Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry, I can't....

Couple of days back when I asked one of my friend...." Why I am not seeing her around at my blog these days....any thing wrong????"..... She said politely, "No...nothing wrong...but you know....I just don't like reading  those serious stuff every time...I mean all the time you keep mentioning about Politics, Corruption etc....so..you know..if  there is some thing about Nature...Love etc....you know....."

And I could not say any thing beyond...."yaa..I can understand...buttt..." and then changed the topic of discussion but could not continue because was just not able to come out of the hang over of her reply, and my idle mind whispered to me..."Irfan, if you want to continue with couple of comments you are getting, then try something better, go for some romantic stuff..."

Since then I am desperately trying to pen down a Love story..... :)

Initially when I started thinking about the heroine of my  Love story, the first image came into my thought was of my beloved wife and finally I ended up with a thriller, because in the end of the story either the guy was getting killed by the Lady or the lady by the guy..... :(

Believe me friends, I have tried during the day....with full capacity of my patience in the evening...even I dreamt at night, but sorry to say. in the end it never happened to be a love story....

And i could not understand, why I am not able to pen down a romantic stuff, when I have spent most of the time of my life being charmed by the beautiful faces of my friends from the other gender.... :)

hhmmmm...is it, that there is no Love left in me....or may be I am no more a Love material..... :(

I think, I have to continue with the same serious topics of politics, corruption etc. till I  get some amount of Love back, at least into my thoughts if not in action...and till then  you all will have to bear with me and keep reading my same serious and boring stuff realated with Politics, Corruption, Terrorism etc...

Maayus  honaa bhi ek gunaah hota hai
Miltaa hai sirf woh  jo milnaa hota hai...

Har cheez miley sabko, yeh kabhi mumkin nahi hota
Mat bhoolo ki dubey Suraj ke baad bhi ujaala  hota hai....


  1. Irfan,I am amazed also,an intelligent and intellectual person like you should never think like this.Everyone can't write on anything and everything,I can't even think like u..let alone write. I always look forward to your posts,it gives me something to ponder about,and also very educative..keep writing your own style,and keep all the love you have,for your wife.

  2. IRFANji, i am just so overjoyed to see you as a POET. you have written those few lines so wonderfully. see! you have the rhythm and the love in you. you tried and you could bring up something. nothing gets over, you just need to ponder in your soul and reinvent the love. you have done it and you can do it.

  3. @irfan bhai- gustakhi maaf irfan bhai bt o u need help try watchin romantic movies. i do it too. i cn suggest sm watch it wit ur wife...feel d romance....i m sure u ll b back wit sm ting gud...:):)

  4. for inpiration u cn try readin ma stories if u want.... :D :D

  5. Your blog's heavy but it's okay 'cause everyone's got their own style. If I so much as attempted to write about politics, I know how badly I'd embarrass myself. So it's perfectly okay to stick with what one does best. :)

  6. Send your friend to my site for love stories and some light humor and picture and serious stuff...hahah :)))

    Everyone is different. You write with passion and you write what your heart tells.

    By the way, I have not seen you on my site on latest post :)) Just kidding.

    I try to post on different subjects and not everyone likes every post. It is hard to keep the readers and satisfy everyone. So do your best and like minded people will join you.

  7. Hi Irfan! I'm following your blog. http://www.lukysherman.blogspot.com/

  8. .

    Now I got the answer of why i am not seeing you on my last few posts...lol ..

    Love n best wishes...


  9. Irfan! I have lately wondered the same too. As @A says it is extremely difficult to keep the interest for all readers. The idea is to write what we are comfortable writing about, whether many read or only a few...

    We enjoy your posts. Keep it coming a little bit more frequently please...

  10. HMMM...serious note there at the end:))So where is the love story irfaan??!!!try writing na..some corner of your heart some creativity and some romance would be left:))

  11. hey irfan
    tat was so sweet but its true wen u ryt bout politics corruption etc god i dont noe wat 2 comment so try something new once in a while

  12. Thanks god this is not Politics, Corruption, Terrorism related post :))love is everywhere , without love we are nothing so u can't say "hhmmmm...is it, that there is no Love left in me....or may be I am no more a Love material...." hmmm:))) wat a shayari amazing :) i liked it!!!

  13. Once you are married, love stories don't seem relevant anymore :). Your blog is fine. It is like this -- kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahin milta, kabhi zameen toh kabhi aasmaan nahin milta :). You write with a passion and about the times we live in. So, I enjoy reading your blog :).

  14. I think you should concentrate on your niche i.e. politics and other serious matters no matter what people say.You are good in doing that.Anywayz I completely enjoyed this story too :D

    Planet Of The Creative Souls

  15. Well i wrote a comment and got a error , so you might get two comments ..

    No disrespect to your friend, But i feel this is your blog which has your ideas, so you should be the one deciding what to write and what not to.

    End of the day our friends should be supporting us.

    romance:0 well does it even exist nowadays the idea is how and when to get to bed and move on to the next one ..

