Friday, October 28, 2011

Blind race of Life.....

If we see around us, we find everybody is in a hurry and people are simply running to get something....
"Na jaane kis manzil ki talaash hai sabko"
(God knows, what we all are looking for)

We all are running towards our goal without even thinking about anyone else. In this blind race of our life we don't even notice when our childhood has left us on the way and when our youthfulness has turned away its face from ourselves.

In the end when we stop after this long tiring journey and start looking at the balance sheet of our life, we find that what we achieved is Career, Position and finally some money........and then we start thinking that, "is this the only motto of our life....????"

In fact today, most of us are in the grip of materialism, where there is hardly any space for emotions....where we try hard to make our balance sheet heavy at the cost of our emotions n relations and finally when we look back into our entire journey, we think.....
"Yaar, paise to bahut kamaaye, lekin khushiyaan na kamaa sake"
(we did earned lot of money but couldn't earn the joy n peace)

"makaan to aalishaan banaa liyaa, lekin ghar na banaa sake"
(we did made a huge luxurious building but couldn't make it a home)

In fact in this materialistic age most of us try resisting ourselves from following our heart and those who follow their heart and give value to emotions, we call them "CRAZY"..... Perhaps  we don't understand that following our heart means being human actually....

In fact we just don't remember that we are not a machine whose efficiency is rated on its horse power and the amount of profit it can deliver for its owner.... But, we must not forget that there must be some difference between machines and humans.....

I think today in this fast-paced  21st century life we all need to take time to allow our souls to catch up with our bodies.......

Sharing these lines with all of you which i had read somewhere......

Zindgi ki is daud mein daud ke karnaa kya hai
Yehi jeena hai doston to phir marnaa kya hai

Kab doobte hue suraj ko dekha tha yaad hai?
Kab jaana tha shaam ka woh dhalnaa kya hai?



  1. well said!
    loved those last few lines too!!

  2. Beautiful irfanji..sach kaha aapne!!

  3. Great post Irfan...I stopped thinking about materialistic wants in life a long time back..yes,I do lead a comfortable life,I can't do without a lot of things,but today I feel my peace of mind is the most important thing for me.

  4. Kuch log matlab dhuundenge,gar main bina-matlab apna pyar jataau to kya baat hai?
    Hasna to sabhi chahate hai,gar main kisike gum-me rona chahu to kya baat hai?

    zindgi ki is daud mein daud-daud ke karnaa kya hai
    gar yehi jeena hai dost to phir marnaa kya hai?

  5. Life is what, we make it... either make it a race or a relaxed & peaceful journey... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  6. Well said Irfan, growing materialism is fast taking its toll . Everybody seems to be running a rat race we do not know to what purpose. We have closed our eyes and ears to what the raw Nature has to offer. I am reminded of Wordsworth's lines:
    " The world is too much with us; late and soon,
    Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:
    Little we see in Nature that is ours;.........."
    Nice post !

  7. a thought provoking post indeed! we run and run and run towards a never ending path of materialistic desires. A line needs to be drawn somewhere between achieving whts our need and those selfish greeds!


  8. Oh yes so rightly said Irfan.. we just forget to stop and enjoy or look around us...It is so much about the pressure of maintaining pace with the others... sab bhaag rahe hai ..kaha yeh kisiko pata nahi .....

  9. :) i sighed after reading those lines in Hindi
    sach Irfan kabhi kabhi those lines come to our minds as true
    yes there should be some difference b/w machines & us

  10. wah!

    u have a solid point here!

  11. yes & most of us dont even know wat v want, yet v jump d bandwagon 2 win the race

  12. One word describes this post: SUPERB

  13. Wonderful Post Irfan. Its a matter of choice I guess. Is Daud mein, we should learn to take a break once in a while to enjoy those simple things that we miss in life. I guess there is no other way out of this. The world is only going to get more materialistic as the years go by.

  14. Totally agree to each n every word you have written.... We all have become extremely materialistic.... And loved those last lines, i think I have heard them somewhere before....

