Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Being with our inner self....

Truly, I don’t remember when did I last heard to myself…. ???

In fact we are so busy looking at our goals, celebrating success and achievements that we seldom listen to ourselves. 
On the contrary we look towards others for authenticating our self..... 
Why it is so ? Why we need to look at someone else…???

In all the chaos of everyday life as we run here and there from morning to evening… Right from the moment we leave our bed till the time when we fall again on our bed.... 
Do we ever take single quite moment for ourselves…???

A single moment where we can remain with ourselves only....
Just a single moment…..
A moment when there is no reflection but just to be.....
A moment in which ME and only ME exist, doing nothing at all.......
YOU just YOU.....and I just ME......
No one nearby... 
Neither physically nor even in thoughts.....

In fact there is not a single moment which we can call as MY-TIME...
During which we can remain with no one else but only silence.... 

Silence they say is great healer......

Being silent does not mean keeping mum.....
Being in silence means, "being with yourself....talking to yourself."
Silence, which allows you to look into your inner self….

BTW when did you last heard to yourself…. ???


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  1. Not for a long long time...and I guess I need to now. Glad you brought this up.

    1. Glad to have you here Roma :)
      Thanks a lot.....

  2. If you have a decision making problem, listen to your inner self. It will show you the right way to follow.

    1. well, I personally feel that it serves much more than a help in decision making, though I agree that it may help....
      Thank you :)

  3. These days the mind is over occupied with diversion of thought rather thinking about self. And also we can’t plan to set think of ourselves because only during that time we get unnecessary thoughts. Once in a while we need speed breakers to slow down in life, vacation and travel could keep us unoccupied and I think just empty thoughts is enough.

    1. Thanks for insightful comment Jeevan :)
      BTW glad to have you here again after a long break...
      Thank you...

  4. Yesterday I heard myself :) Good to see back in blogspot. Keep going.

    1. yeah..it was a long gap of 4 years,
      happy to see you Angel, thank you :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for the read Ranjana....
      Really happy to have you here, plz do come again, thank you :)

  6. I have reached that stage in life when I am with myself more than anybody else:)

    1. Thanks for the read Renu ji....
      Glad to see you here :)

  7. Silence and being with oneself a lot more....nice thought expressed in the post

  8. Well good thoughts BUt I feel that the first thought that comes in the mind is usually the correct one ..

    although saying that I do wish I heard myself.. too much time is spent to make other people happy .. what will they think.. what if this or that .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I am sure I would be much more happier if I did just that ..

    How are you doing Irfan bhai.. Long time ..

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