Saturday, July 2, 2011

youngistan meri jaan.........

Whenever any senior member  of my organisation retires from his job, a question that bothers me is, "if someone who has to perform limited duties and responsibilities has to retire once he attends sixty years of age, irrespective of his fitness and good health, then why the gentlemen who have got huge responsibility to run the entire nation are allowed to continue in their office even when they are old enough and can't even walk or speak properly....???

Look at Mr. Manmohan Singh, no doubt he is well educated and a nice human, he was the leading person behind economic reforms in India, fair enough, but does that make him most eligible to lead the nation??? Don't you think there are some other qualities like Dynamic, Charismatic, Youthfulness etc also needed to occupy that chair. In fact the person who is the face of entire nation can not even deliver his speech by looking into the eyes of audiences....even during press conference his answers are slow to the extent that by the time he completes, one may forget some part of the question actually...Don't you think all this is because of his age, he is a youth of about 79 years.....

And now the first citizen of India, 76 years old Madam Pratibha Patil....on occasions one may forget who is she??? Because till now what does she has to her credit except for being present at the swearing ceremonies of ministers or saluting the National flag.....well, at her age what else you expect from her???...Do you want her to go for jogging like Obama goes...Oh come on, "Bachchi ki jaan loge kyaa???? kuch to age ka khyaal karo....."

Lets have a look at the opposition bench, the BJP... Can you name someone who is their leader at the moment  for the Prime Minister post(if at all they get a chance....INSHA ALLAH)...i find their top brass busy in "NOORA KUSHTI" among themselves, to occupy the top chair.....and in present scenario there is always a possibility that someone like MR Advani will emerge as consensus candidate who is 84 years old now.

Even when BJP was in power the man at the top was Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee....very noble, an intellectual of his class, a great orator of his era....but when he became PM he was 73 years old...if you remember then US President Gorge Bush used to go for Jog with his dog, while Atal ji was barely able to walk into the Parliament....

I never raise question on their abilities or qualities as administrator, undoubtedly most of them are well experienced and highly fact what i mean to say here is, when an ordinary Govt. employee is declared unfit to work further once he completes 60 years of age, how these Politicians can perform their best when they start the job at the age when an ordinary Govt employee is not treated as fit enough to continue with his job.....and if you look at the duties n responsibilities, you can very well imagine how much more energy and enthusiasm is needed to run a nation like India....As per the census record of 2011 India has the largest youth population in world.....what happened to them???....Where are they all??? Is this our Youngistan???

well, may be...."The older, the wiser perhaps"......!!!


  1. Don't you think there are some other qualities like Dynamic, Charismatic, Youthfulness etc also needed to occupy that chair. Agreed !!

  2. I agree with Geeta.. Thoughtul post Irfan..

    Someone is Special

  3. "what i mean to say here is, when an ordinary Govt. employee is declared unfit to work further once he completes 60 years of age, how these Politicians can perform their best when they start the job at the age when an ordinary Govt employee is not treated as fit enough to continue with his job" you said it perfectly!
    true that young blood is not to be seen in politics.but hopes never die.perhaps it will be worth waiting.

  4. The young generation is the hope of the future. They should be training those next in line and the those in power should know when to take a bow.

    This is a very interesting post that should be heard by many inorder that a difference could be made by those in authority.

    Good luck!

  5. I hear what you are saying Irfan and for most structures, that's the way it goes. I was just watching tv and saw Imelda Marcos on tv at 82 and still up and about as a Congress woman.

    All we are saying here is, let's give the youth a chance. Let us not allow structures to die due to old age, the young generation has a lot to offer.


  6. For a moment did we all forget that it's India?
    The post is absolutely correct how come there is no retirement in politics? - maybe the defence is -it is never too late to serve people.Seriously sick!

    BTW yet another thoughtful post from you , cheers!

  7. glad you agreed, thank you.

    SiS.... thanks for stopping by.

