Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As the winter session of the Indian Parliament ended without  doing any business, a new history has been created by our Hon’le MPs…… Bcoz this is the first time in independence India that the whole session has been virtually washed out, only bcoz of the standoff between the union Govt. and opposition.
As you all know that winter session of parliament began on 9th of Nov. and since then the whole opposition(united off course) forced adjournments everyday by trooping into the well and shouting slogans for their demand of formation of JPC to probe the 2G scam….. On the other hand the Govt. continuously rejected their demand due to one or other reason.

I will be glad if anyone one of you can explain me that what for these so called action committees are demanded or formed time and again, when  so many Govt agencies like CB, CVC, CAG, ENFORCEMENT, VIGILANCE etc. etc. are already there to investigate or curb the corruption???
Are all these agencies have become ineffective to perform their duty???  
Our great Neeti Nirdhaarak don’t want to give them free hand, so that they could work to their potential????

 I think the demand for  JPC or any other committee is only to be in the lime light of the cameras being clicked by the Breaking news Broadcasters….. On the other hand, formation of such Committees is only a method of buying time, so that after a few months ( few years in most cases) when heat of the media is over…..things will be buried into the dusty files….

Now frnds…. If we talk in terms of rupees ….. We may not forget that 2G Spectrum Allotment Scam may have caused a loss of about  Rs. 1.75 Lakh Crore to the nation….. but the unprecedented washout of the Winter session due to standoff between Govt. and opposition, resulted in further wastage of about  Rs. 146 Crore .
Now who is going to pay for this Rs 146 crore, which the nation lost due to our Hon’le MPs ???
Can a Parliamentary democracy work without a functioning parliament???


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  1. u r right.... parliamentary democracy can't work without proper function of parliament....our Indian politics is characterised by immoral practices...in parliament the political parties show selfish & chaotic behaviour... and finally the nation suffers...

  2. ofcourse i do agree with your thoughts.i just hope that your blog is being read by these MP'S so as to make them realize their mistakes and congratulate you for creating such a nice blog.keep going.

  3. very spontaneous post on the just created history by our MPs....its our fate that till now we are being ruled by them who are unfit to rule....very nicely narrated sir...congrats for keeping the stndrd of ur Blog up to expectations.

  4. @sunidhi...thnx 4 coming over here again nd giving comments...lets see how long nation suffers or in other words WE suffer actually...???

    @world of fragrance...its really nice to feel ur fragrance here on my Blog.... our MPs reading these stuff?? no way... they r too busy with nation rebuilding(???) activities... thnx 4 sparing ur time , do come again when i post my next....

    @rahul...very well said..."being ruled by unfit people"...:-(


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