Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Discovery of New India....

Friends do you ever wonder what life in prison is like??? I know for most of people the answer is unknown and quite preferable too.

While going through an article about the behaviour and activities of people inside the prison, came to know that some of prisoners that includes everyone from those fighting for equality to convicted murderers, wrote masterful works, powerful letters and imagery filled

”Mein Kempf” or ”My Struggle”, the famous autobiography of Adolf Hitler while he was imprisoned in Munich's Landsberg Castle for taking part in the Beer Hall Putsch in 1923....

”Le Morte d’Arthur”...This is the famous collection of tales about the King Arthur written by Warwick shire's knight Sir Thomas Malory, when he was imprisoned during 1450.

”Don Quixote”, its a novel about a man's mad obsession with chivalry and courtly love, written by Miguel de Cervantes when he was in jail for financial discrepancies.

”The Discovery of India”, written by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, and the major portion of this historical book was written during his stay in prison.

There are many more too.....

Perhaps, writing may have been one of the only ways for these authors to pass their time in jail, but most of them have come out with several famous books, and the topics of those books written in jail ranges from criticism of social issues of their time to some revealing autobiographies...

And while going through all this, my idle mind is just thinking that today when people like "Suresh Kalmadi" and "A.Raja" are living in jail. There must be some wise thought developing into their super like brain and if those creative thoughts motivate them to pen down a book then, what will be the final outcome????

hhhmmmm....may be something like....
My experiment with Telecom
How to play with the Games
Wealth from 'Common Wealth'

What do you think.......????


  1. I would like to forward your post to jail. What do you say? These are best ever names......for them. As usual aapne googly dal dee, pahle ball kidhar ja raha hai samaj me hi nahi aaya. par unko clean bowled kar diya.........!

    After a long time I am happy again to be here on Apni Boli.

    What if all the ministers shift to jail, i think Dayanidhi is going, sibbal too. Jailse hi sarkar chalegi.

  2. hehehe...first make them pay something to me as copyright Mohinee :)

    i am glad to see u happy

    then we may get a series of books from them to read on, and why don't you think some titles for the books, we can earn some swiss dollars as copyright :) think..think....

  3. haha tho em an outsider..stil I enjoyed it a lot.that even gave me and idea to think! what if Zardari ends up in jail and writes a book..its name will be something like "meri agab corruption ki ghazub kahani!!" hehe

  4. you got it right Mishi, and even that title is very suitable too :)

  5. Wealth from 'Common wealth' seems to be a catchy title. Too bad you gave it away for free... :))

  6. Irfanji, copyright me bhi game I mean common wealth game ho sakta hai. but swiss doller sunke to hamen bhi lalach ho gaya. :))

  7. "Manipulate and grow rich- What they dont teach in Havard" a book written by Dayanidhi Maran with forwards from Kanimozhi and A. Raja can also be added to your list..;-)

  8. hii

    yes, solitude and silence makes us creative and brings the best within us

  9. Haaa ! Great idea and title suggestions .'Wealth from Common wealth' is the best . In many parts of world they do have Prison Writers Scheme .

  10. I would hate to see or read Kalmadi's, Raja's name along with the real heroes.
    It was a very intersting and original post

  11. Hmmm an interesting post. As many have said I too go with the best Wealth from Common Wealth. :)

  12. highlighted our superheros ...great post:D

  13. wealth from "common wealth" is the best title, may be. did you forward the idea to them?

    any way you gave very important links from where we can get an idea of what goes on inside a jail. i have never read anything like this before. so, thanks for sharing.

  14. NRIGirl.... just trying to get to 'Radia' to do some lobbying for me n then i can deal for these ideas... :)

    Mohinee.... heheee... i can understand, yeh swiss dollar cheez hi aisi hai :D

  15. deekay.... interesting...its all about manipulation only, the more you do-more you succeed...isn't it???

    A S.... but who need that solitude n silence which Kalmadi n A.Raja got.....certainly no one.

    Kavita.... thank you :)

  16. Chowla Sir.... certainly, we have all reasons to hate them sir.

    Ashwini.... thank you !!!

    geets.... Thanks a lot :)

    fantacy in practicality.... not yet, looking for some gr8 lobbyist :) thank you.

  17. loved d last para - d twist in d tale - who knew d post wud lead 2 dat...still laughin @ ur imagination...

  18. Great post Irfan,I am forwarding this to a few of my are such an intelligent writer..God bless u always.

  19. looking forward to the books by RAJA and Kalmadi it will be names a million ways to swindle , thousand ways to make money.. and all

    It is sure to be a TOPSELLERS tooo

    loved ur post Irfaan :)


  20. Sujatha Sathya : THank you...thanks a lot :)

    Alpana Jaiswal : thanks for the encouraging comments Alpana ji and for the blessings too !!

