Wednesday, July 13, 2011 it worth doing???

In a world where pace of life is so important that often frantic people who can multitask are typically seen as efficient and effective. In fact many of us think that multitasking can boost our productivity and it is something that only very talented are capable of doing. After all don't we get more done when we do more then one thing at a time.

But what about reading SMS while driving or talking to someone over mobile phone while we have one hand on the steering of our car???

In fact, I witnessed a man driving his car while he was talking over his mobile phone and just could not manage to stop properly at a red traffic signal and finally ended up colliding with a bike going ahead. Fortunately there was no serious injury to the young man riding bike....but such things may lead to a serious accident.

Actually when we are driving, it calls for synchronizing so many things to safely navigate the roads, like....monitoring our speed, scanning ahead for upcoming hazards, Glancing to side view n rear view mirrors and processing all these information while keeping our car in its lane. In addition to all these we tend to layer on the mental workload by chatting over phone and in the process we simply loose our focus on driving which may lead to fatal accident.

It is of course possible for us to successfully pour a cup of tea while chatting over phone but if we are writing an important email and at the same time start talking over phone with an important business client, then we may have a bottle neck of information queuing up to be processed by our tiny brain and we may end up with nothing doing proper and purposeful.

Personally I admire women doing multitasking, when they manage their kids at home and perform efficiently many important roles at their workplace.....But imagine if they start managing their kids from workplace while doing some important assignments or keep on doing official things at home while having an eye on their kids n make them study or making breakfast for them, then there are more chances that they may find their cell phone in the cutlery drawer....the sugar bowl in the fridge and the office keys???..Oh! Still not able to find them.....

Therefore, I personally feel that multitasking often does not make us as productive as we think  because we cannot fully focus when  multitasking and it take longer for us to complete tasks and we are predisposed to error !!!


  1. Oh, I misplace many times while multitasking and absent mindedly too.

    Multitasking is an art (i'm discounting any combined task with driving) As long as we are doing the tasks efficiently without jumbling up the tasks like in the movie coolie(you know yoga and cooking)and we get the keys, sugar dabba on time handily, It's fine!.

  2. I guess, multitasking is one skill that every mother possessed.

    My usual morning starts with sipping a cup of coffee while ironing my kids' uniforms and cooking their breakfast. Sometimes I do my Odesk work while blogging, and chatting with my mom at the same time. Gardening while washing pile of dirty clothes. And the list goes on. Ahh I suddenly feel tired after typing this. haha

  3. Recently a group friends on FB had a discussion about things we multitask while driving. This Yes the risk of multitasking is very very high indeed.

  4. Apni Boli! Good point; but will be hard to put into practice.

    Even as we "speak" I am making the children ready, checking my bank account and cooking...

    Now, if you find a curry leaf in the comments you know where that came from... :))

  5. @irfan- i m a multi tasker... ma frnds call me windows 7 4 doin multi taskin n as for d drivin is concern i use handset n i guess i ve done ma job perfectly. As i m rittin dis post i m talkin ma frnd. i mentioned her abt ur post....:):)...nw u like multi taskin...:P:P

  6. Multi tasking is often a necssity and not a choice. I agree that we are usually unable to conentrate on one taks while multitasking but today mutlitasking wins you brownie points not only in your own life but also at work..

  7. cell phone in the cutlery drawer....the sugar bowl in the fridge and the office keys???..Oh! Still not able to find them :)))) nice 1

  8. multitasking i think it will depend on the situation

  9. true!
    But it all depends on circumstances too..

  10. A person in hurry doing multitasking is bound to land up in soup but there are people...who are successful in their multitask. Mother is best example.

  11. moms are always great at multitasking, that's for sure. now it is my turn to play the role. believe me, efficiency keep up is not that easy, i am still trying. hats off to mom.

    in other cases where you are on streets or putting your brains in important issues, i believe one task must be done at a time, otherwise mishaps are sure to occur.

    in conclusion, in today's hectic world where time management is very important, multitasking is a habit of the habitats. depending on the situations and requirements we must not forget to maintain our quality of tasking while multitasking.

  12. well said! multitasking is should avoid it until there is no other option..nice read Irfan Saab;-)

  13. multitasking is not good .. I have seen people driving and Txting on phone ..
    People do silly things while doing one thing and then accidents resulting ..

    They use to say in old days Jack of all trades and master of None is not good ..

    I dont know i still think concentrate on what is on hand and the ndo the next takes same time but result is better always ...


  14. Good read.
    Don't you think sometimes, we just HAVE to multi-task, that the tasks on hand are too many with time too less? I know, I have been harried into muti-tasking. Maybe it's ok once in a while..

