Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oh, God.... when she will realise....

Frnds, Have you ever enjoyed the winter from inside your blanket while the ceiling fan rotating at full speed....???

I am simply loving it these days.... Gulaabi Sardi...Mink Blanket... and the fan at full speed... what a great combination of these three.

But the sad part of the story is, my wife doesn't like to have the fan rotating during this season... so i have to keep off my fan when she is there... Anyways...

Frnds those of you, who are living in this part of the world...next time when you sign your day off, make sure that the windows are open..... switch on the ceiling fan, let it get a good speed and then simply slide into the blanket.... and enjoy the weather.

As I am typing this post, here is my beloved wife coming into the room and switches off the ceiling fan... and I am  looking at the fan dropping its speed, but helpless, can't do anything bcoz I have to keep her in for known reasons...;)

Oh, God.... when she is going to realise the pleasure of this fresh air...



  1. have done tat bt instead of ma wife it ws ma mothr who switchd off d fan....:( bt i nvr tot of rittin abt it gud sense of obvervation.....:). nw i ll also rite tings lyk dat.....:) thnx 4 d inspiration......

  2. Gulaabi Sardi
    it is a womens day

  3. I can totally relate to you on this one Irfan!

    Israel does the same. He just doesn't get it why I want the heater (or AC depending on the weather), the fan and the blankets and all of those pillows...

    And I don't get it why he wants his socks and fully covering pajamas on the whole time... without any fan...

    Also, this reminds me of an interesting incident growing up: My sister and I shared a room for a while and I must have fan while she must not. So I tell her to switch it off when I sleep off. The funniest part is the moment I doze off she will wake me up to make sure I have slept off so that she can switch off the fan and go to sleep!

    This repeats a few times before I finally give up and sleep off with or without the fan. All this "suffering" till I got my own room :)

  4. @Divyansh : just try it out mann.... this is what blogging is all about... we simply pen it down what we observe in our surroundings and in our life...
    BTW nice to have you again here. Thanx.

    @sm : thanx :)

  5. @NRIGirl : "I doze off she will wake me up to make sure I have slept off so that she can switch off the fan and go to sleep!".... ha haaa

    BTW you got ur room finally,.... buttt i have to be in this room only that too with the same wife :)

  6. I also enjoyed it and throat infection is the result :)

  7. Me too enjoy in winters like this!
    But my family members don't allow me to do so :(
    Whenver I get chance I never loose it ;)

    Nice read :)

  8. @shushant: ha haa.... thank you.

    @Simran: thats the spirit... never loose the chance whenever it is there.... thanx.

  9. thanks god i am living in a hostel and can enjoy all this...
    well irfan sahab let your wife read my blog and show her how pitiable we men are, maybe she will pity on you and let you switch on the fan..hahaha :D:D:D...lol

  10. @Rolling Stone : looking at my situation at home she must be having an idea about that.... how pitiable at least i am...:D

  11. .

    I love turning on the fan in winters but i hate to use it in summers.



  12. this bliss redefined.. lived it.. and obviously loved it.. :D


  13. Can you ever win against your wife..dont even try...lol

  14. he he ehe Well i would have said that i would try but if i have the fan on I will probably freeze .. and hmmm first i will have to install a cieling fan cause I dont have one in my house .. its never that hot to have a fan :( so i acant experience it

    maybe when i come ot india I can give it a Go..

    and the SHER in the end .. Massha Allah
    Wah wah
    Kya baat kahi aapne :)


  15. thats a new idea..enjoying the winter under a blanket with fan its full speed...but here it is summer now!

  16. @ZEAL: hehehe thanx a lot...

    @Naina: Nice to see you here after a while.... i am glad you liked it... thanx.

    @Alka: Never... and i don't even try... :D

  17. @Bikramjit: i can understand your geographical conditions sir ji..... :)
    anyways thnx for sparing ur time here....:)

    @Tomz: very right, you are at coastal area and having summer there.... thnx for dropping by.

  18. hmmm...same here...I like to keep fan rotating (not on full speed) but I like to count its feather while I am on bed...but my beloved husband always switched it off whenever he get the chance...

    hmmm....so I like the fan rotating to count its feather only...

    For weather....and blanket...and other stuff...

    I am not that much into it...yeah....

    Nice Post !

  19. ..ha haa haaaaaaa...nice..
    I actually sleep with fan...and snow outside my window...and whole house warmed upto.. seventy degree...
    ..the ..Gulabi sardi you described!
    Actually its my hubby ...who does this..but I now got into habit of doin it too...
    .."When you cant beat them join them"...

  20. @Thinking: :)..... thanx for dropping by here..

    @Harman: thats what i have learnt over period of time... "joining them"...
    thanx for sparing time here n sharing ur views.

  21. You seem to be a brave man.
    I dont take risk with my life

  22. Irfaan ji, hamaare ghar ki bhi yahi kahaani hai lekin hamaare yahan rimjhim baarish ke mausam me gulaabi sardi padti hai warna is "kaalepaani" me to hum sardi ke mausam ka maza hi bhool chuke hain ab to hum yahi kahte hain ki

  23. ha haaa.. enjoyed this one, really....
    Lols @ "KABHI HUM UNKO, KABHI RUKTE HUE PANKHE KO DEKHTE HAIN"..... poor guy... hehehe

  24. "to get some you have to loose some"

    so forget everything and enjoy the moment with the companion :)

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  26. Gulabi sardi, yahan toh garmi itni badh gayee hai ki pankhe ki bina chalta hi nahin hai. My husband and I also have our strange timing of feeling alternatively hot and cold :).

  27. lol.
    oh ur jus mkin me envious by sayin dat. cos its scorching heat- 38 degrees at our place!
    ab to aapke thande post padke hi khush ho jana padega :)

  28. @chowla sir: :) thamx for sparing ur time here.

    @rahul: thanx.

    @sunidhi: thats what trying to do :)

  29. @sm: sure, i will sir.

    @Rachna: thanx for ur views here.... plz do come again on upcoming post.

  30. @Sadiya: nice to have you here again... thanx a lot :)

  31. @afshan: come to my place next winter, you will get back all those old days....:)

  32. I don't like fan in winters either so I'm on her side...

  33. spouses never agree on this issue...we both like fan on but never at the same time...somehow when I feel cold he feels hot n vice-versa!!! Give up any hopes of realization on this topic lolz


  34. @Ritu: agree with you... not only this but spouses are made to disagree on most of the issues....:)

    BTW thanks for stopping by... pl do spare some time on my other posts and on upcoming posts too...thanx a lot. :)


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