Tuesday, February 1, 2011

" Fact n Fiction "

Simply trying to Co-relate student life with Movie titles... :D

      01.  School----------------------------------------Yaadein
      02.  Principal -------------------------------------Jaani Dushman
      03. Class Teacher------------------------------Gaj Gaamini
      04. Tution Teacher------------------------------Atithi Tum Kab Jaaoge
      05. Classes -------------------------------------- Kabhi Kabhi
      06. Class Mates---------------------------------Ek Se Badh Ker Ek
      07. Lunch Time----------------------------------Chalo Ishq Ladaayen
      08. Canteen---------------------------------------Kabhi Alvida Na kehna
      09. Girl Friend------------------------------------Aarzoo
      10. Course ----------------------------------------Godzilla
      11. Exams -----------------------------------------Akhri Daao
      12. Examination hall-----------------------------kurukshetra
      13. Exam-time ------------------------------------Qayamat Se Qayamt Tak
      14. Question paper ------------------------------Paheli
      15. Answer paper --------------------------------Kora kaagaz
      16. Cheating ---------------------------------------Chupke Chupke
      17. Paper Out--------------------------------------Aaja Nachle
      18. Examiner --------------------------------------The killer
      19. Last exam -------------------------------------Independence Day
      20. Paper correction ----------------------------Andha kaanoon
      21. Marks -------------------------------------------Assambhav
      22. Result -------------------------------------------Armaan
      23. Pass ---------------------------------------------Chamatkaar
      24. Fail -----------------------------------------------Devdas
      25. Supplementary -------------------------------Aakhri Raasta
      26. Vacation ----------------------------------------Waah....Tera Kyaa Kahnaa

      And Life now a days is something like...............
                        "Bhaagam Bhaag"     and     "Kabhi khushi Kabhi Ghum"

Finally your Comments :----
Most of them  are like Claps
couple of them are like Slaps............ lols..........
Jokes apart, your comments are always precious and welcome


  1. OMG.... "Lunch time", those days, i used to think often "why classes cant start after lunch time" ha haaaa
    Very good take mann

  2. quite an exhaustive and humorous list...:)
    liked it..

  3. @rahul: hehhehhe... thnx dear

    @R/Stone: i m happy u liked it, thnx for ur visit n views :)

  4. That is some imagination...enjoyable.Akhri Dao..lol.

  5. YAyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy now thats something i can relate to so much....

    School, PRinciple and CLASSES ...

    WOW OW OW WOWO WOWOWOWO :) awesome loved it


  6. Nice List...

    Examination hall-----------------------------kurukshetra


  7. it is life,injoy it in different way.

  8. Wow man really fantastic..list..How much time did you spend to write this post? I like the Girl Friend = Arzoo and Answer Paper - Kora kagaz a lot ..hahaha..

  9. @Alka ji: thnx for stopping again here and giving ur views !!!

    @Bikramjit: thanx a lot... i m elated you loved it :D

  10. @sushant: thank you dear..........

    @G.N.SHAW: thats what trying to do... enjoying in a different way.... BTW welcome here on my space, thanx a lot, plz do come again on my upcoming posts !!!

    @Harshad: yaa, it did took some time.... ha haaa :))

  11. Hahahah..this one is really funny one..
    Examiner-The killer
    Last exam-Independence day
    Hahah..Enjoyed reading it ..While reading it ,I was unable to stop myself from laughing loudly :)
    Your post gave many of us an opportunity to laugh and cheer!!
    Thanks a lot for that :D

    Nice one !!

  12. Lol... It was a fun read :D
    ROFL at supplementary :D :D

  13. @simran: thanks a lot for all appreciations...
    i am honored , really :)

    @Tanishka: :D :D :D

  14. hahaaa enjoyed a ton, khoob bhaalo sir ji, lot of research work :)

  15. A thunderous clap.

    Very well correlated.

    honestly yes aaj ki life is
    bhagam bhag and kabhi kushi kabhi gam.

    This could be the forward mail in many inboxes unless you copyright it.

  16. @sm: thanx a lot !!!

    @sunidhi: if we can smile with little effort then its worth i think... thnax for dropping here... i am elated with ur appreciations :)

    @Asha: thanx for ur claps =D>

    hhmmmmmmmm... copyright is that needed ?
    BTW, if some one can smile with this in today's Bhagam Bhaag age, then its ok :)

  17. .

    You listed it beautifully !
    I'm still smiling !


  18. hmm....ohhh I hated school so much....

    I feel so pity on children who goes to school and made a promise to myself when I was getting marry that I will never let my children enter into the school....

    hmm...let see...

    Nice Post by the way !

  19. @ZEAL: smile, thats what most required..... it costs nothing even then difficult to smile....
    thnx a lot for ur visit :)

    @Thinking: hmm... plz don't make such promises....
    thnx for ur appreciation....

  20. lol @ girlfriend and paper correction.
    creative n very nicely done.

  21. Oh yes, the good old days. And specially loved the Girlfriends as Aarzoo. Lol!

  22. @STRANGER: Thanx a lot for ur visit here...

    @Geeta Singh: Thank you....

  23. @Sadiya: Glad to see you here once again after a long span of time..... plz do come again on my upcoming posts.... BTW Thanks for ur views here...

    @Gr8 Liar: Thanx for sparing time here again...

  24. 27) Irfaan -------- Shahenshaah

  25. @pramod ji: Rishtey me to hum aap ke Chote Bhai jaise hain......:)
    Glad to see you here at my space and thanx a lot for voting at "indivine".... plz do come again...

    @varsha ji: thnax for following "APNiBOLi",..plz do come again on future posts....

  26. ROFL =)) damn good!
    13. Exam-time ------------------------------------Qayamat Se Qayamt Tak..i can still feel the terror...literally qayamat..... Thnkx for sharing on indiforum....of course voted...after struggling with my net..finally reached here. sorry for the late. :)

  27. http://vibha-poem.blogspot.com. sir pls check my blog is corrct. so pls confirm me.
    apne apne sabdo dwara bachpan lauta diya...

  28. @Mohinee: Glad to see u here....
    thnx foe ur votes.... i am elated...
    plz do have a look on my other posts, whenever time permits and ur internet is perfect....
    Thnx a lot.

    @Vibha: you have a nice blog....
    i am following that now..
    plz do come again on my other posts....
    plz.. no more sir, only irfan will do...plzzzz
    Thnx for coming here


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