Monday, January 10, 2011

Lets Laugh @ Ourself

I got an sms, wishing me to have a Laughter Filled Day, bcoz 13th Jan. has been marked as World Laughter Day...... and just thinking, Do we need any particular day to laugh ???

Its said that "Laughter is the best medicine"... does it mean to take it as medicine, as and when prescribed to us....not at all.... rather it means, start Smiling and Laughing as much as you can... have a hearty laugh over every amusing situation.....

Results from researches show that laughter give a jolt to blood circulation and have positive effects on the heart... it increases certain chemicals that helps dilate blood vessels.... i think these are the reason, enough to laugh every day...every moment....

Its without saying that laughter makes  people feel better..... so why to mark a particular day to have laughter filled...... Lets smile at the simplest pleasure in life... stock up the funny emails, your friend send you,.... save them and read whenever you feel bad.... have something funny to share with others, as laughing with others is even more fun than alone.....

Lets find ways to include Laughter in our daily life.... by either means make sure that we laugh every day.... Laugh even at yourself......

But, Ladies be careful while laughing.......... Bcoz......



  1. We should laugh not only coz it keeps us healthy but also coz it keeps us happy... :)

  2. Hello! I agree with You.
    Thank You very much for visit.

  3. true laughter is the best medicine. I like to laugh when I am with my friends and family.

    oo..hansi tho phasi bit holds true sometimes..thats why I have also learnt to control my laughter.

  4. There are regular classes on laughter every morning at various places where one goes for morning walk.
    Why have a laughter day fixed?
    Keep laughing all the time. It keeps your spouse happy.

  5. @Punam : welcome at my space...thnx for ur visit

    @Tanishka : if u r happy, u can remain healthy...either way its inter related.... thnx for ur views.

    @Amin : ur Blog is very colour full, njoyed dere.. do come again on my future posts...thnx

    @Always Happy : ur Blog title suggests that u keep laughing... its gud.... plz dont control ur laughter...let it come as it comes.....

    @Chowla sir : its again a sad part that we need a class for laughter even.... agree wid u. keep laughjing by any means.

    Regards.....irfan :)

  6. 1 of my doctor frnd use to say every body "laughter is a gud medicine, keep laughing...." , and her nurse use to laugh every time... now she is doctors wife... aur mera dost hansnaa bhool gaya hai....hahahhahahahha...keep laughing :)

  7. its just reminder for people who do not laugh to start laughing
    laughing helps and now a days hansi to phasi as well as we can say
    hansa to phasa.

  8. Thanks Irfan for coming.

    My blog is designed keeping in view the interest of all; Children, Students, Ladies, Gents, Elderly People etc. etc. and for those who are looking for neat and clean, informative stuff. Caste, Creed, Religion, Colour, Nationality have nothing to do with it. I focus only on Environment, Discipline, Culture, Maintaining values given by our elders. My aim is to bring forth the “root cause” of all trouble around us in an attractive but in a funny manner, which, if addressed properly, can do miracles. I request you to kindly read all conversation between Ronie (son) and his Dad by choosing label “RONIE” and have fun reading all with your nearer and dearer.

    Best wishes and a Very Happy New Year.

    BTW, your blog is fantastic and from today I'm following it. It is most difficult to laugh@us. Keep going.

  9. hello mr bean:)) nice post keep laughing

  10. @rahul : funny ,really :))

    @sm : hansa to phansa...hehehe... thnx dear

    @STRANGER : no more stranger here.... will be there for sure, to read ur previous articles, thnx for following.. do come again on my future post...thnx

    @Geeta ji : hhmmmmm.. mr bean(not bad, i think), BTW thnx again for dropping here...:)

  11. yeah laughter is the best policy and hey i like the last line .. hmmmmmmmmm


  12. apart from including laughter in our daily life, its not a bad idea either to mark a day for it, is bhag daur ki life me 1 din to hum ek dusre ko kah sakte hain,"AAJA HANS LEIN", aur us 1 din PHANSNE ka bhi to dar nahi hoga hehehehhe

  13. man, hope u laugh the way u intend to do, nice post n must say last line take all d cakes :)

  14. Very nice!
    Thanks for telling it's essence in our life ...
    Almost people keep themselves depressed and don't laugh...they don't know that how laughter helps us in many ways and also decreases the mental depression.

