Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Like That....

Well friends, I am not sure where this post will be heading to or how to begin it in the first place because right now I do feel that I have to write something but don't have any idea about what to write....As you all may be aware that the holy month of Ramadan is almost on its mid way and because of  the Fast and Taraweeh in addition to routine works, I am hardly getting any time to write something or read all those wonderful articles on your respective blogs....

As you know during this blessed month of Ramadan we abstain from food, drink and other physical needs during the day light hours. Essentially this is the month of cleaning up our lives, our thoughts and our feelings. In fact fasting is not merely physical but is rather the total commitment of the person's body and soul to the spirit of fast. 

Apart from all those uncountable benefits what I personally like about this blessed month is that "while controlling on hunger, thirst and other physical needs one gets a chance of practicing to have a control on his/her nerves and in turn on their emotions"..... And I personally feel that once we learn to have a control over our nerves then we can very well restrain ourselves from committing those sins which we sometimes do under the influence of our nerves.

And if you see around then you will find that most of the ill-happenings are because people at that very moment just could not control their nerves and it is the sudden rush of blood which causes them to do those sinful acts.

What I mean to say here is "people who do not know to have a control on their nerves or emotions are frequently get engaged in fights, substance abuse or even unprotected sex which can literally put their life into danger.

Some of you may say that emotions are needed in order to live life fully and even I admit that.... undoubtedly emotions are very powerful as they largely affect the way we think and act, but for some people emotions can be strong enough to take over what their brain actually wants to dictate. In fact loosing nerves overrides logical reasoning and results in performing all those unreasonable and sinful acts.

Actually at times our emotions can encourage us to do bad or even worst things, so learning the way to control them is essential and to control our emotions we must practice to have a control on our nerves.... And with the grace of almighty God, during this blessed month I am happily practicing the technique to have a control over my nerves.....!!

Stay blessed,



  1. Staying in control helps! Happy Ramadan, Irfan:0

  2. May this month bring solace to you.

  3. Irfan Sb
    It is true that we should have to control on our nerves sins and other bad happenings and the Ramadan is a month to practice for it.
    stay blessed

  4. Self control does strengthen our determination to stay result oriented.

    BTW, I feel ramazan makes me so desciplined that I feel comfortable organising the routine of everyday.
    The only thing which goes away is my habit of wasting the precious time.

    In other words, due to the barakah of the sacred month, I feel re-energised to completely lead my life in an environment of honesty and fairness.
    It's a good repeat of annual overhaul of our self cleansing indeed.

  5. Very true! Everyone needs a control and if we couldn’t control ourselves, it’s tough to come out of doing sin or hurting other.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts buddy. I believe in good things that come out of any belief or faith that improve our thoughts and behavior.

    Best wishes on the Ramadan and fast :)

  6. Glad to hear from you Irfan! Happy fasting!

  7. Dominion of one's self ~ I think it takes constant practice throughout one's life although a month of rigorous observation and truly giving time to do it could be very helpful...

    I think a balance between mind and emotions is called for ~ if we allow one to overrule the other, crimes are committed...

    With your conclusion, is the best answer ~ it takes God's grace to do all these things...

    A blessed month to you and to all our Muslim brothers and sisters!

  8. Happy Ramadan Irfan Sir!

  9. Hello my friend.
    Balance of mind and emotions are seriously lacking in this world today. A rush to judgement, a few words spoken in haste...all can be ruinous to self and others. Think before you speak, think before you act, takes a lot of work and effort. Keep on staying in control my friend. You and those around you will reap the benefits. Wishing you well Sir. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  10. Happy Ramzan, and I truly admire the devotion with which you do one month of abstinence. Respect for your conviction and feelings, Irfan!

  11. Happy Ramadan! :)

    I agree, we easily get out of control and the reason behind that is uncontrolled emotions.

  12. Happy Ramadan :) Irfan ji !In fact all of us need self control, cleansing and purgation from all things negative and Islam no doubt provides an excellent opportunity during month long fasting and prayers. No doubt one emerges as a better human being.

  13. As a doctor I have seen some people overeating after the fasting time and we find it difficult to control their diabetes.The spirit of Ramadan is great,where people fast and then give the surplus to those who cannot afford food.This is a great way of mastering your primary emotions and that is why it is advocated by the religion.
    Wish you all the blessings of this Ramadan.

  14. Irfanuddin,

    Wish you Happy Ramadan. It is true that when we give in to our emotions we lose control and indulge in unwanted activities. One needs to have proper control over that.

    Take care

  15. I have seen some people who have great control and I often associate it to the fasts they do. Apart from that I think it also brings in more focus on the divine and centering. Hope u will visit my blog as I happen to have written on that with a different perspective and it might interest you

  16. Happy ramadan Irfaan bhai.. hope all is well


  17. a very intrstng post and happy auspicious month of ramadan:)
    visit my blog and feel free to comment:)

  18. Ramadan Wishes Irafan Ji. :-)

    Yes, controlling over nerves and emotions is one of the toughest things. We never know how strong we are unless we try controlling it. It might seem easy but it is so difficult to even control the smallest of our desires.


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