Friday, April 21, 2017

Let's work together to stop this Gundaagardi....

Couple of days back Sonu Nigam complained about being woken up by the morning Azaan, calling it forced religiousness” and a sort of “gundaagardi”. Though he later explained that he was intended to Temples and Gurdwaras too...Well, I personally believe his words that he was talking of every religion and not about Azaan only, now it’s up to you to decide what he intended actually...But let’s not forget that Mr Sonu Nigam had no problem participating in all-nighters "Mata ki Chowki" during his initial days...

Anyway, let’s not talk about what he was intended to, let’s talk about the issue he raised. Undoubtedly most of us can relate to his irritation, hence instead of raising questions over his intentions, I want to thank Mr. Sonu Nigam for starting this discourse.

The sole purpose of Azaan is to alert people in the locality that time of prayer has come, so that people can stop their worldly affairs and come to the mosque to pray. There was a time when people had no wrist watches, no smart phones, no printed time tables etc. Hence Azaan was certainly required to let the people know that it’s time to pray. The scenario is no more same now, we have so many gadgets and apps to remind ourselves for prayer timings, and hence I personally feel that loudspeakers are not something that is going to have any effect on our prayers, whether we have them or not.

I have a strong believe that each and every Muslim, who understands Islam, will agree that loudspeakers are not something necessary in Islam. We all know that the religion of Islam has not spread worldwide due to loudspeakers. It’s rather the message that Islam carries has fascinated its followers and made it worldwide religion. Not to mention that, there were no loudspeakers during life time of our beloved Prophet(S.A.W), yet within few years Islam spread in entire Arab. The remarkable spread of Islam even outside the Arab took place without loudspeakers.

Just to let you all know, there is a Muslim gentleman "Babu Khan" in Maharashtra, who is working successfully against the use of loudspeakers in mosques and till now he has removed it from many mosques simply by making people understand that loudspeaker is not a necessity for following Islam rather using them at religious places have become the cause of communal tension. Unfortunately our “Indian Media Circus” does not have time to make it a prime time story.

Apart from all this our Muslim brothers and sisters must not forget that Islam never permit us to hurt or displease our neighbors, we are raised with stories and values on kindness to those around us. Hence as Muslim we need to bring some correction in our behavior. If use of loudspeakers or any other action from ourselves has become a reason for discomfort to the followers of other religion, then we must think of stopping those acts without any further controversy and not make it an issue...

At the same time, people from all community also must understand that loudspeakers being used at mosques or any other places of religious worship and celebrations are creating same nuisance, in fact every such noise is forced and hence should be declared "GUNDAAGARDI". We must understand that use of loudspeakers in public during night or early morning is certainly a nuisance for any civil society. Therefore people from all community should come forward to ban loudspeakers from all kinds of religious and social activities in the name of culture and tradition. Let's all work together to stop this so called "GUNDAAGARDI".


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  1. There was a mosque near our previous house in which they played this short prayer twice a day on the loudspeaker. I don't think I was ever woken up by it - the prayer is so soft and soothing to hear anyway. I have, however, been woken up by the occasional all-day Temple festivals where they use loudspeakers extensively. Thank God that Temple didn't use loudspeakers daily.

    I feel, people like Sonu & KRK are bringing up unrelated issues so that their (waning) popularity could get a boost.

    Destination Infinity

    1. thats the point actually DI, there are many people like you who find it soothing and there are people like Mr Sonu Nigam who feels otherwise, though he himself uses the same loudspeaker with much more intensity that too till late nights....
      ANyway good to see you here DI, plz do come again, Thank you :)

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  3. This was such an insightful post! I did not know so much about Azaan! But now I know a bit!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Geetika, glad you find this useful...
      Plz do come again :)

  4. I really appreciate this sane voice in your post. It's a balanced and nuanced take on this so called burning issue. It's actually very rare to see such honest discussions on a topic related to religion. So this was definitely a welcome post

  5. I have no idea who Sonu Nigam is. I agree with your writing.

  6. Soothing or not is a very personal perspective..but loudspeakers should be banned in all religions, they are a nuisance.

    1. Indeed it is...Actually religion on the whole is very personal thing....
      THank you :)

  7. I quite agree! Loudspeakers play aloud here during goddess festival month called Aadi (between june-july) where all goddess temples across the state play them.

  8. it must be quite irritating :(
    Glad to see you jeevan, thank you :)

  9. I totally agree with this loud speaker business .. I rmeeber having a big argument with the Granthi of our village Gurudwara sahib, this guy would wake up put a Tape recorder and himself go to sleep .. I mean why is it necessary to have the speakers.. and that too at such a high volume .

    why is there a need to I don't understand. I am not very sure if I will give the benefit of doubt to this singer sonu nigam I think money has gone to his head , he should not have said what he said ... BUT what he has said the context it right.. I do agree we shud not have so high loud speakers ..

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