Friday, February 18, 2011

" its different ball game now "

Cricket fever is raging across the country... World Cup action is set to begin on Saturday, and for the next  45 days or so, people will just forget about any thing , they will simply Eat cricket...Drink Cricket and Sleep Cricket (thanx to Commerce part of the game)....

There was a time when only five days matches used to be played....
Players used to behave like  gentlemen....
Ballers used to just walk a little and throw the ball to batsmen, without any rush of blood...
And appealing to tha umpire was so polite like telling...." i beg, out de do Sir ji...."
Even the spectators used to take a nap in between the overs...
So, over all it was a Gentlemen game......

But things have changed now... 
Like our life style, there is too much aggressiveness involved in the game of cricket now....
Cricket is no more a gentlemen game now.....
"Ab Baller, Batsman ko is tarah ghoortaa hai jaise Chabaa jaayega"

Even the spectators can't get a nap in between, and if they do so...they are certainly going to miss the Cheer Girls....;)
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  1. You know I was waiting for post related to cricket!
    Me too a very big fan of cricket...too much excited for the world cup!
    And very true you said-It's no more a gentalmen game!
    Cheer Up for Team India :-)

    Keep smiling.

  2. Its the cricket season now.... The blogosphere already shows the cricket fever around... :)

  3. u r right there i need controversies and aggressiveness to be popular..

    as far as i am concerned, i dont like watching cricket anymore, except when sachin plays..

  4. yep..I am gonna try watching this..whole series!its goin to be fun!!
    Cricket is something Like it gets on edge and everyone hits the wall at last over..when equation starts!
    Its a crazy crazy..gmae
    God Bless..all with weak hearts!!

  5. I used to watch cricket but not anymore. I will view the scores though. I hope India wins this time......I know Cricket is different but it is not India that made it non gentlemen is other countries...we are so 'gentle'

  6. Ya test cricket is loosing popularity is one day cricket..all the focus is now on fatafat far as aggression is more evident now a days because of hight quality cameras and microphones which get every detail on the field. And of course "Jo dikta hai, Wahi Bikta hai" mere dost..

  7. Nicely written with optimum spices added into it .More than the game , cheer girls are the charm for few

  8. It was a very good topic, and it the good way to constrast things earlier and now...

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  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Cricket Fever is running High here too in Pakistan. Congrats on India's Win But I Hope Pakistan will take the Cup ;-)

  11. @Irfan
    Congratss !!
    We won the first battle :-p

  12. @Tanishka







    thnx all of u for ur views n vishes...

  13. @Tomz: welcome...glad to see u stopping here n thnx for the follow...

    i have been at ur Blog u have a nice one.

    plz do come again when i post my next... thnx a lot.

  14. @kiran : i am happy u liked the write up...

    BTW thanx for dropping over here... i am elated... hope to see u again in future.

  15. @Talha: i know bro, u have ur own reasons for ur hopes....

    i think whoever plays better should win, but my heart is of course with men in blue....

    thnx for sparing ur time here.....

  16. @Simran: sorry i am late here....

    yaa, beginning is quite good n convincing.. congrtas...

    but as they say, " all is well if ends well"... so lets pray for the good end....

    All the best.

  17. Oh, Even i was a great fan of cricket during my school days when 5 day match was the norm. I especially liked the last 20 mandatory overs which was total fun.

    Now, I HATE cricket.

  18. @Asha: even i don't like to see much of it now... bcoz after all celebrations or otherwise when u come to know that it was fixed ball to ball, then feel cheated....

    even then heart beats for India.... :)

  19. @Irfan
    I m agree with you!
    Annt bhala to sab bhala :)
    Aur jo aakhri baaji jeete wahi muqaddar hai :)
    Hoping for the best!
    Let's they perform.

  20. Cricket will always be a religion in India and one cant separate an Indian from his religion.

  21. I remember my school-days when we used to listen commentary on Radio as it was the only mode available with us to keep updated with latest score. Mob of cricket-fans could be seen hovering around Tea-stalls, Pan-stalls whole day only to know the latest score !

    My classmates even carried small transistor into the classroom in school-bag to enable us listen commentary. Such was the craze during those days which cannot be explained in few lines.

    Now everything has become Nano, five day Test Match reduced to one day………

  22. probably this is where cricket has won, see no matter what, it makes even people write about it! And the fever is everywhere , and most of the blogs have something or the other on them.

  23. Hi Irfan! Just to let you know I stopped by. You've got a great blog with great posts. The boy and the dog picture touched me to the core. Won't forget it for a long long time....

    Keep up your good posts coming. Looking to visit often.

  24. @Chowla sir: very true sir.... but due to all this news about fixing there is a section of people not very much involved with this game now...
    thnx a lot for sparing ur time here sir.

    @STRANGER: oh, yaa... it used to be like a social gathering those days... and now people are equiped with all sort gadgets with keep them updated with cores and all happenings...
    thanx for ur visit sir.

  25. @Vijay: yaa, On the Blog world we can find a lot of stuff about cricket these days.... this is what this game is all about each n avery body wants to get involve with this one way or other....

    Glad to see u at my Blog... n thnx for the follow.... hope to see again in future....

  26. @NRIGirl: Glad to see stopping by here at my space.... and thank you very much for all those inspiring n encouraging comments about my write ups.... i am elated, really....

    talking about that pic, that is really something which keeps our mind haunting for few moments...

    Looking forward to see you again here on my upcoming posts.... thnx....

  27. what sir ji... still thinking about those black n white movies, every thing is colorful n vibrant these days and so is cricket.
    Life is very fast now who knows after few years only toss will be done to declare the winner...ha haaa.

  28. its not only test matches but 50 overs one day game is also on the back foot bcoz of 20-20 cricket.
    its our life style, we want every thing instantaneous. who can sit for 5 days in a row to see 11 people running behind a ball and chances are more there will be a draw.

  29. @sunidhi: you no one thing, people like me who neither belong to B&W era and nor to the present colorful one are really in problem...don't know which way to go???? hehehehe

    result from a toss... who knows that too all concerned captains n officials will be interconnected through webcams...hahaaaaaa

  30. @rahul: 11 people running behind the ball, that too in between the rush of commercial spots....heheheh
    BTW thanx for stopping by.....

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