Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Life Mein Ho Aaram, To....."

I think one should not get married if he wants to become a great writer....Bcoz  the problems starts within a few months of his marriage...

The same KANCHAN BAALA, who used to be crazy about his creativity and ideas, starts criticizing him once she becomes better half of his life....The man who was the most intelligent and creative for her, becomes alien within a few months of marriage.

The moment i start thinking something new for my blog, my beloved wife sends an SOS from the kitchen, "Darling, come here, i am not able to find the lighter"....... how funny, "when i want to enlighten the torch of social revolution, she is interested in burning stove with lighter...."

When i try to write something on the rising cases of crime in the society, she starts talking about rising market price...

Now a days even my friends have started telling me.... "Yaar, Irfan, you were best during the initial  days of your writing, there used to be nice thoughts and great ideas in your write ups...but now  days you are lacking in ideas at your Blog..."

And my idle mind is just thinking about the famous advertisement which says....
(when there is peace in life, you get the ideas)

hhmmmm....."Aaram   ho  to"


  1. Thats hilarious Irfan..My wife also hates me when I am blogging...I have to do it chori chori chupke chupke..but where there is a will there is a long as you have the desire burning inside you.. no body can stop us...what do you think bhai?

  2. Now Irfan! Of course I take sides with your wife.

    First of all she is so looking forward to have you back home from work and here you are just arrived, just ate and quickly going online to enlighten the world?!

    No way, first find the lighter for her, light the stove, hang on for a few minutes mixing the pot, smelling the coffee chatting with her, laugh about the children, share the day's stories...

    When she is done with the chores to wind up with her coffee, that's when you can get back online...

    Of course! your posts will turn out a hit as you'll write with such contentment! Not only that your wife will turn out to be your #1 fan!

  3. @Harshad: ha haaa... "GHAAYAL KI GATI GHAAYAL JAANE"...... do patni peedit.... :)

  4. Irfan bhai do not blame your wife your writer's block..! But yes, writing can be so self absorbing that it leaves little time for anything else. I therefore write late at night. My husband says that my blog should be called "Musings of a night owl"...!

  5. @NRIGirl: i think i am going to take lot of slaps from the other gender, for this particular write up..... hehehe :)

  6. @meerasrajan: well i am not blaming... in fact i give whole credit to her, for the idea behind this particular post...

  7. @irfan bhai- lagta hai aap apni patni se bht pirit ho chuke hai kyonki aapke pehle wala post Oh, God.... when she will realise.... b mujhe kuch waisa hi laga. btw start ritin late nite coz as v all know master piece r creatd at nite....:):)

  8. hmmm....but what about the famous saying....

    Her kamyaab insaan k peechay kissi aurat ka hath hota hay....

    The success od every man is the favour of his wife? can tame your wife...that's what you should do....

    I also like to write alot...but since I got married I became so much engaged in soicalizing which I can't easily push what I do now...

    I wake up in nights and write...the best time to think and to concentrate....

    Try this....!

  9. well, it seems to me that, i have to reconsider my idea of getting married..

  10. @Divyansh: You just can't imagine the "MAZAA" behind this "Patni Peeda"... its mazing to feel that pain :D

    @Thinking : of course....there is no doubt about this famous quote.... even personally i feel it in life, buttt again on occasions..... :)

  11. @Tomz: hey...."DIL ME MAT LE YAAR".....

  12. LOL....
    Do your wife have the habit of reading your blog??
    Hilarious one..keep entertaining us in the same way...

  13. @Neeha: oh, yaa... more over,as a loyal husband i do get her approval before posting an article here... ha haaa :)

    BTW thanx for dropping over here....

  14. @Alka Gurha: .....:)
    Glad to have you here again...thanx.

  15. "I think one should not get married if he wants to become a great writer."
    This first sentence really hit home, even though I aint married yet, however, their is always a daunting possibility.

    And I absolutely loved the sentence, "when i want to enlighten the torch of social revolution, she is interested in burning stove with lighter...."

    Haha, that is so symbolic of a "lady in a kitchen". Very nicely put indeed.

  16. I am not going to comment on anything else, other than the creativity part. Any kind of DISTRACTION is a hindrance. The kids exams are over today. There is so much noise here in celebrations, forget about poetry, I can't even write comments in peace. In a few minutes, the hubby dearest will be home, then I can forget about blogging (I need to look busy in the kitchen). Eh, does this seem like the other side of the same story? :D

  17. @Gr8 Liar: thanx for the compliments... i am glad you liked it.... hope you experience the married life sooner than later...INSHA ALLAH.

