Monday, December 27, 2010


PM Manmohan Singh said he is ready to appear before enquiry committee, because "unke paas chippane ko kuch nahi hai..." =D>

Ab chipaane se yaad aaya... woh bhi kyaa din the......??? when people used to hide their personal life ..... personal feelings..... Log apnaa achha buraa doosron se chipaate the.....:)

While giving something to someone they use to hide from others..... while borrowing from someone, they would do every thing to hide from rest...... Aakhir izzat kaa sawaal hotaa tha.....:)

us zamaane ke log pyaar karte the, to chipaate the...... their Pyaar was never like aaj-kal waala Love.... joki hota nahi phir bhi hum dikhaate hain.......:(

There was a time when Dilip Kumar used to come on silver screen with his Band Galaa coat....... now its Salmaan's age, who can take off his shirt any time on the screen.... aakhir six-pack jo dikhaana hai.......:D

In fact we have changed a lot from then to now........

Bahut tarakki kar li hai humne........

Ab hum kuch chipaana nahi pasand karte........

Sirf dikhaana dikhaawa pasand karte hain........../wahaha



  1. like the narration
    i will add
    batana bhi nahi aata, jatana bhi nahi aata
    sirf corruption dekhna aata hai

  2. True, even though we have and we must hide maximum we can,the western influence supported by electronic media has made each one of Besharam.
    Parents of 18 yr old girl or a boy dont object their child visiting pubs and drinking.
    Our mind set has to change.
    As for PM, MMS, I HAD a lot of respect for him, but how long does he want us to live with a tag of honesty on his shoulder?
    Not for long---his reputation is at stake.

  3. @ sm : yaa... sirf corruption dekhna aur dikhaana aata hai..... thnx for ur views.

    @ Chowla sir : Our mind set has to change....rather it has changed, thats why, we don't object our child going pub etc..
    Regarding PM.... An honest captain of a corrupt team... so what for his honesty???
    thnx & Regards...

  4. Dilip saheb ka Band Galaa Coat----- boring naa...
    Sallu ka six-pack------ UUuuufffff... heheheh
    nice writeup sir---------- chaa gaye ho.

  5. @ sunidhi - Now thats really Funny...


  6. irfan ji...Gone thru your previous posts also.. all the content are related with happenings around us, so Blog page should have been HUMARIBOLI,
    Regarding Dikhaawa attitude, right said we do like showoff now.

  7. @ANIL : welcome here on APNIBOLI....
    showoff is with every body now..... sometimes we do suffer bcoz of that...even then it is there.
    thnx for ur views.

  8. Well,I will add that most of this problem has erupted since Open Economic system policy adopted by the government....In the name of progressive society & right to read / write & view hum log
    sub kuch dikhana/dikhawa pasand karne lage hai....regarding our PM you're absolutely right...he can't claim innocence by allowing others to loot us....

  9. "Dikhane" ka "Dhikhawa" pasand aaya, khuub likhte hai aap.

    I had examined 'Salman' this way......
    -------------------------------- (lable-bollywood)
    Sallu Miyaa
    [With Sallu it is sometimes difficult to keep his shirt on....T. O. I./21.09.09]

    Shirt [शर्त?]
    पहन लूँ या निकालूं फर्क क्या है,
    दिखाऊँ या छुपाऊं हर्ज क्या है,
    मैं हर सूरत बिकाऊं शर्त? क्या है,
    बताएं कोई इसमें तर्क क्या है?

    जो बाहर हूँ, मैं अन्दर से वही हूँ,
    मगर Under की दुनिया से नही हूँ,
    गलत कितना हूँ मैं कितना सही हूँ,
    ''दसो-का-दम'' हूँ मैं बेदम नही हूँ.
    -mansoor ali

  10. @zahid : i read somewhere “Showing off (dikhaawa) is the fool's idea of glory".... but still most of us likes this idea.... what to do??? TAKE CARE !!!

    @Mansoor Sb : welcome on my Blog Sir.... gone thru ur few poetries, all r nice... good to see ur praise for Sallu.... thnx for ur views & compliment.

  11. very true "show off is the fools's idea of glory" and we are happy making ourself fool, how funny, again a nice thought !

  12. @rahul : thnx rahul.... so whats up for new year??? party time???

  13. sahi hai aaj kal san dikhta hai...facebook, orkut sab kuch dikhaata bhi hai (only agar dikhaaney waala chahey tho)

  14. @Always Happy : very true...agar dikhaane wala chaahe to.... SO finaly u r at APNIBOLI....u proved "DER HAi, PER ANDHER NAHi"... neways...thnx

  15. Really nice ..liked it a lot! :) how do you manage smilys here. voted too.


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