unity in ourselves without any self interest...thanks for the wishes Melissa.

    @SIMRAN : lets hope n pray that we can develop this bond of unity n love among ourselves...THank you Simran.

  14. @TANISHKA : yes, lets all start working together for a better tomorrow. Thank you.

  15. @KAVITA : yes, perhaps choosing honest n dynamic leaders is the only way out for us...
    well, i just tried to get some change in the blog template look and this is hoW it came out....thank you :)

    @RAMA : unfortunately even after knowing all this we get our brainwashed by them.

  16. @THINKING : but unfortunately for we people it turned out to be a means of isolation..thank you.

  17. happy indepndance day irfaan .nice post.

  18. oh yeah i pledge to contribute my bit for the peace and development of my motherland..:) no matter what leaders have done in the past... Lets make today better.

  19. Happy Birthday,lets build bridges of love.

    No war in Our names !!

  20. Partition was probably required and there is nothing much we can do. But look at this way, Germany was divided into East and West and it is united never know

  21. Well, I for one, want to no longer crave for any such reunification. All this talk of our culture being the same with Pakistan is overhyped. We are a democracy; we are secular and our ideology is completely different. Yes, we must try to have good neighborly relations with them and at the same time ensure that our intelligence is strong enough to curb any terrorism. Partition was over 65 years ago and most of us were not even born then, let us put that behind us and move forward to make India strong.

  22. love the new look of your blog

    happy independence day

  23. Happy Independence day IRFAN and let's hope for the best for the whole region.

    21st century should prove to be people friendly.
    All humankind needs a real direction for the betterment of the suffering humanity.
    A regapping between rich and the poor is desperately desired to narrow the silly gap based on greed or discrimination.

  24. Wish you a very happy Independence Day.Very beautifully written.Lovely post.

  25. great post Irfan...breaking India was a cleaver tactics by British to hinder our development...we still fall for that...sad

  26. Well said Irfan!Why are we holding on the bitterness of the past? Our generation has not lived the nightmare of the partition so why are we carrying on hatred in its name? I share your concerns on how people are getting divided on the basis of religion and language! There was a lovely song we used to sing in college " Mandir, Masjid Girija Ghar ne baant liya Bhagwan ko, Dharti baanti, Sagar Baanta Maat baanto Insaan Ko"

  27. Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isaaee sub hain aapus main BHAI BHAI

  28. Irfaan I do hope and wish things imporve and something changes. what you say is so true ..

    Funny no religion teaches bloodshep yet we use religion the most in killing others ...

    I was reading the above comment how british broke us or divided us .. Well sir 65 years gone by if we think its that then should we not be changing that .. yet things happen like the sikh massacre or the muslim killings etc ..

    I seriously think we should all get togehter and get rid of religion all togehter ... Lets be a HUMAN first and then religious.. isnot that what religion teaches us as such ...


  29. happy independence Day!
    hope all wishes are fulfilled and lets have peace and unity all over the country!

  30. I had goose bumps when I read your post. Beautifully written.
    I don't how people can fight over language, race, caste and creed. If there is one feeling, one belonging this would not have happened.
    Liked your post a lot!

  31. Catching up on all the pending posts. This was really a must read post. Loved the lines so beautifully written. I could sense the pain.
    Happy independence day Irfan.

    And yeah love the template. Actually I read the header twice to make sure am on the right blog :)

  32. Well written post on post independence! I am completely with you on fight away the division and however we are diverse by things I wish we all tied by united cord. Moreover we are human in common with same sort of sense and in form.

  33. Hi Irfan! Kindly excuse my late arrival. As always it is Blogger's fault. It does not list the new posts sometimes. Sorry about that.

    This was a nice article and a good read. Hope you enjoyed the Independence day.

  34. All over the world lines are being wiped out, this one will too...not in our lifetime but someday.
    Emotional post.

  35. @RAJJI : Thank you so much.

    @ROLLING STONE : yaa, we must try n work for better tomorrow, Thank you.

    @DAANISH : Thanks for stopping by.

  36. @A : yaa, who knows...Thank you.

    @RACHNA : Thanks for you valuable comment.
    but unfortunately in our democracy can someone from UP or Bihar claim that he enjoy Mumbai's comfort with the same fearlessness as the Maharashtrian do???...or what about those thousands of youth whose integrity is always questioned bcoz someone from their community was involved in anti-nation activities....perhaps little more has to be done to call ourselves democratic or secular in a real sense.

  37. @SUJATHA : Thank you...!!

    @TARIQ MIAN : Thanks a lot for your valuable comments and wishes Tariq bhai.

    @CHOWLA Sir : THank you so much.

    @BABLI : Thank you...thanks for the appreciations.

  38. @SUB : yaa, it was, but lets all work for the future and forget the past....thank you.

    @MEERA SUNDERARAJAN : yes, this what actually i wanted to say that why we all are still carrying the hatred and dividing ourselves in the name of religion???..lets not hold that bitterness ant live in a healthy environment....thanks a lot.

  39. @BIKRAMJIT : yaa, lets hope and wish that things imporve and situation around us changes.... thank you Bikram.

    @HARMAN : Ameen....thank you.

    @SPICY SWEET : Thanks for the encouraging comment, plz do come again.

  40. @ASHWINI : Thank you so much for those lovely comments and i am happy that you liked this new look of APNIBOLI :)

    @JEEVAN : Lets pray n hope that some sense prevail to those who don't believe that we are common human with same sort of sense..Thank you for stopping by.

  41. @NRIGIRL : yaa, it does happens sometimes with blogger, thats why now i prefer email subscription for getting blog updates....anyways thanks for stopping by and i am happy that you enjoyed the read.

    @ALKA GURHA : hhmmm..there is nothing wrong in being optimistic, Thank you.

  42. मेरे नए पोस्ट पर आपका स्वागत है-

  43. Thoughtful..Belated Independence day wishes..

  44. forget everything now join hands and fight against corruption
    nice post

  45. This is a must read Irfan!
    blog's new look is cool and beautiful!

    you are tagged here!


  46. Irfanuddin,

    What you say is ABSOLUTE NEED OF THE DAY. If we have not learnt a lesson from one disfigurement of our nation, it proves that we are fools. We need to overcome our selfish motives and wants to build nation strong. And also why can we not live like TWINS with the parted limb? Of course, this has to be desire from both. Hope I can see this before I go back to our Creator.

    Take care

    PS : Left comment on previous post too.

  47. आपको एवं आपके परिवार को जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक बधाइयाँ और शुभकामनायें !
    मेरे नए पोस्ट पर आपका स्वागत है-

  48. @TOMZ : Thanks for the read Tom.

    @SM : THank you.

    JACK : Every thing depends upon both parties,how they take their relation mutually...?? lets hope to see better days Insha Allah....THanks a lot for yet again visit.

  49. @BABLI : जन्माष्टमी की हार्दिक बधाइयाँ और शुभकामनायें...Thank you...!!

  50. Yes, parition was the most disagreeable blunder !

  51. I have met people from the"other side" who regret this partition.We could have been a stronger nation but now we simply fight,no thanks to our politicians,who leave no stone unturned in ruining it all.I loved your blog.I pray for a better dual future for us both.


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