    Thanx for sparing time here again.

  18. @Jyothi: ha haaa.. so its no more a gender fight over here at least...

    BTW nice to have you here again.... and thanx for being so regular here.

  19. Mannn you must thank her for inspiring you to write such a nice article on this,

    BTW its a nice funny take on the situations back at home, liked it, keep writing, ideas are bound to come. :)

  20. @rahul: yaa, i am ...............

    BTW thanx for coming again.. g;ad you liked it.

  21. जब लोग ये कहना शुरू कर दें की- "पहले अच्छा लिखते थे " तो समझ लीजिये की आप निश्चित ही अच्छा लिख रहे हैं।

  22. Hilarious! If your wife reads your blog, you will have a tough time in "manaoing" her.

  23. @ZEAL: thanx for the compliments..... :)

  24. @Rachna: hehehehe... thanx for coming again here.

  25. Lady Hitler in Kitchen in all Homes
    Ifran Jee “where there is a will there is a way
    No body can stop you for rising the burning issues of this society.
    But this is very nice
    "when I want to enlighten the torch of social revolution, she is interested in burning stove with lighter
    Keep it up
    God Bless You

  26. @Imam: "Lady Hitler".... hehehhe :)
    and thanx for inspirations.....

  27. he he he .. well one thing is there Bhabhi ji calls you "DARLING idahr aana".. now that is good and she better not see this blog otherwsie that DARLING will surly not happen again he heeheh

    I get your point loud and clear SIRRRRRRRRRRRRR :)


  28. Irfan,

    Be careful what you not assume anything. Your blogger friends may send link your wife.

  29. This wife thing always clicks... like this one jst clicked...

  30. hhaha 'life mai ho aaram to idea aate h...'
    for few years after the marriage she remains your better half and after that she becomes your bitter half... ;)
    so enjoy the moment irfan sahab...
    creativity never dies it just gets diverted, maybe in domestic chores in your case...
    BTW really a enjoyable read...

  31. Awww...Once you get used to of this you'll be back in form:D

  32. Irfaan bhai, kuch bhi kahiye, bhaabhiji se hi aapke life mein aaraam hai ok. Dekhiye ne unhee ki badaulat ek achi blog post tho likh daali aapney!

  33. @Bikram: hehehe "DARLING".... you got that.... and i can imagine the impact or you may get a new saga something like "AATHVAN KHOON MAAF" :)

    thank you sirrrrr ji.....

    @A: ....... :)
    thanx for sparing time here sir.

  34. @Priya: yaa, it does... one way or other.....

    BTW, welcome, glad to have you here.... plz do come again when i post my next.

  35. @R/stone: few years.....??? mannnn, once you join the married club the years may change in to months....... :D
    i am happy you enjoyed it.....
    thanx for stopping by.

  36. @Nehha N Josshi: trying to be..... :)
    BTW glad to have you here after a gap... plz do come again, thnx.

  37. @AH: beshak, aaraam to hai....
    main khush hoon ki aapko post achi lagi.... lekin sari credit aapne unko hi de dali.... :)
    BTW shukriya... but i was expecting some shayeri from you, in comment here :)

  38. You are a brave man.
    i wouldnt risk my life

  39. wah ji wah, you have skeched the scene so nicely, its awsome.
    btw who says you are out of ideas, at least here they are proved wrong.
    i enjoyed it totally.

  40. @chowla sir: hehehehe.....
    Thanx for your visit sir, i am honored.

  41. @sunidhi: happy you enjoyed it....
    thanx for inspiring comments.

  42. LOL...great post. Simple yet funny! I can enjoy it a little more because I am single and don't have your uhm...problems.

    The great Russian author Anton Chekhov, who was a doctor by profession once said, "Medicine is my wife and writing my mistress." And your mistress is ...blogging? :)

  43. @Sunil: but i can tell you, after all there is nothing better then these "uhm...problems".....

    BTW welcome here... Glad to have you here n thnx for the follow.

  44. hehehe great post. didn't know husbands had to go through such ordeal. And to those "friends" of yours - there are hundreds here who think Irfan sir is never out of ideas and probably will never be !

  45. @vijay Menon: Thanx for the appreciations, honored with your presence here.

  46. @geeta: hhmmmmm not so easy to get that.....
    Glad to have you here once again... thanx.

  47. irfan you are having some good tyme..on the expense on your wife.... always look for excuses...and wives are considered hurdles!~
    she should be your inspiration!

  48. @Harman:
    on the expense of way,
    considering hurdle.......never,
    and why she should be, when certainly SHE is.

    its just a funny take on situations :)


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