Saturday, February 12, 2011

" Pyaar Re-defined "

There was a time when "Pyaar".... "Love".... used to be something personal and very much associated with Emotions......with Feelings..... it was never any body's game those days.....

Loving someone was not that easy those days... Pyaar karnaa used to be very tough n Challenging...
as Jigar Muradabadi said....

In fact every stage of love used to be very amazing those days, like....

But in this modern age of globalization there is nothing like Virah or Viyog... now Virah means fights and separation, and when they fight they don't just get apart rather its like " She is a bitch "....... and " He is son of a Bitch "......  So Pyaar karnaa is not like passing through Aaag ka Dariyaa now......

Those days if some one loved some one, in most of the cases they had to follow a predetermined path... ie.
Pyaar...Shaadi...Suhaag Raat...Bache..girhasti

Where as now you can easily find " Live in Relationship ".... that too, not necessarily between two opposite   genders......

Even you can find "one night stand" now, where Pyaar is completely on ad'hoc basis, and its easy to judge that today's Love story is how much Physical and how much emotional....

You must be remembering this song.....
its really "khullam khulla" these days......

Mujhe dard e ishq ka mazaa maloom hai,
Dard e dil ki inteha maloom hai,
Zindagi bhar muskurane ki dua naa dena,
Mujhe pal bhar muskurane ki sazaa maloom hai.
"happy valentine's day"


  1. WOW, the poetry lines used in the post, the one by Jigar ("DOOB KE JAANA HAI") and the closing ones ("ki sazaa maloom hai") are totally awesome. SO much so that I couldnt help but copy them, to use them in the "rainy days" ;).

    And I agree with the hypothesis that what we call love nowadays is more materialistically driven then in the good old days of ... say.. 70s or even further down the line.

    Those lines also reminded me of a book I once read, Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo, probably the most emotionally sweeping love story you will ever read. Extraordinarily written, heartfelt and sad.

  2. so true irfan, in most of the cases its like that only "out of sight - out of mind"
    liked the way you have taken the valentin's day, its all show biz i suppose.

  3. @Gr8 Liar: Thanx for all appreciations :)

    @sunidhi: glad u liked it....thnx !

  4. Nice post especially the sketch, you made it lovely.

  5. Pal bhar muskurane ki sazaa.,
    I really love your writeups.

  6. @STRANGER: thanx a lot.... !

    @pramod: thanx for being consistent on my posts... i m glad u liked this one too...

  7. nice post
    i will add Khullam Khula Lutenge Desh Ko
    deso to so raha hai
    this is reality

  8. @sm: thnx for ur views....
    BTW i was trying to concentrate on "Mohabbat" only :)

    @Swati: thanx for dropping here.......

  9. post....

    Hundred percent agreed....

    And the selection on shairy is awesome...

  10. haaa.haaaaaaaaaaaaa so humorous!
    very well written!

  11. @A: thanx a lot...

    @Thinking : Thanx for such nice n inspirational comment and being so regular here on my space... thanx again.

  12. @Harman: very thankful for the visit and nice comments. hope to see you here more often.... thanx again...

  13. .

    प्यार का स्वरुप बदल गया है । पहले प्यार निस्वार्थ होता था , लोग एक दुसरे की इज्ज़त , संस्कार और भावनाओं की कद्र करते थे , लेकिन अब कोई मोरल और एथिक्स नहीं रह गए हैं। ये खुल्लम-खुल्ला प्यार निरंतर पतन की निशानी है । पाश्चात्य का अन्धानुकरण विनाश की तरफ ले जाएगा और हमारी संस्कृति कों नष्ट करेगा।


  14. Well i would rather term it as aping of western culture...
    and as we all know, only change is permanent be it in loving habits of the folks....So according to me its all right.
    but I know still there are lot of exceptions out there....
    I would also like to quote a couplet here...

    'andhera mangne aya tha humse roshni ki bheek
    hum apna ghar na jalate to aur kya karte'....

  15. post was very well blended with thoughts proses and songs ..nice..well said

  16. @ZEAL: following western culture is really something serious.... thnx for ur thought provoking views !

  17. @R/stone: Don't you think that LOVE is something which should be Personal n with in the walls... BTW thnx for being kind enough n sparing ur time here.... !

    @raji: thnx for ur so much inspirational comments.... i am elated.... Thank you !!!

  18. Love is superficial today..its all about gifts and monetary gains...

  19. Loved the shairis especially the last one. Yes, love like everything else has seen massive transformation. With added independence, a certain sense of use and discard logic has come into love as well. The romance is lost in today's fast-paced world.

