Tuesday, January 25, 2011

self praise...why so much ?

I did this......
I did that......
I had warned you.....
Why don't you listen to me.......
Ultimately it was me who solved that problem......
Your Blog is OK.... just go through mine, its so good......

Have you ever noticed, increasing use of  "I" and "ME" in our conversations these days ???

No ??? well, you might not have noticed, but you do it too..... now don't smile......
In fact all of us have developed this habit....this attitude to take the credit of all right happenings around us.
If you notice, you will find that most of our conversations end up being nothing, but repetitions of   "I" and "ME".
And all of us just try to prove our thought right and our points correct......

Why it is so much there ???
Why do we give so much stress to prove our self correct in  our discussions ???
Why we cant afford to give credit to someone for anything ???
Why are we not prepared to listen what others have to say about us ???
Why do we need to keep stressing our self and keep talking only about our ideas....our thoughts.....our success ???
Why can't we stop advertising about our self and actually start doing something, so that other start talking about our self... about our ideas.... about our success......

I think its only because of the pressure upon us to prove our self much more than what we are actually..... 
Don't you think so ???


  1. I just got a mail from IndiBlogger...regarding my Blog ranking.... ,as i statrted Blog on 1st Dec 2010, so its my 1st ever rank and the rank is 73.... don't know its good or not... but i m excited with this....
    and i take this opportunity here to thank all my fellow bloggers and all those who keep dropping at my space and oblige with there views, which help me a lot to improve my work....
    When someone writes in his Blog, he or she generate opinions … or comments, and in some cases criticisms......., same way friends I am also looking ahead for your views and comments on my upcoming posts here.......
    THANX AGAIN....Regards...irfan

  2. very well observed, quite right too that almost all of us have this habit of self praise, to some extent its ok i think but yaa we must listen to others also, and talking about the reason for this self praise psychology, i think its more because of human tendency to show off.
    btw congrats for getting 73 rank, its good start i think, so keep writing :)

  3. 73 is good beginning.
    Those who use "I" and "WE" are the ones who have a complex and want to be noticed.One of colleagues had this typical habit and just one sitting with him encouraging his work did the trick.

  4. The funny thing is that while we are obsessed with I and ME no one else cares...Congrats on a great rank, honestly do not let it matter...just pour your heart out here in your blog.

  5. what does the 73 mean? Irfanuddin, you too in the race :). Anyways .. if you get 100 will it matter? - The I and why and why not. Its easier to say the I on the blog, because your train of thoughts are not interrupted by a diverse opinion or a critique. The views come afterwards, when you have finished the I song.

  6. ha haha Indiblogger :) well i got a email too.. FOr the SAME BLOG hosted on two platforms on blogspot and wordpress ..
    they ahve given 73 to one and 79 to another .. now tell me how is that valid :) I stopped beleiving in this ages ago.. I use to get 2 -3 comments and a couple of visits and my point was 82 or something now i get more people visiting and commenting my number is going DOWN :)

    anyway coming back to ur article :)
    I and me is usually people who got some inferiority thats my view.. and yeah as u say it cud be so much pressure to constantly prove ourself...


  7. You are right. The "I" in the present has an edge to it that qualifies the 'self' to be rather confined within one's own idiosyncratic cell than enjoying the freedom of a vast world.

    All the best.

  8. sharing that mail about indi ranking here, does not mean to prove something......i know "its just a Number Game ...an algorithm which any time can go other-way."

  9. By reading your post ''I'' really came to know that everywhere we use to talk about our abilities,thoughts and that's also true that we give our best to prove ourself true during discussions...Is because of self priority and human tendency too!!
    just to prove that what we are !!

    Nice post!!
    Congrats! for your achievement.
    Keep Smiling :)

  10. nice post
    yes hope our political parties and leaders learn this

  11. True.People nowadays are losing trust on themselves I guess...so this bragging or self-praise is an actof reminding themselves what all achievements they've made so far :P

  12. Don't know about the ranking bit coz I don't have my blog registered with any of those sites...
    The use of I and Me has surely increased but only with those people who are self obsessed..

  13. Congrats Irfan, 73 is a good rank. But honestly, dont go for ranks...you write very well and I like reading your posts. So just keep writing.

  14. Well..I do understand what u meant..with I,me..proving ourself..superior..getting into that race..
    its like blog is for that purpose only!!!
    I seriously believe write or pour heart...the goal will be achieved.
    many blogger have given headings...in fact that MY blog ranks in indiblogger on so and so position in few mnths ..where as others who have some thing like 600 followers have written nothing..the writings speak by itself ..its on their own merit!
    Its all number game...ranking and all other stuff!

  15. dats y the one letter word I avoide it......
    "Congrats" for the ranking.......

  16. nice post I, me myself.. there is something beyond that also

  17. Very nice point , u raised.
    I will work upon it...

  18. thnx all of you for givig me slaps n claps through ur comments... plz do come again and give ur views on my upcoming posts....

  19. "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

    May be that sums it all up. May be we need to constantly elevate ourselves as much as before our own eyes as to the others.

    A good insightful post, sir.

  20. @A gr8 Liar:
    agree with you that we need to constantly elevate n prove ourself.....

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