Friday, December 16, 2011

Life goes on.....

We all know that life is full of events....Sometimes they are good and at times bad too......

Events happen in every body's life and with every event and happening there comes emotion attached with it. Indeed there is a lesson too for us in every thing that happens in our day-to-day life.

As you all know that just recently I had to go through a situation which I never thought of and so was never mentally prepared for it. Even when I shared that with all of you here at my blog, I was not sure what the end result will be. But now after about more than a month, I firmly believe that God is always there to take care of all of us and whatever it is, will be the best for my family and myself(Insha Allah).

I may not get all what I lost but hopefully I will be able to have again what I need because I have a feeling that the universe wants us to make  happy and it is certainly going to give what one need even if it may not give what one want.......

And this is how our life goes perhaps.........

At times life does look like a game board.......... 

People changes and things too go wrong, butttttttttt.......

In fact its like a movie to watch while smiling through tear filled eyes......


PS:  Thanks a lot friends for all that moral n emotional support you gave during this tough period of does mean a lot to me and my family.......
i will be visiting all ur blog space one by one....i know its a long break this time but will try to catch up with all of you.....Thanks again... :)


  1. Yes you are right Irfan,the journey never stops,nor matter what happens in life.It has never been, and never will be easy work! But the road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.
    I am sorry for not calling,but I have been really pre occupied....

  2. Life goes on and we live on hope..Take Care.

  3. People changes and things too go wrong, butttttttttt.......

    So true... I am going through something in my life too now. Not yet out of it. Its been bad for almost three months now. So i totally agree, in spite of anything ....Life goes on....

  4. Its so motivating to read those words from u :)
    I wish all good n happiness 4 u Irfan n for ur family !!

  5. @Alpana Jaiswal : yes, whatever may be the situation we must not leave the hope......BTW how r u doing Alpana ji, hope things are better at ur end now......

    @Alka Gurha : Thank you Alka ji....

    @Jyothi : i wish things get better in ur life soon, Insha Allah.

    @Jyoti Mishra : Thanks for all those wishes Jyoti :)

  6. Welcome back Irfan!
    You have lost your hard earned assets, but - don't worry the real asset is the way you are leading your life.
    Your wealth of good attitude, your love for your spouse and children and your love for your Deen all are intact. Be happy, don't worry.
    Maybe, it was just a test from the Almighty.

  7. God bless you and more success :)

  8. so happy to see you back irfanji!!!!!!!
    that was an inspiring post:):):):)
    dont you worry sir:)go ahead just rock your and downs

  9. life goes on...and it's a wonderful life...great to see you back.... :)

  10. Yes life goes on and it is how we deal with life that is what is important. Welcome back

  11. m glad you are picking up the pieces again .... God bless!

  12. I'am so glad that things are better at your end... I'am its all going to be good from here... :)

  13. That's the spirit! Irfaan! So nice to hear from you.

  14. Irfan as we said when chatting .. Life should go on its good.. PANGA tab hoga jab Rukegi.. hope that never happens ..

    and WAY to go .. I always beleive that one shud get up and stand tall.. BRING IT ON.. All the best my friend take care of urself and everyone around you..


  15. Im glad things have turned out for the better for you.Inshallah,aapko is mushkil daur se jald hi chutkara mil jayega.Alhamdullilah,zindagi salamt hai aap sabki.Apko apne duao me yaad rakhungi.

  16. Glad to see you goes on and its a roller coaster ride,
    God bless and keep smiling...

  17. Happy to see your positive spirit. Wish you the very best.

  18. Irfanji as it is said- Life is d greatest teacher and we all go through some or other mishappenings but god is great, never loose your faith on him...he will shower his blessings n love in time to come.

    God Bless U always!!


  19. hi irfan
    its great to see ur back again!!hope u have managed to get back on the right track:)
    all d u said life goes on no matter what

  20. Things will look up. This time will also pass. You are a valiant guy and we all get inspiration from you to face the life and its challenges.

  21. Most of the time, it's so easy to counsel someone and give all the encouragement that they need when our lives are okay... but when there's crisis, we couldn't utter a single word of hope to those in need because our heads bend towards ourselves and all we see is our misfortune.

    I missed out something in your journey and I'm truly sorry I wasn't there to comfort you nor give you support. But now that you're back to blogging, I'm reaching out and am sending you the prayers that you need in order to move forward.

    Life goes on and I urge you not to drag your feet in order to do so. Instead, expose your vulnerability to God and let Him carry you.

    Hugs and lots of prayers to your family!