  20. @Alka Gurha: very right... people use to play games in the name of Love to achieve certain goals... glad to see you here again... thnx !

    @Asma : Welcome here at my Blog.... looking ahead to see you again on future posts....thanx a lot,

    @Rachna: you got it right Emotions..Feeling..Romance... the important ingrediants of LOve are missing now a days...thnx for ur so much encouraging comments... plz do come again when i post my next....

  21. no buddy i don't think it should be within the four walls although its personal no doubt but remember
    'parda nahi jab koi khuda se
    to bando se parda karna kya'....

    so i think its ok to flaunt your love as long as it is chaste and pure.:):):)

  22. and for that matter u can go through the below link---

    would love to have your feedback on the above mentioned blog.

  23. but again its rare to find pure one now a days......

    certainly will go through the Blog... thnx for sharing...

  24. Ditching the partner is a normal thing now and if you love one at a time is also a big deal today...

  25. It is a bitter truth of today. And this so called openness is not limited to certain region but it is global phenomena. Really sad.

  26. @sushant: "loving one at a time is a big deal today" thats interesting..but this can't be LOve for certain.....

    @Talha: off course its a global phenomena... thnx for ur views....

  27. Our expressions of love and love itself has lost meaning.

  28. another thought provoking article sir ji... i think our patna still is very much saved frm the western influence … bt… thanks to the media/internet let keep our fingers crossed and see by when can v save our fragile culture from KHULLAM KHULLA PYAR.. [ek beti k baap ho gaya hu naaa...:-) ]

  29. Hi Irfan Jee
    I am not agree with you
    Love is Love it can not be defined or redefined.
    ye apne apane sochne ka nazariya hai
    jis tarah sikke do pahloon hain ussi tarah sooch ke do nazariye pyar ko dekne ke bhi do nazarye hain
    aaj bhi pyar zinda hai issi liye ye duniya qayem hai

  30. @chowla sir: its a mtter of concern for us.... thnx for ur views sir.

    @tariq: well regarding Patna i think "its a blessing in disguise"... once people gets use to metro culture and start getting more exposure things r bound to change.... and ur daughter is so cute.. God bless her !!!

    @Imam sb.: actually when we talk about something, we talk for majority, and is just reverse what you are talking about sir....
    but i do agree with you..: abhi bhi pyaa zindaa hai..."... thnx for ur visit n views...

    @Geeta Singh: thnx for ur inspirational comments... plz do come again...

  31. hi irfaan,such me "pyaar", ye khoobsoorat ehsaas pahle zindagi bhar ke liye sirf kisi ek ke liye hota tha par ab mausam badalne se pahle pyar badal jata hai jise "TIME PAAS" ka naam de diya gaya hai.western culture ki hod ne is khoobsoorat se ehsaas ko badsoorat bana diya hai .Kya khoob likha hai "muskuraane ki saza maaloom hai".

  32. The sketch in the begining is soo cute... :)
    Yeah that is the reality....

  33. @afshan: "TIME PASS".... thats something very common, folks use these days to explain their love story.... thnx for encouraging comments !

    @Tanishka: glad to see you again here... thanx a lot....

  34. Wow!!
    Now i'll sing ''Pyaar mai kabhi kabhi aisa ho jaata hai ,choti si baat ka fasaana bann jata hai''
    haha..I m impressed by your writing skills..nice work!

    Keep Writing..Best wishes to u :-)

  35. he he he .. Khullam khula pyar karenge hum dono IS DUNIYA se NAHIN DARENGE HUM DONO :)

    and yeah its all khullam khulla , no one gives a damn about others feeling ... its like a chip on a shoulder for a guy how many girls he has had or the girl how many guys she has slept with :)

    amazing .. god knows where we heading towards ...


  36. @simran: thnx a lot for ur so encouraging comments n wishes.... plz do come again !!!

    @Bikramjit: so true u are.... thnx for sparing ur time here.. plz keep dropping here same way

  37. Omg soooo true and straight forward... loved it!

  38. @Khadeeja: glad to see u dropping here at my space....
    thanx a lot for ur inspiring comments....

    plz do come again on my upcoming post.

  39. @ Its my pleasure sir. =]
    Okay I will!

  40. There was a time when "Pyaar".... "Love".... used to be something personal and very much associated with Emotions......with Feelings..... it was never any body's game those days.....

    -- is it really changed already ? let's hope not. nice post. :)

  41. @blommer22: well, if u follow today's "Love Saga", will certainly agree that things have changed now...

    BTW, glad to see on my space... thanx a lot for coming over here and giving ur views.

