Sunday, May 15, 2011

why not him too...

After going through the recent post of Mr. Bikramjeet Singh, a very popular blogger..... I was thinking that after knowing all this "Reality", why do we all try hard for those many years to become a doctor or an Engineer....After all what we need in our life......
Life time supply of nutritious food....
Good medical care.... and
Security of our life....

And when I see the latest happenings in our country then realize that any youth can get all those basic needs of life for his life time, just by killing dozens of innocent people at some public place in any big city like Mumbai....while doing this all he has to take care is to ensure that he don't get hit by the Police firing, rather some how manage to get arrested by our police....if he is able to do that, he can live his remaining life with all those things needed for life time.

And if you don't believe me then ask Ajmal Amir Kasab, this young man from an ordinary family is living his life in a city like Mumbai, with all those basic things needed to live.

Mumbai, where getting accommodation is every average Indian's dream, where the most moneyed live and work day and night.....but Kasab's career planing has assured him that he get a big room to live in a central place of Mumbai....Its a city where people are scared to trust any one... A city where train could blow up by the bombs planted by militants.....But this young man need not bother all this because he has got our best men for his security, even the food is first tested then served to him, to avoid poising....

And why not, after all this is the country which believes in "Atithi devo Bhavo"(Guest is like God)....and we pay our hard earned money as tax to keep the country's most hated man safe, secure and well nourished...

( if Osama can be killed without trial for 9/11, why not Kasab for 26/11 )

(PS... fortunately our youth know that apart from these needs of life its the social respect n acceptability  which is most important, so they always try hard to become Engineer, Doctor, etc......and in turn give pride to their parents.....)


  1. About Atithi Devo Bhava, it is officially our govt.s serious policy, I used to see the ads, by turism ministry. But didn't know govt. will implement this so seriously.

    About career, it depends upon the person, after all Kasab is Pakistani, and India has adopted Pakistan, so it's our responsibility to care. Noe Manmohanji are ready to adopt Afganistan too!

  2. oops...I mean Now, Manmohanji is ready.....!

  3. I dont know what our goverenment is upto !!!!

  4. Our govt means our neta,and our neta knows exactly how to run politics.Kasab's case is also the same.They are using Kasab as a tool for politics to highlight their parties When they need.They create hot news with his name along with some political party and do their business.Humare neta bina kaam ke apne mata pita ka khayal tak na rakhein,kasab to khair dur ki baat hai.

    we pay our hard earned money as tax to keep the country's most hated man safe, secure and well nourished...this applies to our political leaders too.They are the country's most hated man.

    This boy came to Mumbai and killed so many innocent people and our politicians created a special cell for him.It's too much in the name of Atithi seva now.

  5. and the pic is really funny but again true :D

  6. There is a flaw with terrorist or sensitive cases dragging on for ages. There must be only one court with fast-track results and the punishment must be implemented. Every person deserves a fair trial, but the victims must not feel that they are being denied justice to uphold the rights of a criminal.

  7. the post is very interesting Irfanji. i wonder why did Osama not take a shelter in India? then he might have been alive still now. Kasab is lucky in that sense. salute to our system of law and judgement section. we are so kind at heart that we feed our own killers and protect the germs that are fatal to our immune system. Hat's off.

  8. Thanks for mentioning me.
    I think your question is wrong, Sorry I dont agree to it, The problem is no WHy we can kill AJMAL.. He is a puppet killing him , keeping him is a small thing.


    Sometimes its good to learn from other nations , america good or bad but at least it preserves and takes care of its citizens.. Which our nation has always fallen short of.. Our leaders dont give a DAMn about us never have never will.. SO many innocent people have died.. nothing happens..

    How many more proofs does India require to know who is behind all this bloodshed.. Wehn will there be a leader who has a SPINE to atleast do ONE thing that he vows to do when we give him/her that chair.

    I have a post which should be coming up and your article has given me some more ammunition :) thanks


  9. I would like to add one more thing in this issue, we are expecting if US, then why not we? And we know, our leaders will never do that. But I have a question in my mind, suppose if anybody dares....will U. S. allow it to do so? Are we really independent to take such decisions? This seems bold statement but it's fact.

