Sunday, April 10, 2011

hoorray for me.... "Meme"

I have been Tagged by Sunil of "I blog therefore I am", and Ritu of "Ritu’s Weblog", Thanks Sunil n Ritu for the Tag....and as per norms laid by both of you here i am with your whacky questions  to do the formalities related with this tag namely "Meme"...

As I came to know that the person tagged in this "Meme" has to answer these questions honestly, so here I go with full honesty.......

1.. If you could go back in time to relieve one moment, what would it be?
not any particular moment really..bcoz each n every moment spent by me so far has given me chance to learn something.. if they are happy moments, i cherish them often and if the moments are otherwise then i console myself and try not to be in the similar phase again.

2.. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
Again not any thing in particular, I am happy and satisfied with whatever n where ever I am bcoz of all those things....

3.. What movie or TV character you think you resemble most in personality?
Resemblance with Movie or TV character....well, Actually i can't remember any of them for long, bcoz  i am not a movie buff,  and even the TV shows are not my cup of tea, so honestly speaking don't have any idea abt it.

4.. What movie or TV character would you really like to be like?
can't answer this one and the reason is same as above.

5.. If you could push one person in the whole world off a cliff and get away with it, who would it be?
don't think i am supposed to do that.

6.. Name one habit you want to change in your self.
wish i could be more expressive n extrovert at times.

7.. Describe yourself in one word.

8.. Describe the person who named you in this meme in one word.
@ Sunil ........"CREATIVE"
@ Ritu.........."CHARISMATIC"

9..Why do you Blog? Answer in one sentence.

To share my idle mind's thoughts in my own way.

10.. Name at least 3 people to send this Meme to then inform them.
Here they are with request  to please do needful and carry on the Tag........

11.. Link back to the person who tagged you in this meme.
My sincere thanks to both of my Blogger frnds Ritu and Sunil... I am glad being a part of this tag.


  1. @sm: you are so quick this time.... thanks a lot.

  2. Great answers! Looks like yourself and @Always Happy are up to something - getting people tagged!! Will post mine shortly and of course Thank you for the tag :)

  3. Thank you Irfan...I am honored.I loved your answers..I hope I do justice.

  4. @NRIGirl: its always difficult for me talking about myself....even then i enjoyed doing this tag...looking ahead to see you all carry on the Tag..... thanx a lot :)

    @Alpana: my pleasure to have you in that.... thank you.

  5. These answers are really great. I mean it looks simple to read,but when time comes to answer tough to express the things. so it great to read this, i m happy to read that you don't know much about tv shows. as i thought i was alone. :) great going apni boli.

    And I am very grateful to you Irfanji, for your response on my blog, you read all that deeply to know my vision. it's a gr8 gr8 boost.

  6. Irfan ji, good job the meme. I don't know if you have thought about it but when we say that we don't want to change anything in our past life whether good or bad, it shows that we have learnt something precious from life.

    Thank you for being a part of this meme. :)

  7. Hey interesting read as usual...I retagged you to build pressure on you to answer fast :P :D...I like the expressions of your idle for an introvert thing I believe introverts are the coolest people I know because their thoughts are indepth because they've spent some quality time with themselves...if you find time please read 'The Fountainhead by Ayn will change the way you look at introverts n your own can see my review of the book here :

    Honestly it's a must read

  8. @Mohinee: Thnks a ton for the appreciations :)

    BTW i really appreciate ur difrnt vision on Hazare episode, its always difclt to go against the flow n you did that convincingly. CONGRATS.

  9. @Sunil: Agree, there are moments in our life which does teaches us lessons for the remaining part of life to make the things better...
    and thanks again for the tag, it made me to think again about those moments :)

  10. @Ritu: hehe Pressure tactics... and it did worked :)
    Will try to get the book n certainly go through the review at ur space.... Thank you.

  11. Irfan you sound like one of those celebreties on Karan Johar's show :-) DIPLOMATIC to the core.. But sure it was nice reading your answers!

  12. You deserve all the accolades...Good one.

  13. hi ,you have very nice place,liked it so much,congrats for tag,have a wonderful life god bless.

  14. @Meera Sundarajan: While answering those never intended to be Diplomatic, in fact tried to be more sincere than witty....:)
    Glad to see it was nice to you..thanks for the visit.

    @Alka Gurha: Thanks for the appreciations and plz carry on this "Meme" tag.

  15. @baili: Welcome at my Blog..
    thanks for the appreciations n Blessings....
    and thanks for the follow, hope to see you more often here.

  16. Irfan Bhai, you are expressive. And I dont think you are an introvert.

  17. Irfan, you successfully passed the test without giving any answers!

  18. @Thinking: Thank you....

    @Always Happy: if you are talking about being expressive at this space, yes I try to be....

  19. @dr.antony: Sir i tried my best !!!
    and thanks for being so regular here....

  20. Though i know these about you but good to see you telling about yourself with this MEME, get going irfan.

  21. introvert ok, but you never miss a chance to prove your point and i know that very well :)

  22. Very diplomatically you circumvented the questions :), but it shows that you had a fun time.

  23. @sunidhi: Thanks a lot sunidhi, keep visiting here.

    @rahul: hehe thank you for the visit rahul :)

    @Chowla Sir: Thank you so much Sir.

  24. @Rachna: indeed it was fun doing this.... Thanks.

  25. Not your heart out this time..

    Very politically correct, cleverly manipulated answers but I'm not impressed this time... Irfan.

  26. Thank you for tagging me yayyyyyyyyyyyy :) i will take it up for sure ...


  27. Great answers... And this reminds me that even i need to do a couple of tags... :)

  28. @priya: hehe never intended to be manipulative..... thank you so much for yet another visit here, plz do come again.

    @kajal: thanks a lot for ur maiden visit, plz do come again.

    @Bikramjit: yaa...plz go for it :) thank you.

    @Tanishka: i am looking forward for it at ur space...thank you so much :)

  29. I am afraid it is a little late in the day. I was just kinda stuck with few things here and there.

    Thank you so much, I simply cant express my appreciation in words... :)


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