  15. Irfan ji, aise hi thode hi sab mujhe crazy bolte hain ;)

    Following the heart is perhaps the most difficult bit in today's is much easier to earn money than earn the faith and trust in your own self :)

  16. @magiceye : Thanks a lot...

    @Mani : Shukriya....and BTW welcome at my space, plz do come again..!!!

    @Alpana Jaiswal : Leading a comfortable life is not sin unless it is not at the cost of our mental peace n relations and i know you take of all those things...thank you.

  17. @Rohan : Kaash hum doosron ke gham mein bhi roya karien.... Thank you.

    @Asma Khan : Agree with you....Shukriya :)

    @aarkay : i think we don't hav enough time (or we pretend so) and thus we just don't bother what nature have for us in life....Thanks a lot.

  18. Lovely!
    makes sense!
    ... ..I remember jagjit Singh's Ghazal ..
    "Woh Kagaz ki Kashti ,woh Baarish ka Paani"
    lovely post!
    I has written some thing similar which is a draft ..on these phrases But dint publish ..soon I will
    now :)
    that was inspiration!

  19. @Sneha christall : Agree with you, thank you.

    @A : THanks a lot.....:)

    @jyothi : but why this so much of materialism..?? any justification....

  20. @Tanishka : you must hav heard those, as i said in post i too had read it some where and thought it just suits the write up here :)

    @ZEAL : thank you so much :)

    @TheBluntBlogger : if you remember i had said in comment at ur post that you follow ur heart...keep what if they call you CRAZY.... :)

  21. @Harman : oh...i love that one from Jagjit Singh....looking forward to see ur draft into final post...thank you :)

  22. am with u Irfan Bhaijaan. People have forgotten the value of true happiness in the people around us and thing it is money which rules the world, but by far, it is not all true.

  23. hmm..some thoughtful words.. first time into your blog..yeah, it is difficult to squeeze in heart-speak in this crazy world

  24. Life has become too competitive and too materialistic.What is happening around us is only a natural outcome of rat race.

  25. Amazing dig at how we forget to live while pretending to be doing the same.

  26. a need of the hour post! I too think on the same llines and sometimes virus's lines of 3 idiots 'Life is a race' keeps echoing in my ears, the way we rush to eat our breakfast, rush out in the maddening traffic, meet deadlines... ..... Is it all really worth while.....

    life was more beautiful when things were simpler and there were less choices

  27. Hello.
    We all have to work for a living to provide a roof over our heads & put food on the table.
    I agree we live in a materialistic world where some always want more. I escape by taking time out to do the things I enjoy the most...spending time with my wife & writing poetry...these things give me the greatest enjoyment in life.

    An insightful piece from you Irfan.
    Thanks for sharing & for always stopping by to visit & comment. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  28. true. we probably forgot how to be happy. life isn't a profit and loss game...loved the last lines :)


  29. Sir..I think...there are many people who think the same way you do...on the feels like...everyone is in a rat race...but..when they are alone..when the only company they have is none, but his/her own thoughts...they most think alike...about being a better human...and enriching ourselves...rather than just trying to be rich.

    One, who has the will and strength to follow his/her the sikandar!! :)

  30. It is indeed a great post full of emotion,making us ponder about our lives.
    It has no connection to this blog, but it reminded me of a Muslim Auto Ricshaw rider, who once made a fuss to take me to some destination which was very close, but I was tired and did not feel like like walking the distance, and he did not feel like coming because of various one ways , he would have to go in a round about way to that place( though i didn't mind paying him).
    This is what he said to me: Manzil tak pouchna hai to chalna hi padega. I felt like laughing, this fellow sitting there making such statements. Finally he did drop me to my Manzil.
    Now coming to the point, i have watched countless numbers of sunsets and countless number of sunrise and even captured them in my camera. Every day i wait to see the sunset and see the beautiful pictures of clouds in the evening sky from our balcony. Everyday day the scenes keep changing, making me always wonder at the great artist whom we know as God and thank him for creating such beautifully varied scenes.
    You may be wrong if you think we are all after money, name, and career and what not.
    I am sure we are still capable of loving , reaching out to people, and generally enjoying the finer things in life.

