Friday, May 6, 2011

"God's Own Man...."

Because of some recent happenings, my idle mind is just thinking... "Does believing in "GODMEN" changes our life for better????"

Well, if believing in these Godmen changes our life for the better then one must go and worship any of them.....Buttttt if believing in them can't improve things in our life then i feel that we should stick to the  belief and basics of our religion and should not believe in any such thing which surpasses our own understanding of life.....

What I personally feel that because of the circumstances and the situation in our day to day life we start feeling our self down and in the long run it developes some sort of negativity in our thoughts, and thats when these Godmen comes into our life with a ray of hope towards positivity of life...

I think most of the time our feeling and sense of respect towards these godmen is similar like what we have for some of the celebrities from Bollywood and from the cricketing arena specially when they are at the peak of their career...

Personally for me there is no logic to the Godmen concept....but i know sometimes its the illogical that works... Now one may say that if its illogical then why so many of intellectuals and famous personalities are seen believing these Godmen????.... 

What i personally think is that people who are more famous, are more unstable... Every thing changes around them so fast.... and time n again they are in constant pressure to prove themselves and in that run they are ready to do just any thing and its the fear of losing that make them to believe in such things.


  1. I personally feel that godmen are farce. They thrive by cheating and fooling innocent people and making a quick buck. People in our country are so superstitious and blind that they will trust anyone even the educated ones and sometimes men of calibre that we hold in high regard.

  2. Thanks a lot Rachna ji for ur clear views on the subject here, i really appreciate it... Thank you again.

  3. I have never done something so crazy in life.yes,I do have role models,from whom I try to learn the best.We are all alike on the inside. Also we are exteriorly all alike. Unconsciously we all have a standard by which we measure other men, and if we examine closely we find that this standard is a very simple one and is this: we admire them, we envy them, for great qualities which we ourselves lack. Hero worship consists in just that. Our heroes are the men who do things which we recognize with regret and sometimes with a secret shame that we cannot do. We find not much in ourselves to admire, we are always privately wanting to be like somebody else. If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.
    - Mark Twain's Autobiography
    Great post as usual,your posts,make me think..

  4. Thank you Alpana ji.... and yes..."If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes."

  5. Irfan, personally I think it is a matter of Faith and in matters of Faith there can be no debate. If I believe in a stone or a person it should remain personal.

  6. In my opinion its all about using your own brains.. How can someone be fool enough to fall prey to someone's lies or claims to be supernaturally magical alike sathya baba and alike. In the end its all about own's understanding...

  7. In my opinion its all about using your own brains.. How can someone be fool enough to fall prey to someone's lies or claims to be supernaturally magical alike sathya baba and alike. In the end its all about own's understanding...

  8. Its a farce recently there was this program by Darren Brown on BBC where he picked up a random guy and trained him for 6 months and then put him as godmen.. and showed how these godmen do what they do.
    The worst is that if a person doesnot get better and they tell these GOdmen that he has not been healed , they are told thats because God doesnot like them .. its there fault they are not healed ..

    This is all a money making scheme One such godmen lives in Acres of land and has his own private army and Private jets ..

    I would do anything to be one of these Godmen.. anyday please remember to promote BIKRAM the UK WAALE BABA JI.. I did a post the too

    HAve a read :)
    Jai ho UK walle Baba ki ..

  9. I have a hard time believing in what you refer to as godmen. I try and live my life as a good man and have faith in many things, nature, my family and friends and a supreme being but not a man I do not know who preaches his greatness.

    I started following you

  10. i dont believe in Godmen Irfanbhaai. How can they have any special powers? When people are in trouble they like a outlet for thier problems and that is how I think they come to believe in such Godmen's power to resolve their issues for them.

  11. Alka Gurha....: Of course you have ur point here... Thank you.

    Deepika....: yes, Understanding.... this is what i am more concerned about, and i think the moment we start believing in their magical powers we just don't want to understand anything... Thank you.

  12. Bikramjit....: just read ur article there..... and agree totally that "why do they need those Luxury of life and protection etc..."

    and yes i will be there to work for you... a close aid of the "BIKRAM the UK WAALE BABA JI" :) Jai Ho.

  13. JP Brandano....: this is what actually needed sir "faith in the supreme being".... and thanks for ur visit n the follow, i feel honored.

    Always Happy....: Agree with you AH, Thank you.

  14. For me there is only one Godman in this world..and that is Sachin Tendulkar ...

  15. I'm neither a believer of the theory of God nor I'm a true atheist. I just believe in a true power that could be even us. And, all this God-men are just bullshit, nothing more than a creepy thought.

  16. according to me there is no existence of godmen in our lives.. we all are humans.. the only thing that differentiates is some are good & some are bad.. :) hope I have not brewed a debate here.. hehe :D

  17. Harshad Sonaje....: hhmmmm Cricket Crazy :) and he was found bowing at other Godman !!! thanks Harshad.

    Rachit....: Yes, very true... thank you.

    Monu Awalla....: yes, either Bad man or Good man, no Godman.... THank you.

  18. ...very true...these so called Godmen or preachers of society where people put them on pedestal is nothing but blind faith..
    I went through this once...and got ultimate enlightenment ..
    Read my blog "baba culture"it happened in Canada...years back but left it marks everywhere!

  19. there is nothing like godmen.

  20. I don't believe in godmen. The concept sounds absurd.

  21. Irfan,

    Several cons become godmen, so it becomes difficult who is who...

  22. Harman....: i just read "Baba Culture", actually this is what these babas are doing but again its true that number of people believing in them is increasing only....:(

    sm....: very right..thank you.

    Felicity....: right, its absurd, thank you.

    A....: yes, thanks a lot.

  23. Each one prays to God according to his own light. I do believe in that :)

  24. Spiritual gurus are filled with vibrations of the highest frequency due to their yogic ways. Infact, i read in a magazine that when srisri ravi shankar of art of living goes through the metal detector the display goes blank.
    The difference lies in choosing the genuine ones to the fake ones.

    Any way to each his own!

  25. For me anyone who believes in God is a Godman.Now God can be anything from nature to anyone like your own parents.For me my parents are my God.Simply because I have seen them doing things for me.There is no special eligibility to be a Godman and a true Godman only possesses the power of belief.Just believing in your own God is enough.We are the Godman and we should believe in ourselves to make our life better.

    The Invisible Art

  26. Geeta ji....: thats right, and we must pray to God only and not the so called Godman.

    Asha ji....: it may be true for him, but i have found most of the time these news turning out to be sponsored ones... and yes "to each his own"...thanks.

    Abhishek....: "Just believing in your own God is enough", nothing else is needed to be said here, i think.

  27. For the very first time I am hearing the term 'godmen'. I do believe in God but not the so called godmen.


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