Friday, January 7, 2011

"Incredible India …the Bundle of Contradictions"

“INDIA”…. The largest democracy in the world…A unique in its rich culture & heritage..... it’s a place where people make arduous Pilgrimages to shrines of goddesses, but kill their daughters in the wombs…its the Indian mindset  that seeks out a trendy mobile in preference to their basic needs......

Very often we come across a story where the guilty are honoured and the innocent gets punnished… it’s a place where you will find a Leader acquiring huge amount of health and his followers are left with poverty and hunger.

In short its a place which can be referred as a "Bundle of Contradictions"……..
And today I am here to share with you,  some interesting contradictions…… here they are……..

1 : In India, food grains rot up in FCI godowns…. Whereas people die of hunger.

2 : We worship our goddesses with great believe in them ….whereas we doom our daughters.

3 : You order a Pizza and  will get it within 30 mnts at your doorstep… but if you need an ambulance,  may have to wait for hours.

4 : As per a survey report…. There is more mobile access than Toilets in rural India.

5 : For an education loan you will have to work hard to satisfy the bank authorities…. But if you need a luxury car, will get an easy loan with much cheaper interest rate.

6 : A survey says, one in every five Indians is not just overweight  but obese…. And the other survey says, there is about 35% malnourishment in India…. Contradictory reports… but seems to be correct.

7 : Last but not tha least….SEX : it is every where … in movies, Televisions, on road side hoardings, magazine covers. Newspapers….everywhere…. but somehow missing from our own life, bcoz of our busy life schedule and the stress we carry with us, where both of the partners are working for more n more Money, and don't have time for each other….. so it seems SEX is everywhere except where it supposed to be…… our Bedrooms!!!

Frnds the list of contradictions is still not over… … many are still there and most of them can happen here only…in  INCREDIBLE  INDIA.
I am looking forward to get some of the contradictions from you frnds, through your comments…..hopefully, you are going to add some interesting one here……..:)



  1. hey, me 1st dis time//// u know i work more but getting less, and oder are just ulta---contradiction, isn't it. BTW few serious one from you "We worship our goddesses with great believe in them ….whereas we doom our daughters." y dey do so???? any body???

  2. hhmmmm thinking about the last one, if not true, then very close to it, well written post.

  3. we are supposed to be religious and god fearing and yet we blithely kill in the name of God,rape and plunder.
    We idolize film stars and revel in gossip about their personal lives.Yet if our kids were to emulate them we would shun them.

  4. points 1 to 6 - totally agree.

    Point 7 - not sure. People dont normally discuss may be true/may not be true.

    Overall, a very good post. Ekdum sahi.

    I can think of a few contradictions:

    1)Bhaarath mein Mehanath kartey hain kissan taaki FCI godowns aur netaaon ke jeb bharey rahey aur woh (netaas) aur unki santaan hazzaroon saal jiye, par kisaan ki zindagi bohat choti hai...agley season baarish nahi hui ya samjho baarish hui aur baadh aa gayi tho usko (kisaan ko) karna padta hai Aatmhatya!
    In short, contradiction is that kissan works hard and lives short [opp of lives long :)]but Netaas work less, get rich and live long - aakaal ho ya baadh- doesnt matter.Yeh trend badalta nahi.

    2)CWG ke liye aur duniya bhar ke sports celebritis ke liye apartment banaaye (albeit weak and unclean) par ''aam aadmi'' jo apni mehanath se desh chalaata hai usko beghar kar diya. I am sure the people who were rendered homeless so that govt could erect apartments for CWG players, provided labour for cleaniing, cooking etc at the time of the games- to enable india to pull off the show with pride.

    Keep coming with such great posts.

  5. Yes,it is incredible India and that is the biggest mystery and the credit goes to all the 100 crore who ensure we move on despite our failed systems.

  6. @sunidhi : start working even more.....:) thnx for ur views.

    @rahul : thnx rahul.. keep writting here.

    @varsha ji : welcome here....ya we do insist our kids not to do such things... thnx for ur views.

  7. Happy ji : both ones very interesting from you...talking abt 7th, its a survey report... thnx for ur views and compliments.

    @chowla sir : thnx again sir for giving ur precious moments here....and for sharing ur views.

