Sunday, May 1, 2011

Those Tiny Things....

Since last couple of days I was experiencing little problem while riding my motor bike and was planning to get it serviced but some how could not do it because of my lethargic attitude and busy schedule....and  yesterday while coming back to home my bike finally decided not to co-operate with me any more...So I was struck  mid way, as there was no mechanic available near by and I had to drag my bike for about two km to reach  service centre...and after pulling bike for two km one can very well imagine my condition...

Any ways......The mechanic took only ten minutes to set it right and I was on the way to my home, while I was riding, my idle mind was thinking that for not sparing only ten minutes I had to face this situation, so we should not over look these little things if want to move smoothly in our day to day life....

In fact, no matter how we apply to the larger picture, no matter how hard we toil over all, ultimately its the small things we ignore that let us down....we get rapped in the knuckles for the little undone, rather than noticed for the vast we have done.....

The most carefully executed project could equally end up in disaster for the protagonist because of the minutest details that was left to the chance...So sometimes little things can be most irritating.

Now my idle mind is thinking that when did I actually took a big decision....while choosing career, in choosing spouse, the decision to have children.... but on the other hand  I take so many smaller decisions every day that changes the course of life and I don't even notice them.

Actually most of the time we do not pay attention to the little things that have great impact on our lives.... Perhaps the difference between successful and unsuccessful some times is just that the former understand the importance of paying attention to the smaller details and improving day by day. 

No one becomes an over night success, they reach their top only after paying attention to the little things for years.....

"Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things....I am tempted to think....there are no little things."
                                                                                          ....Bruce Barton.


  1. Only LITLLE BY LITTLE ONE WALKS FAR. little things do matter.

    Also, happiness lies in life's tiny things and if we dont see them, they become invisible.

    Certainy, it is the little things that makes life big.

  2. all the little things add up to a big life.. really interesting post,well written

  3. Yeah, its the tiny things in life which matter more than the biggies.

  4. It's really the little things that makes life big.Sometimes we forget the little good things and care much about the bigger problems we have in life,which only makes life miserable.The moment we start enjoying the little sweet moments of life that very moment we actually start to Live.Reaaly awesome post Irfan bhai. :D
    The Invisible Art

  5. Half the joy of life is in little things taken on the run. Let us run if we must-even the sands do that-but let us keep our hearts young and our eyes open so that nothing worth our while shall escape us. And everything is worth its while if we can only grasp it and its significance.~
    *Victor Cherbuliez*
    Wonderful post,Irfan...This post of yours goes on to show your versatility as a writer,and the sensitive side of you...I loved it...

  6. Well said Irfan! It is all in the details...

    visit to my blog too pls....

  8. its really something different dat u usually write :) very nice post !!

  9. "I take so many smaller decisions every day that changes the course of life and I don't even notice them."

    I am thinking, this will change my life!

    Thanks sir, very philosophical article!

  10. well written, detailed and yeah embedded very important message....

    Its the Tiny things which make life so Big....
    its like small/baby step through long walk to achieve something big or fared goals...

  11. So true Irfan. It is the smaller details that make up the bigger picture. We do get so caught up in trying to make big decisions that we tend to ignore the minute ones which are more important. We keep procrastinating. What an insightful post!

  12. thats right... they say "boond boond se saagar bharta hai" its true. little, minute things/decision have great impact on our life.
    sometimes we ignore..thats when we have to suffer too.

    You have a nice blog here.. will be sneaking more often now..

  13. .

    "there are no little things.".

    Very well said Irfan ji .


  14. we do need to sweat the small stuff...absolutely!

  15. little things but bigger impact changes the LITTLE things to BIG ISSUES OF LIFE.

    very well written, always something new. love to read your posts Irfanji.

  16. Well said Irfan. I need to take my car for oil change :)))

  17. Very true. Attention to detail is so important for overall success.

  18. Off course tiny things matter the most.... Why else do you think i'm short.... :D

  19. THe heading to the post says it all.. Little things matter much more and they are the things which hurt more or make life better .. SO true lovely post Sir ji , Loved reading it


  20. Irfan ..I am surely going to get my Bike serviced this weekend I have been postponing it for some time now..and these little little things really make a huge difference very well said..

  21. human tendency is to ignore little things..,but the challenge is how to overcome this weakness and achieve perfection by dealing with the smallest of things and details.nice post with a message

  22. Always Happy....: yes, indeed it is the little things that makes life big. THnak you.

    JP Brandano Photography....: Welcome at "APNIBOLI", i am glad you liked it...hope to see you more often here.....BTW you have got a marvelous photography blog :)

    Rachit....: THank you.

    Abhisek Panda ....: yaa, we must enjoy those little sweet moments to make our life better...thank you :)

  23. Alpana Jaiswal....: THank you so much for the encouraging comments.... plz keep visiting here.

    NRIGirl....: THanks a lot !!!

    Jennysbus ....: welcome at my space.. you know this little sweet comment means a lot for me, plz do come again. Thank you, yes i will for hope to see you again here.

  24. Geeta Singh....: is it so???.... any ways Thanks a lot for being so regular here at my space, keep visiting same way...Thank you.

    Mohinee....: arrrrrrr Sir??? noooooo plz....
    and thanks for the visit and appreciations.

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  25. Deepika....: Welcome at "APNIBOLI", and thanks a lot for the follow, hope to see you here more often now :)

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    fantacy in practicality....: Thanks a lot Sancheeta ji for all appreciations and encouraging comments.

  26. A....: yes, better to do it sooner Sir ji :)

    Rachna....: Thank you.

    Tanishka....: Thanks for your visit :)

    Bikramjit....: I am glad you like reading it.

    Harshad Sonaje....: Hope by now you have got it serviced, Thank you.

  27. nice post and quote"Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little thingsI am tempted to thinkthere are no little things.

  28. I do not bother as much about the bigger things in life, as I bother about the little things. I too think that bigger things are a sum of all the little things in our life.

    Destination Infinity

  29. sm....: Thank you.

    Destination Infinity....: welcome at my space...plz do come again...Thanks a lot.

  30. Irfanuddin:

    Thanks for coming by my blog and writing your insights. It is very much appreciated.

    You have quite rightly said that it is the small things that add up to the bigger picture and we so often ignore it. But the quote rightly said "there are no little things."

    Have a good remainder of the week.

    Joy always,

  31. Susan Deborah....: welcome here, and thanks a lot for the wishes.

  32. I couldn't agree more with you, Irfan. The little things we usually do everyday is what we call life. It's a thought provoking topic. Thanks for sharing. :)

  33. nice posts Irfan bhai.....:-)

  34. very true!it definitely makes sense!
    nice post

  35. Cee....: Thank you so much :)

    deekay....: Thank you.

    Harman....: Thank you.


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