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While going through the pages of a magazine, looking at the title I got stuck on one page… the title was “INDIA – A SUPER POWER COUNTRY” … and after reading about a paragraph, came to know that according to a report by Transparency India survey.. India is super power in corruption, in fact the 9th most corrupt country in the world……and I could not go  into the article anymore…….. bcoz it hurts now….. yaa, really…….:(

 "IT   HURTS   AS   A   NATION""

I was just thinking that even after becoming one of the most corrupt countries, why we are so comfortable with it....??? I realised that its just bcoz, whenever or wherever we talk about corruption, we simply point our finger towards others…. towards politicians, bureaucrats etc, and never even bother to think about our contribution towards the rising percentage of corruption.

I think we are equally responsible for this.. for example..when you pay a small amount to your Postman or your society watchman, you name this a TIP… but have you thought  that if you don’t pay this small amount what will happen...??? Well.. there are chances that u will find your important post missing...... or  your kids playing in the society will not be looked after well by the same watchman… So finally it’s a Bribe in the name of Tip….. isn’t it….??? This is how corruption starts….. it starts from our own doorstep….

There was a time when bribe were paid for getting wrong things done... But now bribe is being paid for getting right things done at right time... and we all are happy doing this....:(

Actually in this materialistic age, Life has become a business for us……but enough is enough… Time has come to do something…. To think about our future generation… What we are going to handover to our children……. A MORE CORRUPT SYSTEM….??? Think about it....... We must not give them the same corrupt system.

Well,  to give them a better system, we must focus now on a non-corrupt training at home by our own action… We must ensure that our children are brought up knowing  that Corruption is morally wrong and they will be punished if indulged in these activities…… they should understand that  making money is not bad, but the means for this should be correct….

The fact is that we are obsessed with making money  and Materialism is something like god for us….. This attitude is to be change… It has to change for the sake of our children… for the sake of their future…..and  for the sake of our Nation……!!!

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urs....irfan    /bye


  1. Once again a thought provocative post of APNIBOLI... but i thnk its not easy to do all this in practice, bcoz v hav gone so far that only some miracle can change the scenario.... u r rihgt its high time now to focus on it, if not 4 us then at least 4 the sake of our upcoming children....

  2. Corruptions- our fingers always pointing external factors which is unarguably correct. But, as an integral part of the society, we-every individual are responsible for these disastrous situations either by our resilience & acceptance or by adapting and becoming the system which we initially dislike.

    As you said change should start from us.

    Penned well, Irfan.

  3. Good thoughts....Keep it up Irfanjee.

  4. @rahul: yaaa.. its not easy, but not impossible either, i suppose.....
    thnx for PEN-ABLE 2011...!!!

    @Satish Kumar: Welcome to my Blog & thnx for ur views....:-)

    @mani: thanx for ur compliment... plz. keep sharing ur views, comments on any post helps the Blogger to improve his content....

  5. well written
    its not tip its a bribe

  6. Nice thought Irfaan. Keep such nice posts coming. I will be following you know for more good posts from you.

    I will spend sometime reading your previous posts.

    Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

    Always Happy

  7. @sm: yaa, in my view its a bribe only.. at least Logically.....!!! thnx for ur views... plz do come again when i post my next.
    BTW.. issue of ur new post abt pvt schools is really nice one..congrats....!!!

    @Always happy: well.. 1st of all i must tell u that ur writing is superb.. gone thru some of ur posts, they r all well written....congrats..
    and thnx for ur visit here on my blog.. i hav just started, lot too learn... so plz keep giving ur views. will help to do better... thnx again....!!!


  8. very well written bhyia....Corruption has become a part & parcel of our daily lives.....i believe it has become so natural that that people who are indulged into it don't take this as crime but a right for doing the can't be rooted out volutarily....some very strong measures & fear of exelampary punishment can only keep a check on corruption in present scenario.....but who is going to take this tough call!!!!!our obsession of money & material is taking a toll on our relationships & fun of simple living....merry christmas & happy new year.....

  9. Yes and No.Can you get a passport without tipping? Can one get a birth and. a death certificate without tipping?. We blame the governance more than the politicians for all the ills in the country. Why are we still being made to live in colonial mind set?Dont we like to address Rahul G as Yuvraj?
    The entire system needs change and only some one like you with ideas can do it. Try, you will succeed.

  10. @zahid: corruption has bcome part & parcel.. but the irony is that we are very much comfortable with it now...this is major concern for me.... no doubt strong measures are needed... but from whom??? we cant do that.... so as a general citizen all we can do is.... we can create an environment so that the responsible persons are compelled to take those strong measures....
    what we can do we should do.... lets giv our kids moral education so that they know the difference btween a Tip & Bribe... hope i m ok in making my point clear....!!!

    @Chowla Sir: Welcome on my Blog.... u r right, we cant get a passport or a birth certificate without tipping.... but the question is... why we are so comfortable while tipping???
    when Bribe someone for getting done wrong one, its understandable..... but why to bribe getting done these right things like passport etc...???
    right said... entire system needs change.. but unfortunately we are not those who can do this... but we can at least generate a mandate against this through our blogs or through all these social web sites....
    and regarding Rahul G..... I often think about all these Prince like.... Gandhis, Sindhiya, Pilot....etc..etc... that, what is their own contribution towards society or nation...??? I think they are born with silver spoon in their mouth.... what else...???

  11. A lot has been said here.... thnx to 2G,Radia issue,Reddy bros,Adarsh scam...etc etc.. list goes on.... its because of these stories we are talking about corruption a lot these days....
    Every body here is right i think, something has to be done....but, WHO WILL DO??? WHEN WILL BE DONE??? million dollar question and time only will answer.
    Lets pray, sometimes praying for things is easier than working for them.

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  13. honestly i don xpect things to change n so best is to chuck d cribbin, adjust n b india hai...sab chalta hai :-)
    *nt d finest mentality i understand* :o

  14. @Sadiya Merchant : welcome on my blog....
    its debatable i think... BTW.. sab chalta hai attitude zyda din ke liye thik nahi hai....:)


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