Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joy of Life....

Festive season is on. After "Durga Pooja"  here comes the festival of lights "Diwaali" and if you are from Bihar or Eastern Uttar Pradesh then "Chhath" festival is also not very far away. In fact these festivals give us a break  from the tiring pace of hectic day-to-day life and get ourselves refreshed. Actually the origin of these festivals is from the philosophy of sharing our joyful moments with our friends and relatives.

Few days back I got an invitation card saying, "your presence can change this small occasion into a festival for us", it means that if we share our little joyful moments with each other keeping our heart open, then we can make these small moments of our life as great and joyful as any big festival can be.

The great philosopher Sukrat said "People look for wealth, property, social status etc and struggle to get these through out their life but for me spending some quality time with my dear ones is the most satisfying and joyful"...... but unfortunately today in the rat race of earning name n fame, we don't have time to share our joyful moments with our friends n relatives and even the festivals are being celebrated within the fore walls of our two bed room flats......

In fact, "rising of sun", "blooming of flowers", "fulfillment of our tiny wishes", "meeting with our old lost friends" and "a sip of hot coffee with our loved ones"....these are the moments which can give us joy, happiness and a sense of satisfaction too, provided we share them properly n honestly with our relatives and friends......


  1. @Vijay Menon : Thank you Vijay....and to you too :)

  2. These are the small things in life that give us happiness,peace and joy...or else there is nothing much to look forward to...extremely well written post Irfan..good to see you back...

  3. @Alpana Jaiswal : yes, apart from these there is nothing much to look forward to.... Thank you so much.

  4. indeed!
    Happy Diwali to you and yours!!

  5. True...:)
    Happy Diwali Irfanda..have fun :)

  6. hii Irfan

    yes, small things give maximum happiness. these days we connect only on our e-mohalla aka facebook!

  7. magiceye & Rohan : Happy Diwali to both of you...thank you :)

    AS : perhaps the difference is earlier we used to talk "face-to-face" and now we are busy updating all those half true status updates on "facebook"

  8. WoW You have changed blog theme, it's so cool... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  9. thats right. We either dont get time to interact with our friends and relatives, or have moved so far away, that most of the interaction is over phone and facebook only :)

  10. @Asma Khan : Glad to have you here after a long break...plz do visit again, thank you.

    @Gautam : we keep on hanging at facebook for virtual friends where as we don't have time for the real contradictory....isn't it????

    @Kanu : welcome at APNiBOLi and Happy Diwali to you too...pls do come again, thank you :)

  11. the sweets are my favourite part!!

  12. nice read! lets try to t keep the spirit immortal:) happy diwali irfanji:)

  13. yes, yes, your last para said it all. simple pleasures like this are what make life worth living rather than artificiality and branded consumerism.

    well written again!

    Happy Diwali!

  14. May the festival of pomp & show bring in with elite brightness to you & your family :)

    Weakest LINK

  15. so true...the competition is making us loose touch with ourselves...wish everyone thought like you :)

  16. Hello.
    Visiting from the group Blogger by Passion.

    The beauty of life is all around us...if we just take a moment to stop & see it.

    I enjoyed reading this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  17. Welcome back..after so long!
    I missed your posts..
    Yes! excitement overflows in festive seasons..
    time to share the joy and laughter that hardly gets possible in day to day busy schedules!
    And last lines are true momentous of joy and peace

    Best wishes~

  18. Good to see your post after soo long...
    Wish you a very happy Diwali... :)

  19. @Sneha : Mine too.....but looking at my age, i have to restrict myself sometime :(

    @Haritha : A very happy n safe Diwali to you too :)

    @Asha : i think you have pointed it correct, branded consumerism is one of the reason behind all this....
    Happy Diwali Asha ji :)

  20. @Rachit : A very happy n safe Diwali to you Rachit :)

    @SUB : Thanks for the visit and appreciation SUB....

  21. @Andy : i think in this materialistic age we just don't have time or perhaps we just don't want to stop n think about all those tiny things around us which can give immense pleasure to us....

    BTW thanks for the visit and encouraging comments, i am glad you enjoyed the read....Thank you :)

  22. @Simran : hhmmmm..i know Simran, it has been a lazy month in blogging for me... anyways, i am back and trying to get the pace back....thanks for the visit n for the wishes Simran... :)

    @Tanishka : A very happy n safe Diwali to you too :)

  23. Well said Irfan! The little things in life that brings us joy is far better than the confinement within the walls.

    Set a role model, invite a neighbor over for a cup of tea. You'll see how it brightens up your festivities at once.