    Haritha.... hhmmm perhaps, but no one is looking there to replace them in near future....

  8. BlogNostics.... lets hope so..thanks a lot.

    melissa.... yes, and certainly the youth are no way less to them....but who is there to listen???

    vijay.... and we all know how they serve people.... thanks dear.

  9. Politics is the only profession where intellect and age do not matter... unfortunate.

  10. nice well captured :)
    the people you are comparing them like Obama or Bush or even clinton when he became president ...scenario is different in US
    did you see Sarah Palin? thou she is dumb to me ( I followed her campaigns and speeches)But very fit..
    People here are very conscious abt nutritional facts and other thing we don't have any domestic help here unless its a governor...or a celeb...I doubt if they have that kind of help in India with a common man..
    Basically its mobility..."Apna kaam aap karo"nobody is gonna clean the mess...
    young or old specially the fitness regimen they follow is very strict...
    Clinton was on vegetarian diet I think last yr (minus fish)before her daughters wedding Cuz his tummy started showing up and daughter wanted Dad to look good on her basically its awareness and motivation plus mobility ..Indian lifestyle is different...even kids give orders to servants!

  11. Irfan,---good capture of ongoing reality:
    Old is gold as long as there is no psycho/ mental issue i.e. Dimentia, when current memory becomes a retarding problem for the elderly.

    However, experience always speaks for itself.
    In America, the supreme court judges don't retire, and they even continue through their lifetime despite their physical incapacity.

    As long as, one is mentally fit--there seems to be no harm in continuing work.
    But, there is one problem - bothering everyone is---what's the fault of the youth, who are deprived of their chance for progression to higher level?
    In the light of so much unemployment around the globe or in your country, there comes a feeling of anger among the deprived. That's pretty natural.
    You have raised good points inviting a lot of responses.
    Keep writing.

  12. this Pakistan and India...are like two lost borthers..have the same face and much resemblance....

  13. @thinking,
    Yes! you are right, the lost brothers should iron out their differences sooner tne better.
    Hatred is nothing but a psycho prob.
    The humankind is created - surely, not for negativity--rather there is a divine message for connectivity and love for all civil population of the planet.
    "Dard-e-dil kay wastey Paida kia insaan ko -----
    wagarna (warnah)kum na thay taat (ataat) kay liyay karobian. (Allama Iqbal)


  14. Very well written and hits the let the readers find the answer to the question.

    I completely agree with your points Irfan bhai.Lately we got some young politicians like Rahul Gandhi and Omar Abdullah. :)

  15. haha I enjoyed the way it reminded me of our very same problem here...we have some very important posts occupied some very old BABA Jees....

    with such a huge population, it is sad how youth is not given any representation in main stream...our system truly needs young blood.....why on the earth will I have to grow old first to put my share in the process of nation building?! cant you have my services while i'm still young!;p

    keep it up was a fun read:-)

  16. Interesting thoughts once again, Irfaan! I really enjoy your take on things - you often bring out issues that we hardly ever think about! God bless and keep up the good work!

  17. ha-ha!we are a Gerontocracy :)

  18. It is a very sad state when we look at the parties and their leaders and the options available to us.

  19. yeah well pointed out, if office goers can retire just 'coz of turning 60 then something similar must be done with these bunch of corrupt fools.

  20. Alka Gurha.... ya, it is unfortunate, thank you.

    Harman.... thank you :)
    thats what i think when i look at some of the state heads of other countries like you mentioned, that why can't we have young n dynamic National Representative as them??

    Even for much smaller administrative positions apart from academic qualities, physical appearance does makes a gr8 difference, i personally feel that it does give a wrong msg when one has a "lethargic" n "limpimg" man as the organisational head !!!

  21. Tariq Saheb.... agree old is gold if mentally fit and experience is always handy at times...but why can't we use that experience as guide or as mentor for the GEN-next??...why do they just want to stick to power even when they are not able to do so many things on their own??...its a fact that with age efficiency of every human being gets lower, mentally as well as physically, thats why there is a policy of retirement, i feel.

