Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Re-Launch India"

Whenever a particular model of certain article fails in the market due to one or other shortcomings into it, We often see company re-launching it  after rectifying the shortcomings ....

Like wise I am thinking about re-launching India after rectifying the short comings in the different fields of India....

When I shared my idea with my friend, he told me that it will be quite difficult to over come the short comings on our own, bcoz since independence we don't have a good track record of building a good nation ...

Then I told him that getting job done is not an issue, we can outsource it to different nations according to their field of expertise....such as,

Looking at the track record of UK and US we will outsource them for generating employment  opportunities....

Similarly as we have got security threats from China, so we can hire them to look after our security....

For improving our Education system and Sports activities we can look for Australia....

After hearing all this my wise friend said, " What about our democracy???... We are the largest democracy in the world, so who will be there to look after that our democracy is being handled properly by our Political leaders....???

hhmmmm.... I am still thinking that how to rectify these people, who have maligned our democracy... any idea??? 

And if we fail to rectify them, then it will not be possible to  
Re-Launch the India in a better way...........

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  1. The problem also is with us. Unless, we vote for individuals and not parties,we will continue to be treated so because political parties look at their interests before national interest.

  2. Yes, the problem does lie with us. Our inertia, our chalta-hai attitude, our tolerance of corruption and inefficiency has created a big crisis in this country.

  3. I second BK and Rachana. The problem also lies with us.

  4. Democracy humara hai aur hamse hai..tho usey kaise outsource kiya jaaye??

    power mein aatey hi the politicians think of their own personal interests. This happened in Britain also. Several MPs were proven to be the question remains open Irfaan ki politicians ko kaise sudhaara jaaye??

  5. WE are the biggest problem and the way we think..


  6. Relaunch is a great must say....
    But rectification needs a great deal of effort...
    What I believe is that India is a young country and need some time to stabilize itself like US and UK and if we compare our democracy with our neighbor than we can say that we are far better off than them is every term.

  7. Agree with Rolling stone...
    Liked your ideas Irfan :)
    BTW...I didn't got your comment on my latest post :(

    Keep Expressing your Views!!

  8. @chowla sir: what happens actually we consider so many things before casting our vote, like... party...caste...religion... and in the process just don't care about the candidate for whom we vote....
    thnx for ur views here, sir.

    @Rachna: in fact this chalta-hai attitude is very harmful for us....
    thnx for coming over here.

  9. @Purvesh: glad to see u here... and thnx for ur views.

    @Always Happy: i think these politicians just don't care that Democracy humara hai aur hamse hai.... rather they think "ye sab unka hai"....
    Glad to have you back here...must have enjoyed vacations a lot....

    @Bikramjit: yaa true, we must change our thinking process and our attitude...
    BTW thanx for sparing ur time here.

  10. @R/stone: yaa, it does require a lot of honest effort...
    THnx for giving ur views.

    @simran: i am glad u liked it...
    BTW i think i missed that post... neways now i did my part:)

  11. Irfan,

    Corruption is our biggest problem. I think we need to tackle that and we can be good without relaunching. See my post on Corruption at the following link

  12. are bhai aap itna kaise soch lete ho per soch to lajawab hai,pape tussi te great ho

  13. Good one!. but how I wish there were many clones of lee kwan hue the first Pm of singapore who transformed the island nation into a clean and organised place.

    But we really need a change cos the frequent bandh calls in my state has been a pain the neck especially with the annual exams approaching.....

  14. Egypt has shown the road and way

  15. Democracy is ours and we don't need to get it outsourced from any one but yes we need to take steps to make it better... But the question is How???

  16. @A: yaa, we must tackle the root cause of corruption... BTW i have read that post earlier n already given my views there...
    thnx for coming over here and sharing ur point of view.

    @inderjeet: oye sir ji, tussi ithe.....:)
    aap sab ke saath rah ke aur charchhaon me bhaag le ke bahut se ideas aate hain....
    isi tarah apne comment dete rahiye to aur bhi ideas ayenge....:)

  17. Well, we should first learn to deal with ourselves. We completely deserve the "democracy" that we have

  18. i say that problems are there in every nation and every country but its nice to see that there are those who want to make a change...doin the least bit they can do :)

  19. ..being the largest democracy in the world ..we need to change out outlook and bring inn some good people and relaunch..that's the good idea!:)

  20. @Asha: on the contrary we have a PM who hold a press conference just to justify that bcoz of coalition politics he is not able to curb the sad :(
    this is how we use our democratic rights by calling bandh which ultimately creates problem for us only....

    @sm: going Egypt way does not seems possible bcoz of demographic n political differences we have...