  21. Bikramjit .... will be for certain as there can be so many personal revelations....

    thank you so much Bikram.

  22. Prisoners penning... excellent topic for them to consider writing! Lol

    We need some time to think about and prison gives a wonderful way at leisure to realize. Nice post

  23. wonderful post as usual!i just loved the sarcasm:)
    kani mozhi is the latest example for this.
    but an idle m ind can be a devil's workshop too but an idle mind in jail is a totally different case.:)

  24. I'm eagerly waiting for their books to hit the stores. At least I can learn how to earn with a burn.

  25. Irfan ji,
    i think they can only think and write about there next plan......:)

  26. Jeevan: hehe thank you :)
    yes, perhaps that's the reason, ppl at times have come with some wonderful writtings....thanks a lot, plz do come again.

    Haritha : yes, and as i heard she is a writer too, so you can imagine the outcome.... anyways thank you so much for the visit n nice comments :)

  27. Prateek : oh yes, there must be some wonderful and full proof ideas of them do that, thank you :)

    Hemant Kumar : will they ever get a chance for next plan???? buttt who knows in our democracy they may get one :)

  28. Yes but regarding todays Politicians they end up doing corruption in Jail also.

  29. @ Mishi, I love your funny comment @ IRFAN’S good work.
    Re: "meri agab corruption ki ghazub kahani!
    For God Sake! Don't send him there because he would pollute the innocent minds of the innocent prisoners - as usually the jails are full of people who never committed any crime. "siraf police ki khana puri hoti hai TAAKAY jail bhari bhari lagay."
    Plus--- --do you still believe that “His Excellency-ZORDARI” will not sell the prison and the prisoners with it for some handsome percentage (COMMISION now may be it stands @1000%).
    Yes, IRFANUDDIN, it's a great post suggesting that prison is a place where the criminals or the avenged political prisoners or leaders convicted due to their adventurism usually end up writing good books.

  30. sm :... so what we expect social service from way !!!

    Tariq Mian :... thank you so much for yet another visit n appreciation Tariq bhai..plz do come again.

  31. hehehe wonderful idea, time for them to make more money. I too have a few suggestions:

    "Fame with shame: A true life story"
    "Lessons on corruption for dummies" :P

    And here is one of my posts along the same lines. I know irfanji you have read this but for the others( sorry I can't leave out a chance to advertise myself):P

  32. Vijay Menon :... THank you Vijay for adding up the list, who knows, we may have these in future :)

  33. Amazingly pointed out!
    Writing is the only way that reflects our thoughts and views and so the reflected the flame with through their writings and are really amazing! And now see the corrupt people's views ..Nobody would listen to them for sure!

    Very thoughtful

  34. those people were positive and prision was only the part of their positive for great causes,such beautiful mind become even more powerful when they find difficulties in their ways,

    i strongly admire such unique brains,
    god bless

  35. Great writers emerged from the prisons. I think for the most part it's because they have more time to reflect inside. There is another kind of suffering that lies behind bars. And perhaps, it is sublimed through writing.

    Your title has a deeper meaning :)...Great observation and post Irfan :)

  36. The people who are now inside the prison are the pawns of various Kings and Queens of India. Why blame them alone?

    Destination Infinity

  37. Irfan ji most of the jail literature now will be in Tamil- considering the number of "leaders" from our state being lodged there. Or may be the jail warden will write a book now - dealing with VIP prisoners in free India or "Learn to make idli-sambar in a week" !

  38. The last para...simply hilarious...:D

  39. Simran :... thank you Simran...plz do keep coming over here.

    baili :... indeed they are admirable...thanks for the blessing.

  40. Destination Infinity :... well, they may be... but the post is only about, if they come up with some written materials from prison then what it can be...thanks for the read....plz do come again.

  41. Melissa:... indeed enough time for reflecting is one major reason..

    well after Nehru's India, now this is entirely a "New India" being discovered n portrayed by these corrupt political the title..... :)

    thanks a lot Melisaa for being so regular here at my space :)

  42. Meera Sundararajan :... oh yes..very well you pointed out that the new lot is all from we can very well have some Tamil versions of these...interesting :)

    Nehha Joshi :... thanks for stopping by..plz do come again :)

  43. Haha you wisely used this post to develop sarcasm..

  44. Nice names for the books that they can write. Even if they write them, I wouldn't bother reading them for sure. Even the jails must be squirming with disgust at how the level of prisoners has fallen in this day and age.

  45. Tomz :.... thanks for the read dear.....

    Rachna :.... but...there can be so many interesting revelations to read on.... :)


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