    Liked your post :-)
    Keep Expressing Yourself ..

  15. Laughter surely acts positively in your life and health. I've experienced it for myself. I's a very serious person, but I do make my friends laugh a lot with my jokes, hardly did I laugh. But now I enjoy the humor side of life and it is definitely reflecting positively on my health, personal and professional sides. Thanks for the post.

  16. .

    I laugh quite often , but will try it more frequently after reading your post.

    Smiles !


  17. @Bikramjit : thnx, once again u spared some moments at my space, regarding last line......... what to say hehehehheehhe every 1 knows.

    @sunidhi : PHANSNE ka dar nahi., logically sounds nice, BTW thnx for ur views.

    @simran : thnx for liking my post n for all compliments... do come again.

    @vineet : not much, but trying on my part now.. BTW its ur 1st visit on my page, luking forward to see u here again...plz do come again whrn i post my next. thnx.

    @sambarman : welcome at my space, nice to know that u started njoying humor side of life... there r very few now a days who can do so... neways thnx for ur views...keep dropping here in future also.

    @ZEAL : i take it as compliment... thnx n Regards.

  18. Hasi To Phasi.. hasi ke bina jina bhi kya hai mere dost..Keep posting such great fun stuff..Also following you..

  19. Very true each and every moment deserves to see us happy and smiling.Here's wishing you 365 days full of laughter :D

  20. The person who is always smiling or laughing doesn't means that he has no problem in his life but the smile / laugh shows that he has the ability to overcome from all the problems of his life.
    Anyways laughing is positive for life and good for health

  21. irfan, ur last line is something like item song for a hindi movie :D
    @rahul: man , i m feeling sory for the doctor :)

  22. @Harshad: right dost.... n thnx for following...

    @dialogue....: glad t see u here... thnx for the wishes...

    @Imam sb: thats what required "ability to overcome from the problems of life."...bcoz problems r bound to come in life and if u don't laugh it off, will succumb to it... BTW glad to see u stopping at my space again, missed u in my previous post..Take Care n hav a gud laugh at ur problems, as u normally do (i know dat)...:)

    @PATHAK ji: man, puri movie dekhi ya sirf item song.... pura post bhi padh lo dear...:D

  23. thanx ye yaad dilane ke liye ki 'hansi sehat ke liye achchi hai"kunki aaj ki is busy life me log is khoobsoorat cheez ko bhool gaye hain,waise culture ke saath ye kahawat bhi badal gai hai ki "hansi to phansi" ab to kahte hain "hansa to phansa" isliye sambhal kar rahna......dekha humne tumhe hansa diya.

  24. Hope this comment leaves you with a smile. Just like yours did on mine!
    Thank you for the visit!

  25. @Neena ji: .....:)

    @afshan: very true..culture k saath saath kahawat bhi badal gayi hai.:D

    @Nonsensefile: thnx for this smile.....:)

  26. ठहाका मारकर तो हंसने का मन करता है मुस्कुराहट तो दिन मैं दसियों बार आ जाती है लबों पर ..... हां पर परेशानियां भी इतनी होती हैं कि क्या कहें....लेख के आखिर मैं आपने एक बेहद बड़ी गलती कर दी है....

    हंसी तो फंसी.....इस फंदे से तो मर्दो को सावधान रहना चाहिए. क्यॉकि ये कहावत नब्बे फीसदी गलत होती है....औऱ बेचारे शरीफ आशिक की सरेराह मारकुटाई हो जाती है.....तो इस कहावत से सच्चे औऱ शरीफ आशिक बच कर रहें....ये कहावत नब्बे फीसदी फंसाने वाली है....अब ये न पूछना कि हमें कैसे पता....भई हम भी दूसरों के अनुभव से सबक लेना जानते हैं....हीहीहीहीहीही

  27. smile is gud 4 ur health...its true.but not all formal smile,but a smile truly cumes 4rm ur heart....dats gud 4 ur health.
    nd d last line is very gud
    BUT sumtimes its not true
    keep writing.....

  28. ..I laugh ..a lot but have to control at times looking at the situation!
    laugh and be pleasant is something which should be a part of daily doze like a vitamin...
    tc & keep :)


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