  31. boohat khoob irfan sahab...
    U pointed out rightly.. there is some kind of blind rush where everybody's is running from "god knows where to god knows where "..... and there is a RAT RACE for material possessions without even realsing that even at the end of the race u will still be a rat..

  32. No matter if someone calls me crazy or anything better than that,just following my heart is all I do.Love this post Irfan bhai.You always point out the important stuff..keep doing that. :)


  33. @subtlescribbler : yes, once we are able to draw that line things will be much better for sure...thank you.

    @Sukupedia : and maintaining this pace is really neither advisable nor needed...anyways thanks a lot :)

  34. @Anshul : thanks are you here during Chhath pooja..??

    @Sujatha Satya : that difference must be there and somehow people will realize it one day. hopefully....thank you

    @AS : Shukriya

  35. @Rachit : thank you :)

    @Basil : thanks for stopping by dear..glad to see you after a gap..plz do come again.

    @adithyasarvana : welcome here, glad you came, much appreciated...plz do come again :)

  36. @Chowla Sir : and we are into this race by our choice only...thank you Sir.

    @Neeraj Kumar : thanks for yet again visit here...much appreciated :)

    @Asha : indeed it was much more beautiful n simple...thank you.

  37. @Andy : i think we all should take that break on regular basis so that we can have some quality time with our dear ones....and BTW ur poems are really a treat to read, its filled with true romance of life.....
    Anyways thnks for being so regular here :)

  38. @Rolling stone : nice to see you are you doing young man...???

    @Sujatha Satya : .... :)

    @Abhishek : and plz keep on following that... thank you.

  39. well said Irfan sab..following your heart is the only way thats gonna make you peaceful with yourself..nothn else works!

  40. bahut badhiya..we need to think beyond has so much to offer.

  41. I thank god that I left all this ages ago, I rmemeber coming to uk and working 15-16 hours 7 days a week, over times earning money but as you said I earned a lot of money ... but i lost a lot of people links with them ..
    I have stopped doing all that .. and work as much that keeps the house working.

    I earn enough to have a good life and I am happy and I am enjoying it a lot ...

    I hope more and more people get to do that , it would be good ot see smiling faces everywhere without any tensions and all ...

    Sorry i am bery late .. how are you irfan how is everything back at home ....

    will email yuou .. take care


  42. Hi Dropped in through Sujatha. Thoroughly enjoyed your thought provoking post. We need to have a fine balance between being (materialistic, amassing wealth,building houses) & (being human,enjoying life,learning to relax,pursuing your hobbies & interests,sustaining relationships). The first is necessary while the second is important ! :)

  43. Sai itna dijiye jame kutumb samaaye ,main bhi bhukha na rahun sadhu na bhukha zaye.
    How much does one need to live comfortably in life ? We do forget to live in this blind race of Life.

  44. Well said Irfanji...This is a materialistic world, time and money are more valued than soft emotions, virtue, love, etc.

  45. I think Greed is responsible here.. Its like, I can enjoy, but what abt my family.. If we get a hike in salary, we want more.. If we have a 1-BHK, we want one more (maybe a 2-BHK), Bike changes to car, train changes to airplanes.. Extremely well mentioned feelings buddy..!!

    And awesome one-liners yaar!!

  46. In our pursuit of bigger pleasures we forget to enjoy the small pleasures of life in our daily life. Very well written..

  47. Irfan bhai..very impressive writing...Congrats...
    I quote one of my sher here:-

    Daudte firte rahen par ye jaroori hai kabhi
    baith kar kuchh giit ki jhankaar ki baaten karen


  48. @Mishi : thank you.

    @Renu : off course..and thanx for the visit.

  49. @Bikram : things are going smooth, thanks...and good to know about ur "Bharat Bharman" :)

    @Geeta Singh : Thank you.

    @R.Ramakrishnan : thanks for the visit Sir, and yes balance is indeed the need of the hour.