  22. Yeah, the life goes on.. good to see you here.. :)

    Weakest LINK

  23. i am unaware of what went exactly unfavorable. it is too difficult to overcome the unexpected happenings of life in such situations. patience and trust in God brings gives us strength to get back to normal.

    i am happy that you are back with us again. even my path was uneven too. but i came back to continue the same way.

    life has to go on Irfanji. we are responsible for the happiness of our dear ones. so we must not go so weak that they are also affected.

    we walk, we fall, we get hurt, we learn but again carry on. this is LIFE.

    best wishes to you and your family always. don't forget we friends are also a part of your world. so keep smiling!

  24. See, this is the beauty of life. Hard moments passes by. Time heels the rest.

  25. Its a cycle.
    havent you heard "Change is the onle constant factor in life"
    Dont worry, everything will settyle down well

  26. I am really sorry to read about your loss. It is no use complaining to the police, although we do end up complaining after the incident, knowing very well, nothing is going to come out of it.
    I remember very clearly years back when our house was burgled with entire family sleeping one night, most of my father's hard earned things were gone, infact we would have been left with totally nothing if it had not been for some careless noise made by the thief which woke my mother, as she switched on the light to see what it was. She was shocked beyond words to see the back of the thief walking coolly out of the room, by the time she got her voice he had escaped into the narrow galies of Agra. The police came and could do nothing.
    For some time we were in total shock, but as you know life goes on, there is nothing one can do with the situation.
    I can totally relate to your loss and also your shock.
    I think we have to be thankful that we were not hurt.
    Like my father said at that tme" we must have owed something to that fellow in our previous birth, that is why he came and took it away in this birth"
    Later on in life he lost many valuable things, for no apparent reason, and he would say the same thing and forget about it an d move on with his life.
    Few years back he lost a big chunk by investing in some company, but he is still alright , as the same kind of positive thought kept him going. Whereas, in the same situation the father in law of my friend got a stroke after hearing about the loss.
    So please don't let yourself become depressed, and just move on.
    Our prayers a re always with you and your family.

  27. Glad to see you back. I know it's difficult, but you will get through. Stay strong :)
    May God be with you and your family.

  28. @tariq mian : i think you are right, thank you.

    @Chintan : thank you.

    @Haritha : thanks for those encouraging words :)

  29. @SUB : Indeed its wonderful, thank you.

    @Rimly : Thank you.

    @Sujatha Sathya : THanks a lot.

    @Tanishka : hopefully, thank you.

    @NRIGirl : thank you so much.

  30. @Bikram : yes, you r right and you know right now i don't want anymore PANGA...anyways thanks a lot. :)

    @SUZY : bahot-bahot Shukriya :)

    @Harman : yaa, it is a roller coaster ride, thanks again.

    @Rachna : Thanks a lot.

    @Mani : Agree with you, Thank you.

    @Sneha : yaa, trying hard to get back, thank you.

  31. @Neeraj kumar : thank you Neeraj bhai :)

    @Melissa : thanks for all those prayers n wishes Melissa..... Thank you.

    @Rachit : Thank you.

    @Sancheeta : certainly, when there are so many friends n well wishers around things are bound to set right......thanks for all those kind words Sancheeta ji.

  32. @Prateek : well said Prateek, thank you.

    @Chowla Sir : yes, INSHA ALLAH, thank you Sir.

    @rama : i think he was right "we must have owned somrthing for them".......and thanks for the prayers n wishes Rama, it means a lot for us at the moment :)

    @♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ : Thanks for the wishes dear...and BTW wish you a very happy Birthday, you must hav had a great time with all ur dear ones :)

  33. I appreciate for your wonderful post. Life goes on..thats absolutely true.

  34. Irfan ji, good to see that you are getting back on your feet after the shock. Wish you lots of courage and good luck.

  35. tough luck but good to see that you have faced it with great courage and getting back to the business of living...
    best wishes

  36. @Urmi : Thanks for appreciation :)

    @Sunil Goswami : Thanks for the wishes Sunil.

  37. ya boss..problems do make us stronger after they pass by...insha allah..all will be wishes always buddy

  38. life goes on teaching us something daily

  39. @magic eye : thanks for the wishes....

    @R.Ramesh : welcome, its good to have you here Sir...and Thanks for the wishes, plz do come again :)

    @sm : yes, indeed...thank you.

  40. Good Philosophy to follow Irfan. Yes whatever happens life goes on. Best Wishes. Ram

  41. Positive thinking only helps us in times of crisis and I believe in karma, may be it was all a loan to you by that thief and he took it...just keep the faith in god and move on..


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