Friday, January 14, 2011

" if i could ...."

While looking at my six yrs old son, doing his writing lesson with Pencil n Eraser, I am just thinking about my own Kindergarten days and remembering how easy it was to correct our mistakes those days........ Write....have a look..... if find any mistake..... just rub it off with eraser and write again.......SIMPLE -N- EASY !!!

Just imagine how easy life would be if we treat our self  in a  similar manner....... whenever there is a mistake, just stop ......make a correction and start all over again, as there was nothing wrong done....

How easy it would be if we start again from a zero like situation after each n every  wrong done by us.......

But, ALAS !!! its not that easy n simple now, when we are grown up...... bcoz when we do any wrong, the marks of these wrong done are so deeper, which just can't be removed with any eraser like thing....and making corrections now requires a lot more effort then just rubbing it off..........

मेरा कारनामा ए जि़न्दगी मेरी हसरतों के सिवा कुछ नही
ये किया नही- वो हुआ नही- ये मिला नही- वो रहा नही



  1. Hello Irfaan,

    I have wondered many a times, if I could erase some chapters of my life and then move on (of, course by having corrected things that went wrong). Aww..only if that was possible....but whenever things have gone wrong, I have accepted them and tried to see the positive side of it and move on...

  2. SO true , we jsut cant erase although i strongly beleive there shud be a RESET button which might make this possible .. life would be such a good thing ...

    as u said the wrong we do or anyone does leave deep marks...

    I liked the sher.. sums up my life till now ..


  3. must not 4get these wrong done only help us to do better, so they do their part, as its just not posible to strike off these, so by remembering them we can avoid doing same wrong again.

  4. There is nothing about my life so far that I would like to erase... This does not mean that life has always been good to me so far, nop... I have had my ups n downs but some how I think that a smooth life would be so boring... Life mein thoda excitement toh banta hai.... :)

  5. Liked your shayri..
    Very true ...Liked the way you have differentiated the simple life of children after committing a mistake and hard, effortfull life of grownups after committing a mistake.
    All of these because mistakes of children are taken as granted but grownups fails to get such excuses !!

    May God Bless to your son ..

    Keep Smiling..

  6. @Always Happy: kaash!!! that wud hav been possible...but... atleast v r taking some lesson 4m our wrong done n keep on moving... MY BEST WiSHES

    @Bikramjit: RESET... just pass on 2 me, if u ever get it....OOoohhh.. i was thinking this sher sums up me only....same pinch :)

    @rahul: no doubt our wrong done help us in doing more gud, what i was trying to say that after taking a lesson 4m it if v cud erase them, otherwise sometimes we remain in a hangover position of our mistakes for quite a long time, which is not gud....hope i m right here.

    @Tanishka: Luky u best wishes for rest of the life too..... yaa thoda to banta hai.

    @simran: i miss those excuses..really.... thnx

  7. "मेरा कारनामा ए जि़न्दगी मेरी हसरतों के सिवा कुछ नही
    ये किया नही- वो हुआ नही- ये मिला नही- वो रहा नही"

    इरफ़ान भाई बहुत अच्छा लिखते है आप, मेरी हसरते भी सुन लीजिये:-

    जो 'रटा' था याद रहा नहीं, जो लिखा था उसको दिया नहीं,
    मेरी बात दिल में ही रह गई, मेरा यार मुझको मिला नहीं.

    जो लिखा था आज छपा नही, जो छपा किसी ने पढ़ा नहीं,
    कईं 'चटके' आए ब्लॉग पे; पर, कमेन्ट कोई मिला नही.

    -मंसूर अली हाश्मी

  8. well v nice post...dil toh baccha hai g..bacha he rahe toh acha hai g

  9. Life is not so simple. But some times its just matter of your attitude...
    Think positively and its the key, not to erase problems but it can hide them...

    All is well.. All is well..

  10. beautifully written
    "मेरा कारनामा ए जि़न्दगी मेरी हसरतों के सिवा कुछ नही
    ये किया नही- वो हुआ नही- ये मिला नही- वो रहा नही"

    Phir Bhi jab comment milta hai to sukun aata hai.

  11. Fantastic.

    I pray God to grant you all your wish.

    Your cartoons are excellent as also the morals nicely described.

  12. Every wrong done by us, if so, it must be treated as an opportunity towards improvisation instead of regret.
    Dont regret any action. Learn from from action taken at any point of time in life.

