Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shukriyaa Janaab

Friends, this post is about receiving the "Versatile Blogger award" from my blogger friend A Great Liar.....Thank you so much brother.

This is my first award and I have learnt from his post that there are certain rules and norms, I have to follow after getting the award..

1- Express gratitude and link back the person giving you the award....
So once again my sincere thanks to A Great Liar.... I really appreciate this.....Shukriyaa Dost.

2- Share seven things about you, that too honestly......

i) I am a guy who is introvert by nature and don't like much to share about myself instead like to listen others.

ii)Engineer by profession, something never wanted to be.

iii) Love being alone and do enjoy my loneliness.

iv) its more then 10 years now when my Dad passed away, miss him a lot and just want to say sorry to him once for certain things.

v) feel very bad when I see people of my generation not behaving properly with their parents and not giving them enough emotional support.

vi)Though i like reading but don't find myself very comfortable reading fiction and romantic stuff.

vii) I just can't believe on anyone without enough reason.

3- Pass this Honour to other newly discovered or followed Blogger friends....

So here they are with no particular order of merit,

i) Vanity Moments
ii) Rachna says
iii) wholesome options
iv) WHY?
v) Views from the Mathews
vi) My Musings
vii) I blog therefore I am
viii) rolling stone

Each one of them mentioned above are maintaining a nice Blog in their own way and style....and I can assure that you won't be disappointed reading them.

4- Inform the concerned Bloggers about their award....

So here I go to inform them about this award but before concluding this, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all my Blogger friends for encouraging me time n again with their valuable comments n reactions....and my special thanks to all those friends who don't write their own Blog but do like to read Blogs and give their views.



  1. Hey Irfan! Congrats on your award!! And thanks for the compliment! All the best for the future - may you get many more of these awards! God Bless!

  2. Hello Irfan Ji,

    You certainly write in a convincing manner I am very fond of your writing.

    Keep it up.

    Best wishes.

  3. congrats for the award .. well done you.. and all the best for the future ..


  4. very very well said Irfaan ji, we can never get back the moments lost.

  5. Hi Irfanji! Congrats for the award! Your blog is just cool, I like the name Apni boli and the simple lang, which makes mind relaxed while reading Though I couldn't come here from some days. I always like the short and lovely articles by you. I liked the best about exams. It's nice you shared about yourself.

  6. Congrats, Irfan :)
    Nice to know about you!
    You really deserve this award!
    It would be more nice if you will copy past , awards given by me !:)

    Congrats to all eight superb bloggers too :)

  7. @Simran: thank you Simran.... :)
    its really a matter of Honor getting award from you, as you know i was off the Net since last few days so came to know later about those and i am certainly going to show them here...:)

    Thanks again Simran for the Lovely award and for the appreciations :)

  8. hmm....Congrats and yes you deserve it.

    Good post !

  9. Hello Irfan

    That was great! Congratulating you for winning the Versatile Blogger award. I'm truly delighted getting the same award from you.

    Thank You very much Irfan..I am proud to display this award in my blog's Friendship awards page..

  10. Congrats Irfan! Did I tell you, I recently visited Amy & Arpit Mathews and was so happy to see you there. It felt like a family.

    You definitely deserve the award. Keep writing...

  11. congrats for your award,and thank you for awarding it to me. I am honored :). Thanks again!

  12. once again i extend my sincere thanks to all my fnds and senior Bloggers who give their valuable moments at my space....

    Thank you all for coming here at this post...plz do come again on my upcoming post n share ur views.

    Bets wishes,

  13. Congratulations Irfan! You are getting a fan club!

  14. @dr.antony: Thank you Sir.....:)

  15. congrats on your award!!. just the beginning, wishing you many more awards for your excellent posts.

  16. @Asha: Thanks a lot for the appreciation n wishes.

  17. Congratulations irfan, keep Blogging.

  18. Mubarak ho irfan and just get going.

  19. @sunidhi: tank you sunidhi.

    @rahul: shukriyaa.

  20. shucks Irfaan I did not see this for ages and am feeling guilty ! Thanks for tagging me but more importantly Congrats for the award!!

  21. @varsha.... well. it seems somehow i missed to intimate you properly, but honestly i did informed every one...anyways there is never late, you can still take the tag on plz....

    thank you so much:)


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