  15. If its a necessity, its fine but if it has become a adds to stress.Esp not advised while driving.

  16. Interesting article and I agree with you in bits and pieces. Talking on the cell while driving is a big no-no but multitasking at home is what we do without batting an eyelid.You have to do it for a long time to become efficient like us, old timers :)

  17. IRFAN Sb another great post.
    In my opinion, a ‘multi-task’ approach is a great skill indeed- yet, not many people can handle such a difficult scenario.
    True! some people do accept the challenge leading to risks- which may be because of a variety of negative complexes on their part at some level.

    Concentration management: 'A Reality'
    There are things which are "ATTENTED TO" and there are things which are “ATTENDED FROM.”
    Hence, simultaneous focus is almost impossible. As the risk is greater to get into a fatal accident, the passengers are discouraged to indulge in too much talking with the driver.
    Time is money, but multitasking can cause so many mistakes which eventually take longer to fix.
    Irfan bhai keep the good work.

  18. That was one of the most important reason that i took a complete break from my profession while my kids were too young .I soon realised that i was not able to focus properly on my work .And i stopped it right there.I started at a suitable time and with little time and schedule management multitasking is working fine for me .
    Talking/texting while driving is always a big no no .
    Intersting topic for a post .

  19. more or less it depends.. I can drive and talk on mobile at the same time without even reducing my bike speed. But find it quite difficult to concentrate and study while the music player is on. So more or less its person and situation dependent.

    Nice read,
    Weakest LINK

  20. with 24 hours and 240000 things to do, multi tasking helps.
    some ppl can manage but others cant.
    nice thought irfanji,as usual

  21. sometime it is a necessity irfan,being a house wife i know how hard,challenging but exciting too to do so many things at a time,not like the man you mentioned above but like i am preparing at home for my final year examinations of B.A,
    so among the soooo many house chores i like doing something different,it is adding bit more confidence in me and kids find it interesting and sit easily for their tuition time with me,

    really liked the writing
    god bless irfan

  22. Hi Irfan,

    You put a great point Multitasking over here and very nicely explained how Men take it . I have also witnessed same things as you shared risky not only for who is driving but for the one in front n back as well.

    Yes Defintely women are multitasking and its scientifically proven too as they can use both right and left brain equally ..well ..making them best..@ work.

    Nice post :)

    take care.
    have a great week ahead

  23. maybe am old fashioned but i dont promote multitasking

  24. Haha u give wonderful examples sometimes to prove ur points..

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  26. For me "Multitasking" means making multi mistakes only at one attempt... :P

  27. It isn't easy but it's impossibly possible.

  28. We often do that on tv too...a priest called it "zapping". We do tend to switch channels while commercials are going on and watch too many programs at a time. Well, that goes with multitasking of the eyes.

    I think what we are actually called to do is to be present at the moment.Like a full forced attention to what we are doing.If I'm talking with a person, I'd like him/her to listen (and not do something else)...I guess you do too.

    It has been prohibited here to use the mobile while driving. It causes accidents.

    Well, but look at me here... typing while reading and doing work...hahaha... so I'll pause and focus on one Irfan. We'll see you later then ;)

  29. It depends on the definition of multi tasking. SMS and driving - that is insane.

    But listening to an audio book while driving is good use of time if the distance is long.

    While washing machine is doing its job, one can do other stuff....

    For me multitasking is organize your work so that more than one tasks are done in parallel BUT DON'T require one's attention

    (I am back from vacation).

  30. Nice writing.
    multitasking is certainly part of new world order,all do it without question :)

  31. I try n avoid multitasking coz even with single task at hand I can mess it to the core.... :D

  32. Not good for humans, but always good for Computers ;)

  33. That's true,

    Multi Tasking is not always correct.

    juggling between activities is to be judged based on the importance and criticality as righly pointed by you.


  34. This resonates with me a lot Irfan...I hate multitasking n even while focusing on a single task I love to do it slowly n mindfully...I don't like to rush anything...I hate the mad superfast pace of life!!

  35. Multitasking is very difficult for me. I would rather sit at one task, finish it with total satisfaction and then move on to the next one. I wonder how people do multitasking... It may save time, but as you say, it can pose a security risk.

    BTW, your site is slow and it is difficult to type... I also get a script not working error. Been tinkering too much with your blog? :)

    Destination Infinity

  36. multitasking can cause a lot of car damages! I think if you are able to do this, then do, but if you don't , so don't even try! can tell you how to do several tasks with no damages to your health and work results!


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