  10. Hello,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I a ppreciate this.
    You are welcome always. By the way, your blog is super!! Happy Blogging

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  11. According to my assumption, India has learnt one major thing since its independence i.e. Ahimsa, (non-violence). It was the policy which it followed during the freedom struggle, and has been following till date.
    Even though our neighbor country has done a great deal of violence here, and will continue to do....but India stands apart and believes in humanity, hence wants to give a chance to Kasab, who undoubtedly is guilty, to realize (which he might not) the generosity and non-violent nature of the country and therefore is becoming an example of Ahimsa all over the world unlike other countries viz. China (as mentioned) etc. This is the greatness of the Greatest democracy in the world. and even the constitution of the country is built on the same grounds.(Even if money,time,and innocent lives are lost)
    Very well done,Irfan..

  12. @Mohinee...: Will US allow it???... i mean why do we look at US.... btw thanks for response here, i can feel ur sentiment here well...

    Geeta Singh...: Thank you...

  13. @Abhishek...: yes, even our hard earned money is being used by these Netas also.... Thank you.

    @Rachna...: yes, the old pre independance rules n laws are being used still....

  14. @fantacy in practicality...: thanks a lot Sancheeta ji...

  15. I'm quite apolitical so I don't think I qualify to say much about this post. :P

    ps. I saw osama bin ladin in my dream last night.

  16. @Bikramjit...: undoubtedly Ajmal is a puppet...but the point here is the way he is being treated here... and yes, we must learn to protect our citizens from other countries, but at the moment there are not even remote chances that India can do what America did....

  17. @Mostafa....: welcome here and hope to see you more often now. Thank you.

    @Alpana Jaiswal...: Non-violence at this cost??? too much i think.....

  18. @Felicity...: thank you for stopping by, do come again :)

  19. @Irfan,

    For a change, I agree with the Indian government for a fair trial for Ajmal Kassab. Killing him will mean there is no difference between government and terrorists....Let the trial continue. It is not that he is living in luxury. He is behind bar. Death is an easy solution for him..he probably prefers that.

    The way Indian government handled 26/11 is communal violence..follow the law and follow the principles India stand for. Following the same principle, let the fair trial continue.

  20. @A...: Agree, but the duration of trial must not be that gives a wrong massage to the victim's near ones...

  21. India is land of forgiveness and the irony is, murderers too gets a chance here.
    What I know is Kasab is living a luxurious life and eating better than most of the us.

  22. Every citizen has his/hers unbearable resentment over how a brutal assasinator is being given a royal like treatment in a country which is always poor in feeding/safeguarding its own citizens. Our nation has been always either lethargic or dormant whenever it has to be in front line to shield us.
    Instead of raising voices over how a killer is being treated in this land, we should raise our concerns over the sluggish/careless/Inhuman behaviours of "Netas & Our System" which have been killing the innocents more than by the extremists.

  23. i view most of the services provided by govt with suspicion as most of them are corrupt and lethargic, like electricity, telephone etc, so Kasab being a guest at govt. exp does not seem to be a wonderful thing to me...;-)....on a serious note, yeah...the trial is taking too long

  24. Agreed that Kasab is being expensive to the exchequer. Can we do what the Americans did with Osama? Nope. Kasab behaved in a beastly manner; blindly led by religious fanaticism. If we do the same, what difference between civilized people like us and terrorists like him?

  25. Well our leaders dont have the balls to do what america did.

    Basically a Life for a Indian In India means nothing, I have more rights here livingin uk and more protection. Sad That a foreign country will give more then my own country.

    God knows how many attacks are rquired for the leaders to wake up. even then I bet the leaders will want to fill there own bank accounts before doing something for he nation...
    ot them THEY themself always come first .. nation is not even in the list ..

  26. @Prateek...: Actually this is what i wanted to tell here that OK let him get a fair trial as per the law of the land, but why these luxuries at so much of cost, let him get a deal what a crimnal can have....
    btw welcome here, glad to have you at my space, plz do come again...

  27. @Satish Kumar...: well...its all about the faulty system only i think, if the system gets refined some how, the things can be seen little improved i suppose.....

  28. @deekay...: yes, time being taken in the case is raisig more eye brows i think....

  29. @insignia...: well, which civilisation teaches us that a terrorist should be treated like this how is being treated here...i don't understand...

  30. @Bikramjit...: Undoubtedly, for them THEY themself always come first....and even if nation is there in their list, its very close to the bottom of that list....

  31. I really like Bikrams comment..
    I would go by that!


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