  50. @NRIGirl : Thanks for the read....

    @Kavita : yes, unfortunately we just forget that ...

    @Tomz : Agree with you..thank you.

  51. @Binu Thomas : certainly its our never ending greed behind this rat race.....and thanks for the visit n encouraging comments dear, much appreciated...plz do come again.

    @Rahul bhatia : you are right Sir....welcome here at my space, plz keep visiting same way..thanks a lot.

    @नीरज गोस्वामी : Sir, hum do joon ki roti kamane mein itne vyast ho gaye hain ki humein ab us madhur jhankar ko sunne ki fursat hi nahi rahi....
    and thanks for the encouraging comments Sir, plz do come again :)

  52. I say, race/competition..they have made us forget what life is really meant for..

    The best example is the social networking sites..people have started sharing what they are doing at every moment. They have stopped living in the real world, they have actually forgotten how beautiful life is.

    stay connected!!!
    its me!!! sharan :)
    sharan's thoughts

  53. @SUB : : thank you so much for yet again visit

    @Kunal : : agreed....the one who has the will to follow his wins this race..thank you.

    @Rama : : well said "Manzil tak pouchna hai to chalna hi padega"....
    and when we say all i think we talk about majority and not "all" actually..... thanks a lot

  54. @Jayendra : oh yes, this virtual world has taken over the real life.....thanks a lot foe the visit, much appreciated. :)

  55. Very true- the questions you ask? Doobte hue sooraj ko to main kabhi dekhti hi nahi hoon kyuki mere cabin ki khidki AC ke karan hamesha bandh rahti hai... Suddenly when I leave the office at 5.30- 6.00PM I wonder how did it suddenly become so dark? Thank God, I see the rising sun due to my morning walks! But I wish we could all spend quality time with our friends!! Nice post and advance wishes for IDD

  56. Perfectly said- it is indeed a matter of concern that most of us cannot really follow our heart. In fact as you pointed out we take it as a profit and loss game.
    Cheers to this one :)

  57. Irfan Bhai Aap ney tou kamal ka dhamaka ker dia haqieeqat biyaan ker di.
    Life is so temporary, but we are driven by our materialitic lust for no reason.
    The temporary jouney is misunderstood by most of us.
    The real essence lies in the service of humanity to please the Creator.
    Let's sacrice our resources, energies, wealth and even health to follow what Allah wants from us.
    A thought provoking post IRFAN JI.
    Gob bless you and Eid Mubarak-----

  58. thoughtful lines
    now a days what we want we do not know
    if someone knows it then i think that person is very lucky

  59. Irfanuddin,

    Read 2 posts now and both are so interlinked. My sincere congratulations to that person who sent such a meaningful invitation. That shows human emotions. What we need today is proper balance. We can not focus on just one thing. We need to understand and prioritize giving adequate attention & time to each aspect.

    Take care

    PS : Do you check your mail?

  60. Very true! We really miss the emotional bond in hurry of earning money and the meaning for sharing which I believe is all about life, happen only via virtually.

  61. Namaskar Irfaan Bhaiyaa !!
    Aapka blog kabile tarif hai !!

    बिहारी का चौपाल !! blog hamara hai aapki ek Nazar chahunga !!

    Dhanyabad !!

  62. Wah bhai ! Aapne to Zindagi samjha di. Many people agree here but how many actually follow that.

    I can say, I do. I follow my heart specially in personal matters.
    Kudh se Khud ko kho chala hu is bheed badi duniya mein :))

  63. Nice One Irfan bhai...Sabko Life mein Baagna Padta hi hain, If you dont run, life will run behind you.

  64. Very well said Irfan. Does it ring a bell? WE are invited to slow down. Oh thanks God for all the different seasons He bring to my life.

    I think it's not wrong to earn money but to make ourselves always indispensable is. Nobody's indispensable. We may always walk away from our work without changing anything.

    Your post is also an invitation to look at the more important things in life.

  65. Awesome post...just loved it :-)


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