    I am a huge fan of hosting...

  24. @Harshad : Happy n Safe Diwali to you Harshad...

    @Sukupedia : Thanks a lot...and a very happy Diwali to you too :)

    @NRIGirl : thats right..sharing a cup of tea with our neighbors n dear ones does give a lot of pleasure n joy...thank you.

  25. hello irfanji..wishing u a happy diwali

  26. Aapko aur apke pariwar ko Diwali ki hardik subhkamnayein !

  27. yaa Agree!
    Cant say more ..never know whts coming inn
    enjoy the precious moments with near and dear ones!

  28. @Tomz , kavita & Harman :

    A very happy n safe Diwali to all of you :)

  29. A festival doesnt gets festive without the togetherness of family. And when it comes to chhath puja, this fact cant be ignored...
    Happy Diwali and Chhath puja to you sir....:)

  30. @ANSHUL : Thank you coming home on Chhath Puja...???

  31. So true about sharing! For me sharing is what life is all about… Hope this occasion brings lot of happiness and fulfilment of sharing with our near and dear once. Happy Diwali and Chhath festivals friend. Take care and have fun with family :)

  32. i really liked the lines on that invitation card. very thoughtfully put.

    happy diwali !

  33. Mubarrak ho IRFAN BHAI.
    A chance for celebration and to boost up business. As all festifities generate economic activity which a back bone for the country's exchequer and source of enhancing employability and tax revenue.
    Dewali celebration solidifies prosperity.

  34. many many warm festive wishes to you Arfan Saab:-)

  35. Wonderful post. Wish you a very Happy diwali.

  36. A very happy diwali and chatth to you. It is indeed a joyous occasion to be with family and loved ones. WIsh you and your family all the very best. :)

  37. Yes, so true. These small moments make a life full of life.
    A wonderful post Irfan.

  38. Rightly said Irfan ! materialism, consumerism or should I say, conspicuous consumerism have taken the toll. We try to find happiness where it simply does not exist. It is sad to see the entire magazine section of the Sunday edition of an English DAILY being devoted to Gold !
    Happy Diwali !

  39. Nice post Irfan ji! And Happy Diwali to you and your readers and your families!

  40. @Jeevan : Thanks for all the wishes and Happy Diwali to you too :)

    @Sujatha Sathya : Happy Diwali Sujatha.

    @TheBluntBlogger : Same to you Chintan :)

  41. @Tariq Mian : very true...there is too much influence of market and economics on the festivals these days..and in a way it harms the spirit of these festivals.... Thanks a lot Tariq Bhai...

    @Mishi : Thanks a lot are you doing...???

    @Babli : Thank you..and happy diwali to you too....

  42. @Kunal : Thanks for the wishes Kunal..Happy Diwali...!!

    @Neeraj Kumar : Thanks a lot Neeraj, and welcome to APNiBOLi..plz do come again.

  43. @aarkay : Consumerism is really showing its effect in every walk of life, and somehow knowingly or otherwise we are being trapped into it..... anyways...Happy Diwali :)

    @Sunil Goswami : Thanks a lot Sunil.....Glad to have you here after a long are you doing mannnn??? keep visiting same way :)

    @Geet : A very happy diwali to you also...Thank you :)

  44. I whole heartedly agree.


    संसृष्टं धनमुभयं समाकृतमस्मभ्यं दत्तां वरुण्श्च मन्यु: I
    भियं दधाना हृदयेषु शत्रव: पराजितासो अप नि लयन्ताम्‌ II

    RigVeda 10-84-7

    Inspiring enthusiasm, youth full zeal and pursuit of excellence are providers of well earned undivided treasures that enrich life.
    May the Festive lights banish for ever,
    Darkness of Pessimism & Negativity .

  45. @Renu : : Welcome at my space....and thanks for the wishes...

    A very happy Diwali to you and your dear ones...!!

  46. You are so right! Today we are so busy with our own lives ( read careers) that spending time with friends and family has become so rare. We believe that spending money will bring us happiness.. what a pity! Happy Diwali and best wishes for the festive season!

  47. happy diwali...
    awesome post on festivity !!

  48. @meera, sm & Jyoti Mishra :

    Thanks for stopping by and for the wishes, hope all you had great diwali with ur dear ones....

  49. Oh I think India is one country with many festivals because of its rich culture :) That means there are also a lot of opportunity to share with your family and relatives, isn't it just great :)

    Thanks for sharing this post. I read it a bit late but my greetings are still as fresh.


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