  13. @Mansoor Saheb: .... ज़र्रा नवाजी़ का शुक्रिया... एक दरख्वास्त है, सिर्फ इरफान कहा करें, बुजु़र्ग हैं आप हमारे.....Take Care...ALLAH HAFiZ

    @geeta singh: thnx....kaash ! yeh dil Bachaa hi rah paata g ........

    @sushant: yaa, its not at all simple.... erasing problem does hide them, but i am talking about erasing our mistakes...our wrong dones(after making them right), bcoz sometimes what haapens our wrong dones hound us so long that it becomes difficult to start again. i wish All remain Well !!!

    @sm: sukun to milta hai ji.... no doubt !

  14. Well said.

    And along with the power of erasing should come a choice of what to erase and what not, so as to keep the lessons learnt, intact:) Love the picture:)

  15. i wish i could, taking fresh steps would hav been much easier for me at least, but nothing can be done so we take those positively and move ahead.

  16. @STRANGER : thnx for ur views as well as for ur wishes.

    @Chowla sir : there is nothing sort of regret on anything.... sometimes what happens there r certain wrong done(not all) whose Echo just keep bothering us for quite a long, which in turn does not allow to take a fresh move easily.... so if (i wish)there is any way by which we can just stop those Echo effect(after learning from that mistake), then it would hav been easier to move forward.....

    @Nehha Joshi: glad to see u here on my space.... right u r , lessons from our wrong done must be intact...thnx.

    @PATHAK ji : yaa... nothing can be done, all v can do is move ahead wid +ve attitude. thnx

  17. .

    I never try to erase . I take lessons from such incidents.


  18. काश काश काश काश ..ये हो पाता

  19. Dear Irfan agar bachchon ki tarah apni mistakes ko correct kar sakte to shayad zindagi bhar badi se badi galtiyan karte jaate isliye apni galtiyon ko yaad rakhkar unse sabaq lena hi theek hai par ye bhi sahi hai ki kaash...koi eraser mujhe milta to main apni zindagi ki kitaab se kuch panne erase kar deti but... we are helpless so take it positive.

  20. there r certain bad memories which can't be erased even if we get something eraser like gadget

  21. Hello!
    Very interesting post!
    Yes,The life is not very easy...We can correct our mistakes only in future...

  22. I think we all really miss the re-wind button. .

  23. Well,we could use a whit-o to at least hide our mistakes and go on,it better than sitting on it and crying.

    BTY,a nice perfect post.

    You could read mY blog @

  24. @ZEAL: every one should take lesson, but the issue is, shall we remain in hangover of those mistakes even after taking lesson.

    @bindas bhai: kaashh... but its just not possible.

    @sunidhi: yaa...there can be...

    @Amin: thnx for ur views.

    @Nandan Narula : thnx for ur visit here.... BTW ur blog is a nice pack of informations, really

    @Hamza: really glad to see u here on my space... thnx for ur commments... sure, i will like to be there at ur blog.

  25. @afshan: thnx for ur views, trying to take positive.

  26. yes true..but we can't always keep on erasing our mistakes...we got to learn from them too...If we wish for that eraser...Life s meaning will too start erasing...

  27. very true, wish it was like that...But I think still we wud lack perfection,as we are humans...
    but for momentary phase that guilt wont be there as we had erased and made it correct!

  28. Irfan Jee Zindagi ki kitaab ke kuch pannne aise hote hain jo koi bhi dubara kholna nahee chahta lakin mujboori hai ke usse na phada ja sakta hai aur na mitaya ja sakta hai aur ussi kuch bhayank pannoo ke saath zindagi ki puri kitaab complete hoo jati hai lakin agar koi aisa saathi ya dost ya bhir koi rishtedar mil jata hai jo tumhe kitaab ke un bhayank panno ki yaad se niklne mein madad karta hai to zindagi kuch hadh tak assan hone lagti hai lakin her insaan itna kushnaseeb nahee hota
    aaj ki duniya mein aisa bahut kam hota hai k koi aankhoon dekhi aur kanoo suni se thoda hat kar soochta hai aur agra aisa hota to insaan ki zindagi thodi aur assan ho jati
    Afsoos aur afsoos ke siwa kuch nahee haath lagta hai kion ke subse pahle usse apne rishtadaroon aur dostoon ke swaal ka jawaab dene aur unhe apni sachai patate thak jate ho
    aur kabhi unhe yaqeen aajaye jo aaj ki duniya mein mumkin nahee badi der hojati
    aur insaan sub k saath rah kar bhi akela ho jata aur apni zindagi to sirf jeene ki koshish karta hai kion ke jeene chahat almost khatam ho jati hai


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