  42. An appropriate post to describe essence of pyar mohabbat in case of the current generation. western culture has waved through to make the young more fast and more furious. love for them is not giving always, it is mainly about gaining.

  43. Hi Irfanji! I think on this subject on many times but can't write anything. You have said everything, if we say like this before opening mouth, we are warned "Stop moral policing." Don't we have freedom of expression. My thought about love is so old fashioned that still can't dare to say, love can happen only once, and whatever going on today is I don't understand. How the mind can be ready for the same thing again and again in the name of love. This is impact of our movies.

    I remember a movie well appreciated 'Dil Chahta Hai.' It had some objectionable sentences.Love and physical lust are different, for lust these ppl can go anywhere. something like that, or even worse, to use woman, just for experience. But all that was accepted and appreciated. nobody could take objection. Unknowingly, youth starts following it and think this is the only life.

    Thanks a ton for provoking this issue.

  44. Good one Irfan...each one has their own perspective about love..and relationships..I deeply believe in love...but I strongly stand by own view point that not all love relationships lead to marriage.Our ‘ring’ obsessed culture has forgotten that the journey can often be far valuable than the destination, down the aisle. Today, when 50% of marriages are ending in divorce, it is unfair to teach children that all relationships are supposed to last forever. It is not true that when you fall in love with somebody, or find the right person, you will live happily ever after.....

  45. nice post...but I m not with your saying that now days LOve is not a personal affair...
    I still believe in is personal decision of person...its depends on personal values and views that how he/she lookup/takes they define or redefine the Love...

    how much they accept and how much they much ready to much they committed to much not committed...

    so its personal decision whether to take the love next level(marriage)...or to be with the LIVE-IN Relationship..(with either gender)....

    we can't be judgmental on this topic...everyone is free to choose right choice....marriage or Live-in....heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual ....

    though we should be more concerned on the constantly increasing divorce rate....make more loyal relationships....more long-lasting relationships...where trust and love will be forever....and preparing our children for consequences of we should add new social values to them regarding new society of all types of relationships.....changing our mindsets...our way of thinking...may be try to put yourself in their shoes....

    SO thats my perspective on this topic...I deeply believe i LOve..but not limited love to one direction...Love can be happened to any one with any one...Love doesn't know all these social values or I call social restrictions...

    I think i clear my point...I like your writing skill...but not the topic or content u choose..

    and totally agree with alapna di...

  46. @fantacy in practicality: you are right, western culture has got to do a lot into it....
    thanx for stopping by and appreciations.

    @Mohinee: Thank you so much Mihinee ji for encouraging comments :)

  47. @Alpana Jaiswal: Agree with you ALpana ji "each one has their own perspective about love"..... but in general when we talk about something, we talk about the majority, and i think majority of the present generation use 'LOVE' to settle their own cause be it physical or materialistic or whatever it may be.....

    YOu are right that 50% of marriages are ending in divorce today.... but that doesn't mean to teach our children that these relations are never suppose to last for ever...personally i feel we should teach our children "the basic ethics of maintaining a relation".....

    Again i agree that "it is not true that when you fall in love with somebody, or find the right person, you will live happily ever after....." but at least we can try from our part to be happier, and a little sincere effort does change things some times.

    BTW thank you so much for giving your clear views here.... plz do keep coming same way...thanks.

  48. @Hema Nimbekar: well... all i can say that i never ever in the post intended to be judgmental or partial, what i said is my own observation about the LOVE ppl do now a days, and its not necessary that every body always agree with my point of view..... and i never surprised to see ppl advocating for LIVE-IN Relationship..(with either gender).... bcoz its their own perspective and i have my own :)

    i am glad you like my writing skill... and regarding the topic or content all i can say is i only write what i feel to write... and try my best to be at par with my blogger frnds.... any way i will try my best to do better and thanks for sparing ur time here...hope to see you more often.....

    BTW i appreciate ur straight forward reaction here...really i liked it :) Plz do come again.

  49. I am not saying that your views are wrong....yeah now definition of love has changed...

    you are somewhere right...its your views...and I m sharing mine....

    I am not advocating Live-IN relationship....what I m saying that...relationships and Love is more important than some rituals and norms of society...

    I already written a story on LIVE-IN relationship...may be u like to read..

  50. I am commenting just to let you know that I completely agree with your views Irfan bhai.It's not Love anymore it's just Luv now :D

  51. ye ishq hai bahut asan bas itna samajh ligiye
    na aag ka dariya hai na doob kar jana hai
    bas ladki ko patana hai
    mall me gumana hai
    ye to status symbol ka fasana hai....:D :D


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