    The need of the hour it t owrite about all such things which are happening in our nation, the need is that when each and everyone starts to talk together and speak there minds and raise their voice against all this only then India will be One together and something may happen.. why we want to run away from reality i dont know maybe thats why we as a nation are going nowhere ..

    I am no body to tell you what to do but all i will say is Your Blog, your ideas , your views ..


  16. well the blog world is full of romantic stories..no point getting repetitive there...sometimes its good to just move on to lighter matter and that doesn't have to be romantic always! :) you can ofcourse blog about your encounters with the beautiful friends of opposite gender though :P .. keep going your original stuff :) that's what makes your blog different from others right?


  17. You need to write what you feel=, trying to change for one person or even 100 will not work. You write very well about the serious stuff keep writing that, we need those thoughts more then silly love song :)
    If she wants light, beauty and nature send her over to my blog lol


  18. Hmmmm,Irfan. Love is like a jolt.I can smell it in the air !

  19. "The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think."

    let us team up Irfan bhai and churn out some black comedies which also have a thriller component to it....:D

  20. Irfan its just that we all have our forte when it comes to writing and we should stick to that only... You are good at what you write and not everyone can write on politics and other similar topics... You do not need to change... :)

  21. It doesn't matter what you pen down unless those is a forceful thought. Mushy stories are not everyone's niche. :)
    You chose your wife to be a protagonist and eventually it's a thriller; either lady kills the man or the opposite. :P

  22. It is' Apniboli' - yahan apni boli hi boliye -you do it wonderfully.I am glad to have found your blog.

  23. Sometimes it does take time to do something off the track that is against what you are used to practice day to day. But that does not mean there is no potential or as in your case no love :) And well think of it as there are many who can not write on politics and reality, they keep blending every even into fantasy shades. So, its even ... What you write, what we get to read is always something new, in a topic itself =)

  24. Irfan...that was some post... just loved it. You said my story too...feel like writing a love story but love nor story are coming out of finger tips...

  25. Hmm..I never get bore of reading your posts whatever the topic is! :)
    Even me too tried writing a love story but I failed :(
    Keep expressing whatever comes into your mind because it's always thought provoking! :)

    Take care

  26. every thing is about love,the stuff you write is also because of love you have for you surroundings,

    when i read you i find a true lover of his home land who want everything RIGHT in hi country,

    it is true that everybody cant think alike,but it is also a fact that each single thought has its own importance and beauty,

    god bless irfan.

  27. ofcourse politics and other serious things don't appeal to many people but those are the things that are to thought about and analyzed.
    And its "APNIBOLI"-- the name has it!

    trust me , I thoroughly enjoy being here.

  28. I always want to write serious stuff, like Politics, corruption, policing etc..But can't do..I think u r lucky..

  29. You are such a great writer...See...you still managed to write a blog post from nothing. I love your blog. Keep on penning down your thoughts.

    Have a great day!

  30. Hello Friends....
    As i was on 10 days break on a summer trip, so could not respond to ur comments on this particular post of mine....and even i could not visit ur posts during these days, just trying to read those, one by one.....

    I am really thank full to all of you for the Love n Blessings you people have given to me, during my six months of blogging....

    I am thank full to my dear friend who has some how inspired me to pen down a Love story, and i am just trying to pen one.....

    Thanks again to all of you...


  31. hello
    my first visit your blog:)
    and as your friend said i too hate the serious stuffs cuz even if my try my level best to understand the content i wont be able to do that and finally would become leave any comments :)
    but i really appreciate your attempt to write a romantic story! i am sure you will soon do it:)
    thankyou for your comments (and i am amazed that you didnt find me confused)

  32. Irfanji come on ... writing about love and romance is not difficult.. akhir aap shaayri tak to aa hi gaye..!! But seriously, i want to start a blog on love stories of the real life variety.. what do you think? Will people like to read about them?

  33. Write what you feel like rather than get dictated by what others feel otherwise you won't be able to do justice either to your post nor to yourself. Moreover it is difficult to keep everybody happy. Its not lack of love or romance which is making you incapable of writing such stuff. Do post that story or thriller that you had on your mind and let your readers decide how appealing or non-appealing it is :)

  34. This is your space and you should write what comes straight from the heart.....because it there it goes....straight to the heart.

  35. there is no place for my comment ..the space is filled up ..But like a true indian I would give my opinion too (lol)
    a very nice post specially the Shayri which is awesome.
    and trust me I also don't like to read politics and other idher udher ki baatein like your friend jus some...interesting facts or incidents.
    regards harman

  36. hello

    wah! wah! ye sher bade acche lage :)

  37. Write it out man.......we are eagerly awaiting !

  38. woaaa...u knw what the best part of this post of urs was...the sher u wrote at the end of it...simply lovely...oh cumon...its not that there is no love left in u...that can never be..but as a writer perhaps u should understand that every one is good at something or the other..same goes for u ..I read two posts of urs..and yes m following u:P..also i like the humor u put into ur posts as well..good going:) all the best

  39. evrybody is different and beauty of every blog lies in its individuality, otherwise there are so many other options to read.


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