Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hello friends and fellow writers....

Here I am once again at my blog space after many years.....

I am sorry for my long absence from blog sphere my friends, actually there are times in our life when situation forces us to do what we don't want and don't allow us to do what we actually want.

Anyhow once again I am here and very happy to log in to my own blog space "APNiBOLi"...

At the moment I have started my new inning at a new e-magazine platform and will love to see you there reading my stuff.....
Here is the link of my new post plz go and read and if you find worth leave your response there.

Waiting for you at my new space.

click here to read me at my new space.....



  1. That's a great comeback and I shall check the link

  2. I checked the link but could not comment there
    ....i have a good memory and am not much in favor hi hi... The human brain is tuned to keep bad memories better than the good ones too... Or rather those that hit us hard emotionally... But these memories offer us valuable insights and lessons too

    1. sorry for that comment issue...
      oh yeah....undoubtedly those bad ones give a lesson, thanks for your visit jaish.... :)

  3. welcome back Irfan! four years later :)

    1. Hello Sujatha....yeah after four long years... :)
      and btw good to see many fellow bloggers of that period are still around...Hope you are doing good, Glad to see you, thank you :)

  4. Hello Irfanuddin!
    So you are from Patna, Bihar too! :)
    Glad to connect with you. And it's good you've started blogging again. Will check out your post on this magazine. Hope to see you around more.
    Happy blogging!
    Chicky @ www.mysteriouskaddu.com

    1. yeah, I am from Patna, Bihar...
      I know you were staying here, next time whenever you come here, plz do inform...

      Plz do come again here on my blog, thank you :)


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