Thursday, June 30, 2011

holding together....

Since last couple of months after reading some beautiful and thoughtful Poems at few blogs, i was trying myself to pen one, but unfortunately was not able to do because after putting all effort, in the end what i could get was in no way a Poetry but very close to prose. But thanks to my blogger friend Sancheeta Biswas of ”sensitivity” who edited my "half prose-half poetry" so beautifully that finally i am able to post a Poetry here.

Thank you so much Sancheeta ji for making it possible for me to post a poetry here. I know without your help and support it would never had been a Poetry again.....and you know what it was before your editing......

you and a cup of tea.
the vapor is the flavor of your wishes.
let the vapor not reside your spects
let your vision be clear where i can rest.
for i will be the tissue,
wiping off hazy glasses,
to make you see more clear 
let me kiss your eyelashes.
make me feel more near
you are mine and my cheer
a touch, a rub and affection
a cup of tea and me in perfection
my fingers roll on yours
holding the cup together.
a sip, a dip together
with all verses of emotions,
let it last for ever.


  1. the thoughts are all yours, the moments that you versed are all that you treasure to owe. you are my friend who wanted me to be by his side sharing his creativity. i just petrified your style, otherwise all the appreciation and round of applause is just for you, my friend. i promise to be with you whenever you need me. poet is born out of hunger for rhythm and you swing to that rhythm.

  2. This is so cute and awesome !:)
    Wonderful thoughts ,Irfan and sweet wordings of Sanchi made it miraculous! :)
    Hope to see many more sweet poetry ..
    Take care

  3. Lovely.. you should send this to some of the tea companies. Certainly beats " Wah Taj"

  4. our writer has transformed himself into a poet now?

    nice poetry though....

    Did "Sancheeta ji" only help you or you forced her to write it for you?


  5. Beautiful poetry Irfan and Sancheeta.

  6. ahan! sounds like you always had this talent...a very nice attempt!....rather a successful one!!...carry on with this poetry thing...its good to read some good poems for change:-)

  7. ah aha.... wow!
    what a poetry ,I got immersed each and every verse was full of emotions which cannot be reversed...:)
    hope you keep writing good stuff and we enjoy all the poems.

  8. fantacy in practicality.... thank you so much Sancheeta ji for favoring n chiseling it out so well.....thank you :)

    simran....thank you simran, as i said all credit to Snacheeta.

    meera.... oh, shall i get a copy right for this, hehehe...thank you :)

    Thinking.... well, i think we can always force our FRIEND to do some favor, isn't it??? any ways thanks a lot for the visit n kind come again.

  9. Rimly.... thank you !!!

    Mishi.... thanks for the encouraging comments, as far as talent is concerned, as you can see its all bcoz of my respectable friend only :)

    Harman.... thank you...thank you so much :)

    A.... thanks a lot !!!

  10. Oh Irfan...I'm really proud of you and my soul sis Sancheeta. I clearly remember how she felt when she wrote her first poem in English.

    I love your poetry. I'm not so good at it myself, so I really laud my poet friends :)... free verses are more like it.

    Good poetry unfolds from a bud to a flower and I like how yours progressed from a cup of tea to wonderful soothing emotions...almost similar to a song I'd like to hear played on my favorite station.

    It also shows what a wonderful caring man you are...

    love love it... :) VERY GOOD for a first attempt ;)Keep it up!

  11. Good poem , well placed words. Loved it.Kudos to the duo - Irfan and Sancheeta.

  12. Wow! Impressive! Very nice indeed Irfan! Keep going...

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  14. I need lessons from you now ...
    this is so beautiful , I like such poetry cayuse simple words and easy to understand . i have visited a few posts where people have written lovely poems I think reading the comments they get but me reading them , I cant understand half of them

    This one is I loved casue i can understand the words you have used


  15. Ahaan ahaan! I sense mushiness right through it.

  16. A poet has been aroused
    Self-doubts have been doused.
    Feeling was there,
    but ease wasnt there,
    thnx to a friend,
    Irfan could adhere.
    The pain is now gone
    as there is no thorn
    & here at Apniboli
    a poet is born.....

    Keep it up Irfan bhai and Sanchita

  17. so nice and very impressive being a first effort,

    words are holding and this is the power of beautifully and simply expressed thoughts,
    liked it and hoping for more because you have the vision
    god bless irfan.

  18. How I wish I could understand and comment on poetry

  19. Both of you have done a great job together .I liked it .Congratulations !

  20. melissa.... thank you so much for all the appreciations n encouraging comments :)

    Ashwini.... thank you.

    NRIGirl.... thnx a lot.

    Bikram.... thank you...thank you :)

  21. Rachit.... thank you dear.

    Prateek.... hhmmmm, thnks a lot.

    deekay.... wow, now this is called a are there with gr8 spontaneity...thank you.

    baili.... thnks for the wishes n blessings...keep visiting here plz.

  22. Chowla sir.... thanks for stopping by Sir.

    Kavita.... thanks a lot.... :)

  23. you have talent for poetry - do continue :)

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