Thursday, November 17, 2011


जाने कैसी साज़िश  हुई 
(Jaane kaisi saazish hui)

मेरा घर मिट्टी का था 
(Meraa ghar mitti ka tha)

मेरे  ही  घर  बारिश  हुई  
(Mere hi ghar baarish hui)

 :(    :(     :(

Hello friends, going through very tough moments.....About two weeks back there was a theft case in my home and i lost every thing.....lodged an FIR, tried hard with all the social and administrative contacts i had but nothing seems to be working and the efficient police force blaming me that why did i left my house unmanned for one day and asking me to name the culprit, the investigating officer advised me yesterday to forget about the incident and warned me not to leave the home unmanned next time....... i know, i am one bloody fool who left my home unmanned for one day and if at all i knew the culprit i would not have waited for the police to act, rather i would have kicked him on his ass and taken care of every thing that was needed.......but unfortunately its not so and forgetting about all those things that i earned in my twenty years of service period is not so easy for me......

Anyways, just trying to start life again...need your wishes n blessings......


  1. I am really sorry to hear take care of yourself and your family..

  2. I am so sorry; this is horrible. my prayers are with you as well as my thoughts. <3

  3. Very sorry to hear of the theft in your home. again, how the police functions is an irony. please take care and hope for the best.
    best wishes always !

  4. ohh thats very tragic Irfan..crime has taken a toll on India..

    I'll pray to god ki sab theek ho jaye

  5. Dont lose heart Irfan....I can understand your pain.Have times we have to rebuild lives and believe is true for most of us.I am sure you will bounce back.Just hold on.

  6. Sorry to learn about the theft. Did you lose a lot of money and ornaments ? Anyway cheer up and pick up your threads again. After all what are material things, we don't carry these when we finally bid Adieu :)

  7. O! Thats soo bad....hope u recover everythin thru FIR irfanji...huhh! India India....God Bless U!!

  8. You take care Irfan. Things will work out. Best wishes and prayers for you and your family.

  9. Ohhh it really sad to know... :(
    May Allah gives more...
    Don't feel bad, it's time to show courage...
    Have Faith & Stay Blessed

  10. Sorry to hear the bad news. Is the loss too much? Hope you get over this soon.

  11. Very sorry about the incident friend. Beyond all words and comfort losing everything all of sudden is worst indeed. I hope and wish the happiness and charm are brough back into your life.

    I'm sure u will rose again with much force to gain back things and the culprits will caught up soon to get back u r things. Don't worry bro, Takecare.

  12. damn the sorry to hear your loss. but the silver lining is just round the corner, when you least expect it:) all the best, irfan
    hope your family is safe and sound

  13. So sorry to hear this Irfan. How are you all coping? I wish there was something I could do.

  14. :0( .. What ???? I dont get to know why these policemen really act so stupid. Take care Irfan.. I hope you don't loose your enthusiasm and I know you can fight this loss.

  15. Do not worry irfanji,,,,,,,i can understand what you feel cuz there had been a similar incident in my family,a few years back...
    something in me says that u will get everything back soon

  16. Thank you all for the wishes n does mean a lot to me......

    @R.Ramakrishnan.....: yaa, its a BIG loss Sir ji.....

  17. That's terrible Irfaan! I am so sorry for your loss. I can imagine the heartaches. Whoever did it has abosultely no heart, what else to say.

    Stay strong! Don't lose your faith! All things will work out for your best! Hard to believe I know, but I am sure there will be days when you can look back at this situation and say just that - it turned out for your best!

  18. So sorry to hear this :(
    Take care irfanji and I pray that things will fall back into place soon.

  19. Sorry to hear this..
    What happen to police..?
    so idiotic ,how can one forget the loss!
    But now the time has gone and all you can do is to move on ..
    Do not'll get more in future than whatever you lost today..

    My best wishes to you and your family

  20. So sorry to hear about this, best wishes and hope all turns out well in the end.

  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.... All the best for a new start irfan....

  22. hmmm...I am really sorry to read deepest must go on...please don't worry...Inshallah you will get back on track soon and earn more than what you lost...

    In my prayers always...

    Take Care !

  23. Really sorry to hear about this incident. Thank God you all are safe. Hope the culprits will be apprehended and you will get some of your things back

  24. I am so sorry to hear this. I lost my bag once, someone snatched it from me. I lost all my certificates. I traced the group and told the police that I don't want my valuables but can they return my certificates. They didn't. I was in so much pain as I lost every single document. I can understand.

    Nothing can ease the mental pain you are going through. It's very difficult. I pray and wish that God gives you justice in some way.

  25. O my God...
    its really sad... all that you earned is gone?
    I mean wht is police doin ...instead of blaming you...they shld look for culprits ...
    Irfan bhai ...I can understand the pain ... please .. if you need any kind of help let me know I might be able to do...its not a formality but a genuine offer..jus your little sister..
    rest assured will come out as a winner again.

  26. I am so sorry to hear about this .I have experienced the same twice so i can very well understand your pain.I hope your house was insured against theft .

  27. Oh this is so sad! So sorry. I hope that you can emerge out a winner from these extreme circumstances.

  28. Really sorry to hear this irfan ji. When they say unmanned, am sure the house was locked. the attitud of police is not helping here. there are some media people on Twitter...let see if they can help you get justice. police may know and hopefully the neighbours too.

    may Allah help you and things settle soon.

