Wednesday, February 16, 2011

" Treasure Hunt "

Looking back at the history of the Scams in the year 2010, it seems that there is no sector of public life which is immune from corruption….. 
Just have a look on the list here, it covers almost every field of public life...

1- The 2G Spectrum Scam : The mother of all scams in post independence India.

2– The CWG Scam:  An event hyped to reflect the pride of India but finally turned out to be a shameful figure of massive corruption

3– The Adarsh Housing Society Scam: This particular scam dragged the fair name of defence forces into the mud

4– Dr. Ketan Desai : The President of The Medical Council of India dismissed on the grounds of corruption , which highlighted the irregularities involved  in Medical education sector

5– Karnataka Land Scam: involving the family members of Chief Minister Yadurappa

6– The LIC Scam: highlighted the irregularities of financial sector

7– An affidavit filed in the Supreme Court says that eight out of sixteen Chief Justice of India are corrupt.

Its not that corruption took place in the year 2010 only, instead we have a long history of being corrupt...
Here are some of them which took place prior to the year 2010...

1987 :  Bofors Scam........................Rs.         64  Crore
1991 :  Telgi Scam...........................Rs   43,000  Crore 
1992 :  Securities Scam....................Rs     4,000  Crore
1995 :  Bhansali Scam......................Rs     1,200  Crore
1996 :  Hawala Scam.......................Rs        810  Crore
1996 :  Fodder Scam.......................Rs        950  Crore
2000 :  UTI Scam............................Rs          32  Crore
2001 :  Mutual Fund Scam...............Rs      1,350  Crore
2009 :  Madhu Koda Scam..............Rs     4,000  Crore
2009 :  Satyam Scam.......................Rs   24,000 Crore


Now some interesting figures given by Global watchdog   “Global Financial Integrity “......

According to  Global Financial Integrity......

1– Between the year 1948 and 2008 Rs 20,79,000 Crore was illegally transferred out of the country....
The same amount could repeat the Indian Government’s Farm Loan Waiver scheme at least  35 times.

2– In the year 2008 black money in India amounted to Rs. 28 Lakh Crore….. Just half the amount could have made India free from foreign debt.

3– The Swiss Banking Association Report of the year 2008 reveals that Indians hold  about Rs. 8,50,950 Crore in deposits… Now friends if the same amount in Rs. 1000 currency notes laid end to end, this amount would girdle the whole Globe more than 37 times.

3– In the 2G Spectrum scam Govt. lost about  Rs. 1,76,000 Crore… as per an estimate about 880 Crore number of Solar Power Plants , each generating 1MW, could have been installed nationwide.. Enough to resolve our electricity shortage.



  1. Andho me se koi kana ho to use chune magar koi kana bhi dur dur tak nazar nahi a raha h....

  2. hmmm...before we were defeated by corruption is now our biggest enemy....

    I wonder how you get all this data and analysis....

  3. we have got used to the idea of corrupt politicians, but it was shocking to know that officers of the rank of General n Admiral were involved in Adarsh Scam. these are the on whose order the whole country is ready to go for the battle....
    its very sad to know all this.

  4. no doubt there is a long history of corruption since independence, but the difference is now people have started talking n discussing about it, may be because the figures are so big now...

    talking about the report of Global Financial Integrity, the figures given by them really shows how much the nation have lost so far.

    most deploring part of these report is to see that there is hardly any field or department left out from being corrupted

  5. Its a pity how awfully corrupt our politicians, especially the ones from indo-pak region. And its even sadder to note how "used to" the public have become to the idea of a having dirty rulers.

  6. And now the antrix-devas deal.

    Very good job on the data compilation and stats.

    'Unless public voices....." - WEll said!

  7. @sushant: while talking to my friend on this he just joked about outsourcing of few honest politicians from some other country.... not a bad idea i think.... hehehe

    @Thinking: all analysis is from the authorized agencies... i am simply sharing these data with you all...

  8. @rahul: this "used to" attitude is very much responsible for all this happening.... thnx for ur views here.

    @sunidhi: yaa the figures are too big now... thnx for the visit here.

  9. @Gr8 Liar: its really pity being ruled by them...thanks a lot for sparing time again here....

    @Asha: yaa.. antrix-devas deal.. known as S-band scam from ISRO, the organisation which comes under the direct control of our Prime Minister...
    thnx for the encouragement and ur visit here...

  10. This is soo shocking... How ruthlessly our hard earned money is being taken away by these devils....

    Thanks for sharing...

  11. we have to speak , show courage without that corruption wont stop.

  12. Corruptions and corrupt political Leaders is Sub-Continental phenomena (I won't say Global). We really suck at good governance and great leaderships. :(

  13. its shameful...a kick on the butt..
    Look at the common man ,who is suffering..and these people enjoying at the cost of the power..its really in pathetic state..
    you have updated my knowledge!

  14. Wonderful collection. There are hundred more in pipeline.

  15. @Tanishka: knowing that our hard earned money going that way is frustrating, really... thnx for sparing ur time here.

    @sm: seems people's outburst is must now... thnx again.

    @Talha: its really a metter of concern for every developing nation... thnx dear.

  16. @Harman: its really shameful.....
    thnx for ur visit here.

    @STRANGER: hundred more in pipeline....well, it can be...who knows....
    thanx for ur being kind enough n giving ur views here.

  17. Wowo you put some research in putting up this post.. SHAME is all i can say I wonder when the the people who are actually doing these scams will feel SHAMEFUL .. i doubt if they ever will cause another one is always in the pipeline ..


  18. @Bikramjit: little bit of study, not research exactly....
    thnx a lot for going through this post n showing ur concern....

    i dont know whether people living abroad follow all this absurd happening here???

  19. Well, no wonder people want to join politics - best way to become rich quickly!

  20. Having looted us all the way, now politicians are eyeing the natural resources of india for loot

  21. @meerasrajan: yaa, u r right.. but the sad part of the story is corruption is not only confined to politics, rather there is hardly any sector left which is immune from corruption...

    BTW, glad to see u at my Blog, hope to see u again whenever i post my next..... thnx !

    @chowla sir: thanx a lot for ur giving ur views sir !!!


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