  8. How true... I just saw today, sacks of rice dumped in a godown and stray pigeons feeding leisurely on them. Well, atleast the pigeons are getting a share...

    And about goddesses and daughters, couldn't agree more. And talking about daughters, a contradiction I have found is that many parents don't seem to have enough money to pay for their daughter's education , but they do manage to afford to marry them off with heavy dowries.

    Another amusing contradiction- Stylish and expensive european cars driving through guttered roads.

    Nice post. write more..:)

  9. I love this post maan ..The way you put serious issues with humorous style is Incredible..Incredible post on Incredible India..

  10. @ Harsha ji : talking abt Cars n Roads....being from a place like Bihar... I can imagine the scenareo... thnx for ur views nd contradictions u shared here.

    @ Harshad Sonaje : Thnx dear... trying my best.

  11. Loved this post... I think our govt needs to read this one... I mean 1st to 6th point...
    Food scarcity and education are too very big issues over looked very conveniently by all of us...

  12. truthful list
    excellent post

  13. @Tanishka : welcome here... i think these issues are being overlooked bcoz of our "SAB CHALTAA HAi ATTiTUDE".... we hav accepted everything as a part of the system.... thnx for ur views.

    @sm : thnx a lot... thnku for being so regular on my each n every post... keep doing plz.

  14. We are good at preaching but do not follow ourselves.
    We shout against corruption, but loose no chance if it comes to taking!

  15. .

    Hi Irfan ,

    Thanks for this lovely post. You beautifully listed the contradictions prevailing in our country. I guess proper education, guidance and upbringing can change the scenario.

    Best wishes..


  16. Hi, my first visit. Enjoyed. U made some inetresting points.

  17. @Ayyangar Sir: welcome here on my page.... thnx for ur views n the contradictions u shared here... i agree with u.

    @ZEAL : well.. lets hope n pray that the scenario gets a change.... thnx.

    Neena ji : thnx for ur 1st visit.... hope to see u now here on regular basis wid ur views... plz do hav a look at my previous posts, if time permits.... thnx.


  18. Nice post man. U r good a satirizing social issues. I only have one feedback - your blog takes too much time to load, and it would be a timeconsuming affair for those with low bandwidth. You may consider toning down on this. Content wise, it's brilliant.

  19. Well,India is indeed a bundle of you've rightly pointed out.I wonder how and when these contradiction will lessen,if not end.

  20. @Victor : thnx for dropping here.... regarding ur feedback, i hav tried a bit.. plz chek it out once and see how it works... thnx for ur views abt the content here.

    @Anu : lets pray for a change.."when nothing works our prayers do work" drop again here on my future posts.

  21. ur way of writing is very creative,i too have one contradiction that is "Sharavan kumar ke is incredible India me oldage home me no.of parents badhte ja rahe hain jinhe koi puchne wala nahi hai"
    lekin "kya niraash hua jaaye?" mere khyaal se nahi kunki aaj bhi is incredible India ke aam aadmiyon me insaaniyat ,apnapan or achchai ka jazba baqi hai.

  22. ur blog rocks mann, try keeping the same way . but do u think these things are going to change? i am not that optimistic.

  23. Happy New year Irfan, thanks for visiting my blog. I loved the way you presented the post.I shall be back to read your earlier posts too.

  24. @afshan : welcome sis... i feel sory for these people... lekin kahin insaniyat bhi hai, as u said... BTW thnx for sharing ur views.

    @PATHAK ji: Aashavadi to hona padega.... we must see at the lower half of glass, which is filled.

    @chitra ji : thnx for ur visit.... saw ur Blog, its very colourful n informative too.... keep giving ur feedback here.... Regards.

  25. Nice points and So true... We had this come as a email some time back

    it makes so much sense reading all these points cause I will have to go through my emails to find it ,, when i get it will surly come back to add some points if they r not already there ..


  26. @Geeta : welcome at my page.. thnx & do come again on my future post.

    @ Bikramjit : thnx for dropping overe here... right, its a mail.. thats why said in my post, that i am sharing these here.... plz do come again when i post my next...thnx

  27. What I think is These Contradiction are not interesting rather these are Shameful and we should really do something to remove them...

  28. Its funny you say so .. indeed we are a bag of contradictions..

  29. Wonderful post Happy. Hope this will have great impact on the Indians as well as the tourists from outside.


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