Saturday, June 23, 2012

I have been Tagged.....

Tags and awards are something which I always find an interesting way of interaction with fellow bloggers....At times I have been tagged and honored with awards by blogger friends.....
and few days back rather couple of months back my blogger friend Punam of Dreamz Forever tagged me with this interesting tag, so here I am with this tag with my sincere apologies for delay in taking this tag........

The Rules....
1- Link back the blogger who tagged you.
2- You must post the rules.
3- Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
4- Tag eleven new bloggers.
5- Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
6- Inform them about the tag.

Here are the questions given by Punam....

1- What is your worst fear ?
Being physically dependent on others when I am old.
2- Do you really think, men are from Mars and women from Venus?Yes?No?Why?
Yes I agree because men and women think differently in most of the cases. Moreover I am married for 13 years, so I do have some personal experiences. :)
3- What is the most precious (not necessarily expensive) gift you have received till date and from whom?
A HERO cycle from my Dad during my high school.
4- Your lowest moment?
When my father took his last breath and I was not there with him.
5- Your favourite dish?
Chicken Biryani, specially prepared at home.
6- Your most precious dream? Have you achieved it or are you working towards it or is it unachievable?
Getting through the Civil Services exams, but could not do and now its unachievable. :(
7. One person in your life who made  a very big difference? How?
My daughter, I feel that after her birth I am more disciplined in life.
8- What qualities did you wish for (or what qualities did you see) in your life partner?
ADJUSTABLE, because by little adjustments with our spouse we can make life easier.
9- Your naughtiest moment and who was the target?
Nothing so far....may be i am not that naughty ;)
10- Your feelings at the moment you realized that you found true love(if you haven't found then your feelings when you actually do find it) ?
Well, I haven't found yet and at this stage of life can't even hope to find one.
11- What do you think about Dreamz Flower?
A place where one can have different shades of life.

And now the bloggers tagged by me....

1-   Melissa
2-   Renu
3-   Ash
4-   Suzy
5-   Ashwini
6-   Jeevan
7-   Mithlaish
8-   Tomz
9-   aarkay
10- Mishi
11- Kunal

And friends your eleven questions are......

1- Why are you, you?
2-  Do you enjoy your job? 
3- What is your favorite time of the day?
4- Have you ever come close to death?
5- What is your idea of living a good life?
6- What are you wearing right now?
7- What's the strangest habit you have?
8- Have you ever eaten a crayon?
9- When was the last time you noticed the sound of your own breathing?
10- Did you dream last night? Can you share that dream here with your readers ?
11-Who is the second to last person called you today? (now don’t check  your mobile history)

So, now all of you mentioned above plz take this tag and post accordingly at your space as per the laid rules......
Go for it  plzzzzzzzz.... :)


PS: Couple of more tags and award posts are pending with me, i will take those soon friends...sorry for the delay........



  1. Interesting! The most precious gift that I received was from my dad, a stamp book that we both shared.Even I was not with my dad when he took his last breath.Hope you find true love very soon:):)

    1. indeed Kavits ji, these small but priceless gifts sometimes become the most precious one for us....
      BTW glad to have you here after a gap...Thank you.

  2. Thanks Irfan!!! That was amazing, remembering to do it after so many months. :) That's great! I don't think many of the ones I tagged picked it up. :( So you made me very VERY happy today.
    It was good to know your candid answers. But I didn't expect what you replied for 'true love'. :) Would love to know what is your definition of true love though.
    Best answer - men are from Mars. he he he. Do blog about those experiences some day. Should be a lot for all of us to learn too. :P
    Take care!

    1. even i am happy that finally i did that, as you know i was off n on into blogging these days so it delayed....

      and TRUE LOVE, well for me its the one which is UNCONDITIONAL and LAST FOR EVER(apart 4m parental one) tell me, in this materialistic age how can i get that....and if someone is getting then he/she is lucky enough, unfortunately i am not that lucky, you know....:))

      couple of posts are there on my personal married life experience if you read those you may agree with me :P

      anyways again thanks for this lovely tag...:)

  3. very interesting to read...adjustible..yes thats the biggest quality anyone can have, though today people dont want to have it.
    True love..difficult to answer that...
    though I would be diplomatic here:)

    1. and going with this tag is far more interesting Mad'm, so go for it at ur place...its fun doing...provided you are not much diplomatic while answering those questions...:))

  4. I am very impressed with answers at 7 and 10

    1. I am glad you found it that way Sir...Thank you.

  5. Enjoyed reading it Irfanji.. Nice to know some facts about you.. But answers for true love is quite unexpected one.. I am sure your wife doesn't read your blog:)

    1. let me tell you, at times she does read it...:)

      anyways i think i will have to write a post now about my views on true love, then we will be able to share our opinions there in a better way....

      BTW i am glad you enjoyed the read, thank you...:))

  6. Nice answers from you... will try to catch up soon.

    1. Plz go for it jeevan, its really fun doing this...:)

      Thank you.

  7. Irfan lovely answers , and good questions too, would be interesting to ready the replies.

    maybe you do have true love its just you have not been able to see it yet :)


    1. KAASH...! main bhi dekh paata us true love ko, Bhai saab...:P

  8. I moved reading the story on worth it, but i couldn't see the post exist! Its the reality of today.

    1. i got that thorugh email and found very touchy so had shared here, but as it was not written by me so removed that post....and yes you are right what that story narates is a bitter truth....!!

  9. Thanks for the tag :) Is there something about eleven that makes it special? The answers were as thrilling as the questions ;) Very creative :)

    1. well, you can very well change those numbers at your space....and plz go for it, its fun doing that...:)

  10. Enjoyed reading your answers... Crisp n honest... :)

  11. Those are my worst fears too...but read a nice thought today. The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.

    1. thats true, fear causes us to suffer even more....

      Thank you.

  12. Awww thankyou so much Irfan sab, I will do the tag post soon inshaALLAH..

  13. yeah....go for it Mishi...its really fun doing...:)

  14. I have replied to your tag, Irfan ji... you can read my answers here


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