  22. Thinking...."two lost brothers"... very appropriate :)

    invisible Art.... i m glad u liked and agree with me Abhishek bhai, thank you.

    Mishi.... yes, you got it right..."better to take our services when young n can deliver more efficiently" :)

  23. Amy n Arpit.... thank you so much for your kind words :)

    varsha..."Gerontocracy" yes thats what it is.."a system governed by old men".....unfortunate though !!!

    Rachna.... ya. sad indeed :(

    Rachit.... but unfortunately no one talks about it.... perhaps our youth not that interested in politics now... what you say??

  24. Nice post Irfanuddin.
    I have often wondered about this too...why can't we have young and dynamic leaders.

  25. well said but these old folks are addicted to power and will not leave their seats for anything!

  26. In mmy opinion, even politicians must be made to retire at 60or 65.
    And, these politicians not even half as intelligent, dynamic etc than a very normal human being. It is just that they made their way through oppurtunites.

  27. Agree Agree Agree cent percent! Can we have a political revolution now please..

  28. shobha... thank you... you r right, we must have some one who can inspire the youths !!!

    magiceye.... very right...they are too much into it.

    Chowla Sir... some regulation is needed now, infact "being opportunist" perhaps is the main quality they have.

    Ashwini... yes, its high time to have a revolution...isn't it..???

  29. I completely agree with you and also believe that there should be strict qualification /health and fitness criteria .The best combination will be of both old and new people.

  30. if there is word bigger then IDIOt, then we should use it for our ownself(coz we have proudly elected them),.. they might have all good qualities, but not only thier age, the way they perform brings more shame to our nation.

    da younger gen is busy social networking coz their moms and dads are happily feeding them...

    wake up guys...

    IRFANBHAI... many thanks for sharing such a nice concern and also for visitng ma blog...

  31. We need retirement age for politicians, law makers also.
    I also wrote an article on this topic below is the link
    India Who Will decide the Retirement Age for Politicians

  32. kavita.... yes combination can be fruitful, when we have these seniors as guide to youths...

    Bhargav.... perhaps we don't have better options while electing them, may be bcoz of the system or some other reasons that you wont find them coming into it.
    and i don't agree that our youths are not that efficient in fact they are excelling in all field of life, so if they a get a chance at the top they can perform in politics too...
    thanks for the visit, you have a nice blog n i am following it now.

  33. sm.... yes, after certain age they must be in a passive mode...
    will certainly read that one... thank you.

    Of course, there is wear and tear factor affecting everyone adversely.
    But, when it comes to fresh generation, there occurs a big problem of “trust deficit.”
    What can you do?
    Surprisingly, the retirement age in the west keeps going up at an alarming rate. It is so hilarious that “some babas” hang on to their jobs despite their impairment and retardation.
    Nobody from amongst the “higher ups” seems to be vigilant or courageous to stop the compromised quality of poorly delivered work.
    Hilariously, the retiring age in western countries is 69 in some cases, while there is an ongoing unemployment issue responsible for wide spread hunger and the resulted criminality.
    How does it feel when an unemployed healthy professional cannot get into the work force? (Pathetic indeed)
    Main blame goes to the “wrong policy” that prevails almost all over the globe.

  35. You are right about the government employee retiring @ 60. If they are retired at 60 then these politicians have no rights to hold their power too. But why must the employees retire at 60, why can't they continue like in western countries?

    it is sad tosee these people on their retirement day. When they were young, hale and hearty they were given all perks like driver,car,quarter, errandboy,orderly etc by the government, The moment they are old they are stripped of all perks. Isn't during old age they require all these perks?

    Sorry for the long comment, but I had to put forth my thoughts.

  36. a good analytical piece. found myself nodding my hed in agreement in many places.
    like the look of your blog

  37. Wish it happened country would be in much better state then it is now.. I would go a step furthur retire them from LIFE too along with polictics ... Or thrown out of the country

    Good thoughtful post ..