    @Tanishka: "But the question is How???"... million dollar question....

  21. @meerasrajan: yaa, certainly we deserve... glad to see u here again....thnx.

    @Asma: thanx for sparing moments here... glad to see u again.

    @Harman: "good people" the endangering species....
    thnx for reading the stuff and giving ur thoughts.

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  23. It's a beautiful dream indeed. The toughest part is to correct the corrupt politicians. They need to change their mentality first. All we can do is to raise voice against their corrupt, selfish and insensitive attitude . Such voices by a combined effort will certainly reach millions.

  24. @Manpreet: Welcome...its nice to see u at my Blog dear....
    hope to see u again in future.... thnx.

    @ZEAL: yaa, its the people who can make politicians change their mind set....
    thnx for ur inspiring comments.

  25. Hi Irfan. This is certainly an interesting idea - I like the way you think. But what is even more amazing is the super success of your blog! Congratulations! Keep up the good work - at this rate your blog is soon going to be one of the premier blogs in India! All the best and God Bless

  26. Hm..the outsorucing idea was nice!:)The message at the end was strong .It's true that the self created errors are difficult to rectify.

  27. @Amy n Arpit: glad to have you back here.... and happy that you liked the thought behind this post.....
    Thanx a lot for te inspiring n encouraging comments.... success or whatever, its all the blessings n love of you people who give their valuable time and views here.
    Thanx for all the wishes, plz do come again.

    @raji: i am happy that you liked it... thnx for ur visit n views....

  28. Before the politicians are changed, how do we change ourselves?let go our apathy and indifference? I think that will be a greater challenge and maybe after that everything will fall in line.
    anyways great idea, liked it a lot.

  29. I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

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  30. @Vijay: thanx for liking the idea..... glad to have you here once again.

    @Anonymous: thanx for ur appreciations and ur visit..... plz do come again.

  31. undoubtedly these politicians have maligned our democracy-------, but democracy is something that we can;t ousource, so we have to look on our own how to set it right....
    the idea of relaunching nation with a new spirit n enthusiasm is good.

  32. @sunidhi: lets pray to get things better, bcoz when nothing works then our paryers do miracle.....
    thnx for coming over here.

  33. its really sad that we are now looking for outsourcing things like democracy, for which we are known globally.
    i am sure there is much potential with in India to set right all these things, but the only thing they get an opportunity to do so.

  34. The problem is very big and not easy to solve. because corruption is in the blood.

  35. @rahul: getting opportunity for them is not that easy bcoz we believe in dynasty system.... thnx for ur visit rahul.

    @sushant: i don't agree that its in our blood, bcoz if it is, then we would have been corrupt by birth... actually its the sysytem which makes us corrupt(its my view).
    thnx for sparing ur time here and giving ur views.

  36. Democracy has its drawbacks and constant churning will yield some results...For a change ministers are landing in Tihar. Thanks to Supreme Court.

  37. hmmm....exaggrating is okay...but yes...these politicians are out of words for them....

  38. @Alka: Actually they deserve something worse than Tihar..... thnx for coming over here.

    @Thinking: i know its eqally bad even across the boarder... BTW thnx for stopping by here...

  39. Dear Irfanuddin, idea is not bad, we can outsource the component "population control" to China whose track record in the field is very good. With 120 crore ppl no system / alteration / modification / rebuilding would work anywhere in the world.

  40. Relay this is very nice dream for Re Launch India.
    Due to corruption, selfishness and insensitive attitude, it is right time to re launch but outsourcing I think no
    We have to choose the man not party
    We have to punish the corrupt Bureaucrats and politicians immediately not after years
    We have to develop sensitive attitude in ourselves
    Then only dreams come true

  41. As the saying goes charity begins from home. Unless and until each one changes oneself one can't change an entire nation in one stroke.

  42. @STRANGER: no doubt population is a big problem, even then if honest steps are taken from authorities things can be improved in a due course..... thnx for sparing ur time here.

    @Imam : agree with you sir, our attitude does have a big rule to play into this.... happy top see you here once again...thnx.

  43. @ Sh@s: yaa... agree with you, things cant be improved in one stroke.... each n every one has to contribute into it, more over these things can be done on collective basis only.
    Glad to have you here.... hope to see you again on my upcoming post.... thnx for ur maiden visit, i am honored.

  44. Very Nice thought Irfan. But have you thought of relaunching ourselves. Whom should we outsource ourselves, our attitude and our laziness...

    Very nice blog and nice topics too.

  45. @Priya: very logical n thought provoking points by you here....

    Thanx for all appreciations.

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