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NEERA RADIA......The Professional Lobbyist,  does not require any introduction.........
Born in Kenya, studied in England and married to Janak Radia, a London based businessman of Gujrati origin. She migrated to India in early 90s, and initially served in few Airline companies, thereafter started her own Public Relation Firm known as VAISHNAVI CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS........Whose clients among others include Ratan Tata's Tata Group, Mukesh  Ambani's Reliance Industries and Prannoy Roy's NDTV....

In connection with Radia Tape issue CBI has announced that they have 8000 recordings of phone conversations, in which some prominent personalities can be heard talking with Neera this list, apart from the political and corporate house personalities, there are also some pioneer of our Indian news channels and print media.

The Radia tape issue has shown us the actual face of  entire Indian electronic media.... As you know, our Indian news channels are very efficient in exposing scandals and making breaking news.....but on this issue, there was a complete blackout by prominent news channels, because there were some names involved in this, who are  so called pioneer of our Indian news channels.....they can be easily found  doing media trial of different stories.

On 7th May 2010 the first article on this issue was published on "BHADAS4MEDIA" (hindi web portal), thereafter in Nov.2010, "OPEN" (a magazine) carried a story which reported transcripts of some of the telephone conversation with senior journalists, politicians and corporate houses........... and then Karan Thapar's show "THE LAST WORD" (27th Nov.2010) on CNN-IBN, was the first show in main stream  Indian Television to address "Radia Tape & the involvement of Barkha Dutt & Mr. Singhvi in malpractices", ending the TV channels blackout of the story.

In fact this tape issue has shown us the nexus between information hungry journalists, professional lobbyists and Industrialists, and opened our eyes to what has been suspected, the ability of a small but powerful group of journalists to use their connections with politicians & corporate houses to influence Govt. policies.

Let us forget about Politicians and bureaucrats, they are known corrupt in our society and seldom talk about their own professional ethics.... But what about these prominent journalists working as power brokers...What happened to their professional ethics???...who were showing mirror to others....will they now try to see their own faces in the same mirror??? or once again will be able to convince us with their Language fluency and orating power???

yours....irfan                                  (images from google)                                  


  1. Well said bhyia...The Indian Media is facing two challenges...Credibility & Openness..If the members of the media have broken the trust of the Public does they shouldn't apply the same rules of transparency & accountability to themselves that they demand from others.......the current climate in the country suggests that tolerance for corruption has been stretched to a limit & has sadly become a way of life.....

  2. बाता तो सही हैं....पर जनाब इत्ती अंग्रेजी पढ़ाओगे तो अपन बेहोश हो जाएंगे।

  3. @zahid...and the worst part of this one can dare to question about the credibility of these media peoplo...talking abt corruption, its like something present in our DNA, if there is no corruption you will find something missing from ur life.....thnx agian for giving ur views on my post.....

    @boletobindas....Sir आप की टिप्पणी भी बिन्दास है... आप से हिंदी सीखने का प्रयास कर रहा हूं, इसी तरह मेरे ब्लाग पर लिखते रहेंगे तो मौं भी कुछ हिन्दी typing सीख लूंगा.... धन्यवाद....:-)

  4. yaa.. u r absolutely right abt the blackout of this episode by our news fact this news gained prominence following sustained pressure on Twitter & Facebook against an attempted blackout by many prominent TV channels nd Newspapers..... really a nice post.... must hav done lot of homework for writing this...congrats.

  5. A very well narrated post...Gud going sir... carry on.

  6. very well written.
    today another problem in India is paid news.
    i feel that in media nearly 90% news is advt or paid news.
    like your pics.
    Radia is just a tip of iceberg.

  7. @rahul: here u r right abt twitter & Facebook... gud to see these social networking sites, somehow working for social cause......:-D

    @sunidhi: thnx again.... do keep coming on APNIBOLI.... TAKE CARE.

    @sm: welcome to my blog.... u r right, most of the news r sponserd, v must not 4get that these news channels r being managed by professionals and they r here to earn.. not for social service, but at the same time there has to be some loyality with nation... unfortunately its missing....:-(
    plz do come again when i post my next....

  8. Nice article.
    Media alone has the power to expose the corrupt politicians. Even if they are coming to this level, pata nahi is desh ka kya hoga?
    I used to be a Barkha Dutt fan before. I had the opportunity to meet her once but was very much disappointed to see her EGO.She just brushed us off as if she is a BIG some body.

  9. @shobha: this is exactly i wanted to point out, that if these people will act so then to whom our corrupt politicians or bureaucrats will care about???
    Talking abt Barkha, in fact whole of this breed is like that, they think they r above all....
    BTW....thnx, for coming over here on APNIBOLI, and giving ur views.... plz do come again when i post my next.


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