  38. I may never know the personalities you've mentioned, but as far as I could understand these are "the traditional politicians". We have a good amount of them in our country. And I agree with you that younger generation should be given a chance.

  39. So, are you indirectly saying that its time for Rahul Gandhi to become PM? :)

    Destination Infinity

  40. irfanji i would be happy if you accept an award from truly deserve it!please go to my blog page.:)thankyou so much for your brilliant comments:)

  41. Agree with you Tariq Bhai, lets hope these wrong policies are set right sooner than later and in turn our youths get some fair chances to prove themselves n ppl start trusting their abilities...thank you so much for being so generous n coming over here yet again.

  42. Asha... well..if they are good at their work n fit enough for the job then there is nothing wrong in continuing, but this in turn may create unrest among youths bcoz of increased unemployment..on the other hand after retirement also i will be getting handsome amount of pension to live peacefully....

  43. Sujatha.... thank you..and welcome at my space, plz do come again :)

    Bikramjit.... yes, the country would have been in much better state.. Thank you Bikram.

    Cee.... yes the traditional Politicians and their breed can be found easily every where.

  44. Destination Infinity.... Nooooo, directly or indirectly i never said that, the post is all about those senior citizens who are simply occupying the chair and making things worse for all of us....let any deserving youth come, who ever deserves that position....and have a will to work for the nation.

  45. Haritha.... thank you..thank you so much Haritha for the Lovely award...feeling really honored :)

  46. Sir, not interested??? Try to raise your voice against the Nitish Sarkar or any in India and within hours you will get killed. The only way is to bring a change, and that's by voting. Also, have you heard of Right to Recall and Right to Negate. In first citizens enjoy the fundamental right to bring down a public servant, a sitting MP and even the government it it fails to perform on the said promises. And, the second is to give negative votes in an election if you don't like any of the candidates. Sadly, none from the so called civil society or the NGO's except few are raising their voice for the two bills.

  47. At your best tell u very honestly,I read your post,but my mind is too pre occupied to do justice here,please do forgive me...I will be fine in a couple of days...

  48. All our PMs had been Wizened Old Men, with the sole exception being Rajeev Gandhi. We certainly need a young and dynamic leader, with fresh ideas and innovative approach. But looking at the current crop of young politicians, I am not too optimistic!

  49. hi Irfan...i'll call u by a smaller name:P...liked the satire in this post of urs and I truly agree..well...somewhere I feel that we young ppl, though have a lot of calibre and potential are scared to get out hands dirty in the pool of the name goes...there is so much to do and I wonder if one even enters it where will one begin from...anyways m somehow glad with the Anna Hazare movt. for the eradication of corruption..and well its not going as smooth as cream cheese:P,,,haha...anyway thnks for following my blog:) it's nice to have u at my place:D

  50. A very thought provoking post Irfan. The law should have a limit on age for these politicians. Most of them are corrupt with no new vision or ideas.

  51. Rachit.... the ppl sitting over there at the top never like these changes to take place perhaps. so unless there is total change at the top we can't expect things to improve much perhaps, thank you.

    Alpana.... thanks for stopping by here, plz do take care of urself :)

  52. Gautam.... yes, looking at the present scenario chances are not there that any youth can come up..and its unfortunate, when we have the largest youth population in the world.

  53. Aakriti.... oh, all frnds call me that only :) and welcome here at my space, hope to see you more often now, thank you

    Rimly.... thanks for stopping by and yes they do lack a vision n how can they have it at the age of 80 or more.

  54. Yes definately I agree that youth should occupyb the manmohan mode.But to get eligible to be at manmohan's place we will also grow as old as now manmohan is.Nice blog This is very informative for India youngisthan.Who forgets anna hazare rebelion of 2012.I think he should carry on for this youth.Thanks to anna hazare.
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