  29. What the hell!!!! thats so bad .. what do they mean unmanned...

    i am so sorry for ur loss Irfan...

  30. It's the police apathy that frustrates you the most. Don't give up yet and we will spread the word around. Which city are you based in?

  31. i am from Patna, bihar......and the case is registered at Digha police station, Patna.

  32. oh no this is really sad and unfortunate & i can understand what you must be going through now
    hope you get the required help soon
    the police can be so callous at times

  33. hey....
    that's very unfortunate..I have seen so many cases, I used to live in the hostel and few of my friends used to live in rented apartments...and it happened there too...whenever they left home unmanned, it happened...the culprits in such cases..keep a close, as you have realized should not leave your house unmanned...

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)

  34. that was so pathetic and unfortunate

  35. Unfortunately, our system has become so insensitive and inhuman, I wonder how we are different from lawless African states!! I have stayed in Patna and know it is a difficult place when it comes to handling these things! Hope you will have a messiah to come and help you..

  36. indeed very sad :( but U need to be strong, its God's testing time for u..dont loose the faith and the police is so dumb! I advice u to take this case to higher authorities somehow...
    tk cre...

  37. Sorry to hear this Irfan.. As Chintan mentioned in her comment, we can take this up with the media people. Abt the police, most of them are pathetic!! We can help you in whatever way we can..

  38. Whoooof, How?I wish I could be of some help

  39. its sad to hear that sir.. uff.... and the police personal... I know them.. good for nothing.. you will start good sir.. be patient.. and the theifs will be cought..

  40. The police actually told you that it was your mistake? Gosh! It's their duty to find the culprit and not to go about blaming the others.
    Don't worry. Things will be fine. It will be tough.. but then nothing really can be done apart from hoping that the thieves are caught.
    Take Care. And don't worry.


  41. I am extremely hurt to learn about what happened. May Allah bless you with SABRE.

    Theft case is clearly the responsibility of the local police where you registered you FIR.
    And, under the law the police can not tell you bulshit.
    If you can afford, you must take some legal action to narrow down your search through the authorities to apprehend the culprits.

    Take care of your health and look after your family.

  42. seriously ..don't worry...what city are you from? we will spread word around..

  43. Irfan,

    I am so sorry to hear about. I read first three lines and my eyes are wet. Life sucks. Just leave house for one day and everything is gone. Do we live in civilized world or what?

    We can sympathize but I can tell you the only person who feels the pain is you....I am so so sorry about it.

    I wish I could do something or know someone who could do something to catch the thieves.

    What kind of loss are we looking in financial terms?

  44. I feel really bad about your loss and above that the non-humane behaviour of officials its more disappointing :(

  45. Got to know about your incident from Chintan Gupta. I don't know what to say, its one of those typical attitude of authorities. Hope everything will come to normal....Praying for you, Sir.

  46. Irfanuddin,

    I feel so sad at this. I had a theft in my house about 6 years ago and I could point finger at suspects but of no avail. That is how it goes.

    Take care

  47. Irfan, sorry to know of your misfortune. I will pray to god that you get over this time of sorrow as soon as possible.

  48. Hi,
    Hope things are better on your side.


  49. IRFAN.. OH my god Sorry I did not see this post , as you know I was myself away to india ..

    This is so bad.. and I am sure there is no funda of insurance out there ..

    I rememebr my parents had gone to australia and when they returned we found the house had been ransacked, but we know it was a inside job as the robbers knew what was where .. and did not take anything else ..

    ANd so much for the POLICE that was exactly what he said to my parents WHy did they go out .. such a pathetic situation of police ...

    I am so very sorry I dont know what else to do BUt I am here always anything i can do would be my honour ..
    you take care and I know easier said then done , dont worry .. Take care

    GOd bless

  50. Irfan, very sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure it just adds to your grief to hear the police say why did you leave your house. These are the people who are there to protect and serve the public. Yeah, right!
    I know it is a tough time for you, but know that you are friends are here to support you.

    Best wishes.

  51. Really sorry to hear about this Irfan. I was told that the law and order situation in Bihar had improved but I guess that means that the Police don't take cuts from thieves anymore! So I suppose they want you to tell them who you suspect so they could beat that person into a "confession"!! Awful..! Our country is going to the dogs!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. ery very sorry to hear that Irfan Bhai....i used to think that law and administration had improved under Nitish Regime but now it looks as if all is still the same

  54. Im so sorry Irfan bhai. Cannot imagine the helplessness of the situation.i pray to Allah to give you strength in such harsh times.

  55. I am really sorry to hear about the incident. Thank God you all are safe.
    i hope the culprits will be apprehended and you will get some of your things back.

  56. This is extremely sad. It must be a testing time for you but do not lose hope. Hope the culprit gets caught. Wishing the best for you.

  57. Thanks a lot friends for all that moral n emotional support you gave during this tough period of does mean a lot to me and my family.......

    and after all this at least now i know what an AAM-ADMI is in India......we may shout at times that we are proud of being the largest democracy in universe but believe me if you are an AAm-ADMI then don't expect anything from the authorities to be done for your cause...... :(

    Thanks again...i will be visiting all ur blog space one by one....i know its a long break this time but will try to catch up with all of you :)

  58. Oh Irfan...while reading this I felt that you had two great disappointments: having left your house and being robbed; the second is, not having the help that you need.

    I'm truly sorry for your loss but the other side is I'm grateful that you weren't there when it happened. Something else might've happened.

    I pray for you and your family.


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